PLA-059 – As Soon As You Meet, This Actress Will Pounce On You And Have Creampie SEX With You Serina Hayakawa

September 20th, 2018

[PLA059] 出会って速攻、女優の方から襲いかかる生中出しSEX 早川瀬里奈

This is part of a series by Das. This installment stars Serina Hayakawa. It’s a great series. The concept is as follows: The actress wears an outfit with good accessibility, sometimes she’s even filmed pulling down her panties from under her microskirt. A guy is doing something in another room. He doesn’t know there’s a JAV actress nearby. The actress storms in, forces him to the ground, and starts humping the surprised man vigorously. Of course, it’s unlikely the guy knows absolutely nothing, since that would mean lawsuits, but it’s pretty well-acted and most importantly for many people I suspect, it leaves the actress needing to visibly enjoy sex. They’re usually quite giggly and enthusiastic in this series. Most scenes in the series end with the guy trying to escape, and the actress at first succeeding in holding onto him, maybe jerking off his dick for a few more strokes, but then eventually letting the guy get away, pretty cute.

And that’s exactly how it goes in this one. In the first scene, Serina wears a pretty conservative white top and tiny tartan skirt that doesn’t even cover the top of her ass, aka the ideal size and position. In the second scene, she’s naked from the start, since it starts, and takes place, in the shower.

The third scene is pretty weird. Serina wears a spaghetti strap, belly-free top and panties, accessorised with a pearl necklace (the jewellery, you filthy person) and two bracelets. The guy she’s surprising is lying in a basket with a collar, leash, handcuffs and ball gag on… Serina has a crop and a paddle in her hand but only uses the crop sparingly. She does engage in some kind of violent stuff, like pressing her knee into his scrotum. After that though, she takes off his ball gag, puts away the crop and paddle and gets to suck his dick. The scene remains a bit BDSM-y though. Serina makes him lick her feet and stands on his stomach, for example. There’s some face-sitting and a lengthy footjob too. She squeezes her tits in his face and makes him suck on them while she rides his dick cowgirl, though without penetration. Serina then puts a small dildo into the guy’s mouth backwards, so she can suck on the rubber penis. She then kisses him a bit, jerks him off in a really uncomfortable position and finishes him off with a regular handjob while he’s lying on his back. I really couldn’t summarise this scene too well. Even more so because it ends with Serina peeing in his mouth. The fluid looks clear, so it’s probably just water. She strokes his hair once she’s done, he leaves the scene and it ends.

In the next scene, Serina wears the outfit from the cover: A lingerie bra, tartan microskirt + belt, black and red stockings, and a choker/collar. In the last scene, Serina wears a pretty conservative white top + skirt, though this one does show a bit of cleavage, and light blue lingerie underneath.

Over the course of the movie, Serina sucks dick, gives handjobs and footjobs, gets groped, licked, and fucked in cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggy (standing and kneeling). In the penultimate scene, Serina services three guys at once.


AVOP-244 – Filthy Race Queen ~ A Filthy Tanned Shaved Pussy Gal ~ AIKA

September 20th, 2018

[AVOP244] 猥褻RQ 〜パイパンギャルの卑猥な黒肌〜 AIKA

AV Open 2016 entry by AVS Collector’s starring Aika, and another Race Queen video. The structure is as expected. Aika is on plenty of photoshoots, but can easily be convinced to perform some extra service behind the cameras, all while wearing superb Race Queen costumes. The first is a red and white leotard and silver heels. It’s followed by a brief scene on a bed, where Aika talks to the camera, wearing casual clothes. Then it’s off to the first proper photoshoot. Aika wears a blue and white leather outfit, consisting of a sports bra-like top, a short skirt and thigh high boots. Next up, she wears a light blue and white leotard with white thigh-high boots. She then wears a white, strapless leotard in a masturbation scene and for the final scene she’s back in her leather outfit.

Throughout the movie, Aika gets groped a lot, sucks dick, gives titfucks, masturbates (manually and with a massage wand) and gets fucked in missionary, cowgirl/reverse cowgirl and doggy standing up.


Naughty Mom Kianna Dior Sucks Cock POV 4K HD

September 20th, 2018


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XRW-281 – The Lady Who Loves Slurping on Cocks, Hana Kano

September 20th, 2018

[XRW281] 【数量限定】ちんシャブ大好き女 神納花 パンティとチェキ付き

Blowjob-oriented movie by Real Works, starring Blowjob Queen Hana Kano. There’s also a very strong black leather theme in this series, and Hana wears a nice choker in the first scene. They experimented a bit with cameras, like shooting a blowjob from three perspectives at once, then splitting the screen to show all three shots at once around the two hour mark. Other than that, it’s just blowjobs galore. Deep throating included, of course, as well as swallowing. This is Hana Kano, after all. The men are frequently portrayed as pretty masochistic, and the actress rather dominant in return, but it all stays amicable. Just seems to be a visual theme.

No other sex acts included. Perfect. The only way this could be better is if it was shot in POV… and would you look at that, the finale is.


IPZ-689 – My Idol Kana And I Were In A Super Sweet Cohabitation Life What If Your Girlfriend Was An Idol… All POV Special Kana Momonogi

September 20th, 2018

[IPZ689]アイドルのかなと僕の甘すぎる同棲性活 アナタの彼女がアイドルだったら…全編主観 桃乃木かな

GFE all day, everyday, by all studios I can get my hands on. It helps when it stars Ideapocket’s Kana Momonogi, still before she cut her hair. Kana plays an idol in this, and she’s dating you! Lucky guy. Of course it’s shot in POV, but keep in mind the usual camera fuckery that is inherent in almost all JAV. At some points, the camera drifts to the side or plain films at a 90° angle. Fortunately, these moments are relatively brief.

First off, you get a blowjob in the living room. It finishes in a nice way I didn’t see before. It seems accidental. Kana wants to finish by jerking off your dick on her tongue, but the cum drips down your dick instead. Kana, determined to clean you off, nibbles at your erection from every side with her tiny mouth. The mosaic definitely hinders the effect, but it’s the cutest kind of swallowing I’ve seen.

The second scene starts in bed. Kana sleeps on your chest, more or less. You kiss her good morning, which turns into nipple-tweaking her good morning, getting a good morning blowjob, fingering her good morning and sexing her good morning. Missionary, cowgirl and doggy, finishes in missionary. Cumshot on her cheek, Kana cleans licks your dick clean, then cuddles up next to you and talks for a bit.

Bath scene incoming. At first, aside from some light groping, it actually is mostly about cleaning up. You even shampoo Kana’s hair. Perfect position for her to suck you off again, you both realise at the same time. You hold your hand while she bobs up and down, aww. Kana gets another facial and cleans your meat up again.

It’s on to the final scene. Kana wears one of her idol costumes, a black-and-white dress with white lace gloves and tied back hair, plus a hairband on top. After some groping, kissing and glove removal, Kana starts jerking you off. She rims you gingerly and briefly. After a short blowjob, Kana leans back and shows you her panties. You take the invitation to finger her, which transitions into sex. Doggy turns into cowgirl, turns into reverse cowgirl, turns to missionary, where you pull out and finish on Kana’s face again. Most of it lands on her cheek, and she cleans your meat afterwards, as is tradition.

Aside from the first scene, it’s nothing that special, but all I need is cute girl POV love anyway.


CJOD-031 ~ Suck Until They Bend Over Backwards In Pleasure! The Blowjob Goddess Shizuka Kanno ~

September 20th, 2018

[CJOD031]  仰け反るまでジュル舐め!神フェラ 神納花

  • Kanno does what she is best at, making a lot of noise when blowjobing dudes. Takes several finish to completion with cum in mouth. Regular sex inbound also on floor, standing position and roleplay in nurse uniform. Taking vaginal sex in several positions.. doggy, cowgirl, missionary.
  • Sex acts: oral.creampie blowjob dildo squirting handjob reverse.cowgirl threesome female.rimming.male cowgirl missionary


DASD-333 – This Real Beautiful Wife Helps Men Other Than Her Husband Feel Good And Get Off Aki Sasaki

September 20th, 2018

[DASD333] 本物美人妻が主人以外の男性に気持ち良くなって欲しくてオナニーサポート 佐々木あき

Das film starring Aki Sasaki. Aki is happily married. As in, her husband is happy to have struck gold in the marriage mine. Aki, being a humanitarian and having a functional pair of eyes, knows what a catch she is, and what a crime it would be to tie her body to just one man. So in various situations, she finds the opportunity to pleasure other men, as the title states. Luckily, those men are all you. This is shot entirely in POV.

In the first scene, Aki is your doctor and gives you a nice blowjob (no swallowing). Afterwards, she shows up in her underwear, jerks you off a bit, then transitions to full penetration in doggy, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Then you get a handjob to completion whil she wears a pretty conservative evening outfit. Aki then puts on a one-piece swimsuit and lets you rub lotion all over her clothed body. You then pull the bottom of the swimsuit to the side and finger her to orgasm. Up next is a masturbation scene with an egg vibrator in an office lady outfit. The final scene has Aki wearing lingerie. You finger and lick her to get her ready. You get sucked off a bit for the same reason. Aki then lets you fuck her in missionary, doggy and cowgirl.


DMOW-141 – The Situation Is, If They’re Caught, It’s Bad, But These Girls Keep On Leading Us To Temptation 3

September 20th, 2018

[DMOW141] バレたらヤバイ状況で密着しながら挑発してくる女たち 3
The title pretty accurately sums up the plot of this movie by OFFICE K’S, starring Rena Aoi, Shion Fujimoto, Kyoko Maki, Maya Kawamura, Miori Hara and Chinami Sakura. The girl always approaches a guy who she really shouldn’t get sexual with. Rena is a schoolgirl making a pass on her teacher, Shion is a door-to-door saleswoman who always makes sure she closes the deal and Maya is a PE student hitting on the instructor, for example. Each girl has one scene with her respective storyline. There’s no overarching plot connecting these, just six separate scene joined into one movie.

Aside from some teasing, they perform exclusively handjobs! They stay mostly clothed and the guy’s face is always blurred.


BTIS-096 – Sexy Crossdressing Boy 59 Kei

September 20th, 2018

[BTIS096] 女装美少年 59 京
Scene 1: Scene 1 begins with an interview with a guy who will be crossdressed. Once hes been all dolled up we get like a tease showing him all dolled up. Now that shes looks all cute, I will refer to him, i.e. the crossdresser, as her. So anyway she is sitting on the couch with an older gentlemen and they are talking in Japanese. He gets all touchy feely with her and begins to grope, caress and touch her all over her body. He rubs his hand over her panty clad cock and teases her getting her all hard and horny. Then another man joins them and she gets laid on her back on the couch. While the older man plays with her nipples,the other man begins to rub her asshole. He then begins to rim her and licks her asshole and then finger fucks her. He even uses a toy and fucks her ass with it (they don’t use condoms when they fuck but for the toys they do…go figure!). The anal play goes on for a bit and then the guy toying with her gives her a handjob. They do a little kissing and then she is made to suck on the younger guys dick. She even gets a handjob from the older guy as she sucks the younger one and then cums on her thigh while she continues with the other guys dick in her mouth. Now you can’t really see it but I’m sure she takes cum in her mouth.

Scene 2: The second scene begins with a tease. We see the CD in a sexy red baby doll, stockings, garters and heels. The first couple of minutes they show her off. Then shes joined by 2 guys on the couch and the fun begins. They kiss her, caress her, touch her all over her body and play with her hard cock. While one guy kisses her, the other goes to town on her nipples. Then as she plays with one of the guys cocks and gives him a handjob, the other gets on his knees and begins to blow her. After a while, they both get her to suck their cocks and she does, one of the guys fucks her ass in missionary as they spit roast her. Then she rides one of the guys in reverse cowgirl as she sucks and gives a handjob to the other. Then she takes a turn fucking one of the guys in cowgirl and missionary. As she is fucking one of the guys in missionary, the other comes up behind her bends her and shoves his dick in her ass. They fuck like this for a bit and then and then she goes back to riding one of the studs. She then takes cum from one of the guys on her chest and then gets fucked by the other in missionary, doggy and sideways position until he gives her a facial and drops some of his load in her mouth.


Cuckold Call Your Husband Masked Cheating HD Uncensored

September 20th, 2018

Cuckold Call Your Husband Masked Cheating HD 1.mp4

Cuckold Call Your Husband Masked Cheating HD 2.mp4