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Love Actually… Sucks! (2011) UNCUT HQ Version! Bro-Sis Incest!

January 21st, 2017

Duration: 01:22:41

Directed by: Scud

Actors: Osman Hung, Linda So, Haze Leung

Language: Chinese | English subtitles | Japanese subtitles

Country: Hong Kong | China

Also known as: Ai Hen Lan (original title)

Description: Based on veridical events, this is a group of love stories facing impossibility.

A brother and sister that have felt in love.

A married painter attracted to his young male model.

A dance teacher interested in his senior student.

A lesbian with a role-play paranoia and mixed in a love triangle.

“Not every love story is like a fairy tale. The film almanac containing unusual love story with unexpected outcomes. Brother and sister are associated incest, married the artist falls in love with his model, school dance teacher shall enter into an intimate relationship with his student, a member of a lesbian couple goes crazy on role-playing games, a terrible love triangle that leads to that one girl literally loses his head…”

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[RCT-941] Lewd Family Guess Naked Mother, Brother & Sister Gameshow

January 21st, 2017

[RCT941] スケベな家族がエッチなゲーム一転知らずに近親相姦 息子なら母姉妹の裸当ててみて!新春お宅訪問近親大乱交スペシャル

Are Favorite Kinky Moderator: Riri koda Is Finally Back…

Starring: Hoshi Anzu, Mishima Natsuko, Fujikawa Reina, N/A, Moderator: Riri koda

This video is a family guess who is behind the partition game…  the girls line up behind the partition and the dude has to guess who is who, and is only allowed to guess them by seeing, feeling, touching, sucking, and groping their boobs, and fingering their pussies..

he then gets to fuck one of the chicks from a standing doggy style until he gives her a creampie…

the game continues, but this time with just two girls hidden under the table and with their asses sticking up and exposed…  he licks them out from behind, and then fucks one doggy style as well…

for the final scene, the girls cum out and they perform blowjobs on the lucky guy, and then the action continues with some cowgirl style fucking, which soon becums four-on-the-floor doggy style fucking, and ends with some standing, crouched, dog-piled doggy style fucking…

the end…


While away, your hairy teen hotwife will play – Karlee Grey HD

January 21st, 2017

All natural big tit Karlee’s husband leaves on a trip and she’s certain he’s cheating on her with his coworker. Over comes young neighbor Robby to invite her on a bike ride, but Big Ass teen Karlee would rather he ride her with his hard cock inside her hairy pussy until he’s ready to cover her in cum; that’ll show her husband to take his hotwife for granted!

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HJMO-322 – A Husband And Wife Challenge! If The Husband Can Withstand AIKA’S Amazing Technique For 20 Minutes He Wins A Cash Prize! If He Cums Then The Wife Gets Creampied!!

January 21st, 2017

[HJMO322] 夫婦で挑戦!夫がAIKAの凄テクを20分我慢できたら賞金!イカされちゃったら妻が寝取られ中出しSEX!!

As always, the title gives it all away. The production crew pick a “random” “couple” “off the street” and invite them into the little studio/apartment. There, they’re given a lot of time for an interview, usually something like 15 minutes. Once they accept the bargain, Aika comes in and the girlfriend of the participant is being brought up the stairs to a screen, showing a live feed to the living room, where things are about to get raunchy.

That’s because the game requires the guy to be subjected to Aika’s superb sexual skills for twenty minutes without ejaculating. If he wins, he’ll win some nice cash. If he loses, his girlfriend is brought down and will get fucked by an equally experienced male JAV actor. Of course, her boyfriend has been tied to a chair in the meantime, and gets a front row seat.

Since the movie pays a lot of attention to the setup and moves in real-time (take that, Kiefer), it’s very lengthy in total. It runs almost 4 whole hours. Divided by the three couples means every couple gets roughly an hour and twenty minutes of screentime, since the girlfriends have a tendency to resist for a very long time after their boyfriends inevitably lose.

Aika is a terrific actress. One thing I was a little disappointed by were the costumes. Usually, they dress the main actress up real nice, but Aika didn’t get any outfits that were all that eye-catching. I suppose the leopard print bikini was kinda neat. Still, seeing her pull on a guy’s dick, sucking it, riding it in every position likely to show up in JAV (missionary, doggy, cowgirl and then presenting the filled condom with glee is a unique sight that I highly recommend.


Kimberly Chi – I Caught My Daughter Fucking My Boyfriend HD

January 21st, 2017

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[WANZ-565] The Lowest Form Of Life That I Detest Is One Having Filthy Sex With My Cheating Wife – Aoi Matsushima

January 21st, 2017

[WANZ565]  ボクが見下す最低人種とヤンキー妻のふしだら性交 松嶋葵

In the first scene, Aoi takes a man’s pants off, gives him a blowjob, sucking and stroking him until he cums on her hands, then giving him a clean-up blowjob to finish. Next, Aoi is with the same guy, and the two kiss. After some clothing is removed, she gives him a blowjob, then he fondles and sucks on her breasts. After this, he fingers and licks her pussy, and soon he penetrates her in missionary, cowgirl, side, standing, reverse cowgirl, and doggy before finishing in cowgirl where she is creampied. In the following scene, Aoi is with a familiar man, first kissing, then she gets her pussy fingered before giving him a blowjob. After a while she strokes him until he cums. In the last scene, the two are caught by the husband but he wants to watch them continue. Aoi and the man kiss, then he fondles and sucks on her breasts. Multiple toys are used on her, and she uses one on him. They get into a 69, and soon she mounts him to begin intercourse where they go through reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and missionary positions before she is creampied.


Brenna Sparks’ Naked Stepfather HD

January 21st, 2017

Brenna Sparks’ stepdad Ramon is SO WEIRD, always walking around naked, eating bananas, and wagging his cock around for all the neighors to see. He interrupts his bratty stepdaughter’s selfie session and receives a tongue lashing for the annoyance and nudity – this just isn’t how you do things in America, gosh! Dad disagrees and encourages Brenna to try being naked more often. She’s unsure at first, but likes his butt and starts to enjoy the feeling of having her beautiful boobs out.. pretty soon she’s fully naked, and admiring his big, erect penis with her mouth and tight young slit!

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MDYD-942 – Married Woman Gang Banged By Her Husbands Whole Family Ayumi

January 21st, 2017

[MDYD942]  夫の親族一同に輪姦された美人妻 篠田あゆみ

Another treat from Ayumi and her husband knows what I know; sharing is caring.

The title really says it all. Ayumi is a faithful wife and would do anything and anybody for her husband. His family takes an interest in her and, well, that’s it.

There’s nothing that *really* stands out, except that you have some threesomes and foursomes. Other than that, you see some jerking, some blowjobs, sex from behind, missionary and a tiny bit of cowgirl. Of course, while that’s not too special, you always get to enjoy Ayumi’s known qualities, especially with her mouth.


[OKAX-164] Nine Four Hours The Crime Of Incest Humiliation Collection Relatives

January 21st, 2017

[OKAX164] 近親相姦レイプ集 身内の犯行 9人4時間


NichesAndBlows – Asians are Rare..Enjoy 80lbs Amai Liu HD

January 21st, 2017

Cute Lil’ Amai liu sucks some cock and gets fucked Reverse Cowgirl style before taking a cumshot in the mouth.

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