IBW-396z I Fucked my Cute Younger Sister in the Bath and Came inside Her!

September 19th, 2017

Three scenes of brothers fucking their little sisters in the bathroom.

1st scene:

She strips and gets into the bath when her brother comes in. Starts with pussy rubbing, blowjob, deepthroat, fingering then sex standing doggy(lifting her of her feet)/cowgirl/missionary ending with a creampie.
2nd scene:

Again starting with the girl getting in the bath and the brother following. Starts with pussy rubbing, fingering, blowjob (ending with him cumming in her mouth), cunnilingus then sex standing doggy/cowgirl/missionary ending with a creampie.
3rd scene:

Sara gets in the bath and starts masturbating after which the brother comes in. Starts with pussy rubbing, fingering, cunnilingus then sex standing doggy/doggy/missionary ending with a creampie.



[DVUMA-014] Lesbian Kiss Obscene Tongue

September 19th, 2017

The scene starts with two girls meeting up, quickly kissing and licking each other in public. They soon convince a third girl to come back to their place, kissing her in public in turn before heading off. They then spend the rest of the video exchanging spit and licking each other but they mostly just kiss. Eventually one of the girls gets tied up to the bed while the other two ravish her. The scene ends with the girls in a bathtub, still kissing and licking each other.

One of my favorite JAV scenes for some odd reason, it’s a shame that I am unable to find any more in the same genre. I just rediscovered this one and thought I’d share!


[1080p/FHD/60FPS] KV-161 / Sara Yurikawa / 123 Minutes Creampies

September 19th, 2017

This is a Knights Visual production for their Furasupi (‘Fapping Spirit’) series. This title features Sara Yurikawa engaging in an extended gangbang resulting in 27 creampies over two back-to-back sessions. The movie ends with a bukkake scene involving 13 guys.

Interview (0:40 ~ 5:13)

Yurikawa is standing on a rooftop. She’s wearing a wedding dress, complete with white fishnet stockings, pearl neckless, earrings and headband. She poses for a photographer and then walks into the building. On her way down the stairs she meets several guys waiting for her. She shakes hands with some of them and ventures a quick kiss on the lips for good measure. She eventually enters the main room and kisses the rest of the guys one by one. She then comes to the end of the room, where 5 guys are lying on the ground, jerking their cocks.

Scene One (5:14 ~ 14:12)

Yurikawa kneels, adjusting her dress and panties, and starts fucking one of the guys. He comes in her and she cleans his cock with her mouth. She repeats the process with two more guys, then a third walks her toward a black leather sofa.

Scene Two (14:13 ~ 30:55)

Yurikawa is on a black sofa with one of the guys. She sucks his cock for a few moments and he starts fucking her until he comes. She then cleans his cock and waits with her thighs wide open. She repeats the process with 6 guys.

Scene Three (30:56 ~ 41:58)

Yurikawa walks towards the center of the room, where 5 guys are lying on the floor. She takes turns sucking and fucking each one, with plenty of eye contact with the camera.

Scene Four (41:59 ~ 52:46)

Yurikawa walks towards a black sofa where a guy is waiting for her. She sucks his cock and starts to fuck him until he comes. She then cleans his cock and moves towards another sofa, repeating the process with 2 more guys.

Scene Five (52:47 ~ 1:24:55)

Yurikawa walks towards a bed with one of the guys. She fellates him for a while and lies on her back. The guy starts fucking her. He comes in her and she cleans his cock while someone finally removes the wedding gown. She repeats the process with 7 more guys. She then walks away and retires to her powder room where she takes a break. She puts on a yellow bikini and proceeds downstairs to finish the shoot.

Scene Six (1:24:56 ~ 1:43:13)

Yurikawa walks towards the bed with one of the guys. She lies on her back and he fucks her until he comes in her. She cleans his cock and walks across the room where a guy is sitting on a black sofa. She rides his cock until he comes. She repeats the process with 4 more guys.

Scene Seven (1:43:14 ~ 1:58:10)

Yurikawa walks towards the bed with one of the guys. He fucks her until he comes. She cleans his cock and repeats the process with 5 more guys.

Scene Eight (1:58:11 ~ 2:01:56)

Yurikawa steps off the bed, visibly exhausted, and kneels on the floor. Several guys take turns ejaculating on her face one or two at a time. She later thanks everyone and the scene ends on a fade-out as the guys are applauding.

The last scene is followed by credits and the movie ends at 2:02:15.


[720p/HD/60FPS] WPE-048 / Hitomi Enjoji / Daughter’s Boyfriend’s Fuck Pet

September 19th, 2017

This is a series from WAAP titled “My Lover’s Mother Is my Sexual Slave.” Each title focuses on MILF abuse set in a nondescript hotel room. Ropes, handcuffs, dildos, nipple clamps, dog collars, leashes, deepthroating and vibrators are used over the course of four scenes involving one to three male actors abusing a girlfriend’s mother. This installment features Hitomi Enjoji playing the MILF ingénue. We see her with her daughter at the beginning of the movie. The daughter’s boyfriend is taking pictures as they walk.

Immature Torture 01 (2:00 ~ 23:04)

Enjoji is sitting on a sofa, talking on the phone. She is wearing a black dress with assorted white motifs and a matching grey cardigan. She looks anxious. The actor walks in asks her to kneel on the floor. He ties her wrists with handcuffs and sticks two or three fingers in her mouth. He then sticks his cock in her mouth and starts deepthroating her, pulling her head from behind with one of his hands. He eventually moves toward the sofa, where he sits as Enjoji continues to deepthroat him. This goes on for a while, involving various positions until he finally comes in her mouth. The scene ends with Enjoji lying on the floor, licking cum off the carpet.

Immature Torture 02 (23:05 ~ 54:42)

Enjoji is on her hands and knees. The actor pulls a leash tied to her neck. She’s wearing black G-string panties. They walk around the room for a while. Eventually he sticks his cock in her mouth and she starts to fellate him. Two more actors join them. The two guys force her to sit on the sofa and then use small vibrators to tease her nipples. They tease her cunt for a long while using their fingers, two small vibrators, a large white dildo, and finally a large vibrator. This goes on until she climaxes.

Immature Torture 03 (54:43 ~ 1:21:35)

Enjoji is still on the sofa. She is directed toward the bed. She starts to fellate one of the actors while the other fucks her. The two guys take turns abusing her for the next half hour, until they finally come in her. The scene ends on a fade-out while Enjoji is fellating the two guys.

Immature Torture 04 (1:21:36 ~ 1:56:37)

Enjoji is wearing a navy schoolgirl sailor uniform. Her daughter’s boyfriend teases her breasts, eventually using a vibrator on her cunt. She then teases herself with the vibrator. The main actor holds a white plastic bag over her face for a while. She eventually climaxes and pisses herself in a small paper bowl set on the floor. She is then forced to drink her piss. The actor deepthroats her and then fucks her, assuming various positions, until he comes in her mouth. The scene ends with Enjoji on her knees, staring at the camera.

The movie ends without credits at 1:56:37.


[AVOP-340] 【Amateur Movie】【Cum Inside Out】 First Life X Cum Inside ☆ Kitsuman With Chi ○ Pointer Twist Continuous Cumshot Convulsion Oma [1080p]

September 19th, 2017

This film introduces an amateur girl to the AV world. She goes through various scenes throughout the film. As each scene progresses, watch her grow into the role of Japanese Adult Video as she’s willing to do more and more and in the end, she even takes a creampie.

Scenes include blowjob, handjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, and doggy.


[AVOP-362] If You Checked The Lady Of Home Helper If You Were An Aunt Of Lisoji, You Declined It At First, But If You Tenaciously Negotiated … [1080p]

September 19th, 2017

This film revolves around 3 elder women helpers being taken advantage of. Women helpers come to a guy’s house on the pretense of cleaning up his house. However, with his sly ways, he convinces them to do more than just cleaning.

Scenes include handjob, blowjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, pussy eating, doggy, 69, and missionary.


[AVOP-334] Ishibashi Wataru’s Bikini Amateur Dollar R VOL.3 [1080p]

September 19th, 2017

It’s summer time! What better to do in the summer than to go to the beach and make new friends. In this film, guys pick up girls on the beach and take them back to their van for some fun.

Scenes include blowjob, handjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, and doggy.


[AVOP-333] Tin Shab Love Female Special Kaname Hana Kyoki Orange Sakuraba Uirea [1080p]

September 19th, 2017

This film is all about oral pleasue. Three beautiful Japanese girls – Kaname Hana, Kyoki Orange, and Sakuraba Uirea – pleasure men in various scenes with just their mouths and lively tongues. From a tied up men in a dungeon-like setting to a poker room, watch as these girls in various outfits suck the cum out of these lucky men.

Scenes include blowjob, pussy eating, cum-in-mouth, and cum-swapping.


[AVOP-335] Magic Mirror In Europe Shooting Days Carefully Choosing European Genuine Amateur Girls Of Japanese Preference [1080p]

September 19th, 2017

Scenes are based around a box. Actresses fuck inside the box and the box is on a truck outside. Scenes start out with massages that leads into toy play then a variation of handjob, blowjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, pussy eating, rimming, doggy, 69, creampie, face shots, anal, and missionary.


[AVOP-318] Wet And Tough With The Teka Closely Adhered To God’s Scub Water New Type School Water Model Number A ● Ena A ● N-1 ● 5W Other 3 Types × Yu Kawagoe [1080p]

September 19th, 2017

This film is centered around Yu Kawagoe wearing a classic Japanese school one-piece swimsuit. Wearing the tight fitting swimsuit, she shows off her body on the balcony and in the bathroom. Then she gets into an inflatable tub and starts rubbing oil all over her body. A man joins her and starts fondling her inside and outside her swimsuit. They both get oiled up and rub over each other. Then she gets into a school girl skirt and they finally start some serious action.

Scenes include oil-play, blowjob, cowgirl, missionary, and doggy.