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VRXS-140 ~ Identical Sisters – Beautiful Love Continues to Protect Their Family ~ [1080p]

May 21st, 2018

Description: Identical beautiful sisters love for each other will protect our family, lesbian only is the way. Outdoor nature, inside the temple in one bedroom together, foreplay kissing, touching breast and pussy rubbing sister. Continue all day tongue kissing, cunnilingus and inserting fingers inside each other. Journey is over and says farewell to mother..

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Exclusive Mom-Son For Fans – Kianna Dior HD

May 21st, 2018

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VANDR-106 ~ Time Stoppage! ~ [1080p]

May 21st, 2018

Description: Special power, the power to stop time and fuck women in different place(s), be in the family home, train or workplace.. A lot of teasing, kissing as in foreplay, making them wet before having sex with them as they are human dolls or when they are unfreezed sometimes.
Sex acts: fingering. standing.doggy. train. blowjob. standing.missionary. missionary. facial. creampie. cowgirl.




MISM-092 Complete Throat Training Debut! Tomonaga Yuki [1080p]

May 21st, 2018

Scene0: Starts with them talking in a park.

Scene1: Guy starts putting his fingers in her mouth, stretching her mouth. She then holds her mouth with her fingers and then makes her gag on his fingers. She then wears a cheek retractor and he makes her gag on a small toy. There’s then a dildo on a table on the table which she deepthroats. He then starts pushing her head/mouth down on the dildo further. She’s then on the couch where she fingers herself a little. She then deepthroats/sucks another dildo with the guy pushing her head again.

Scene2: He undresses her, then she starts blowing him. Pours water in her mouth and face.fucks her, before moving to the floor and continuing, then on her knees. Cums in her mouth, she swallows.

Scene3: She wrapped in plastic, lies on a table head over the edge, guys fuck her face, sometimes while fingering her.

Scene4: She’s wearing lingerie and an armbinder, he makes her suck a dildo, blow him then she rides him. Her on the bottom, and he puts fingers in her mouth. He cums in her mouth.

Scene5: Hands bound above her, she blows multiple guys while getting fingered.

Scene6: Led out on a leash, she blows multiple guys in different positions. Guy sitting on a couch, Trapped between his legs. SheOne guy gets blown while another fucks her. Ends with him cumming in her mouth. She then gags in her fingers.

Positions: Missionary, blowjob on knees, 69, doggystyle, standing doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl.



EBOD-622 – Impregnable Train You Can Not Refuse Melancholy, You Can Not Even Give Out A Voice You Can Be Ejaculated In The Vagina A Big Tits Uniform Uniforms Girl

May 21st, 2018

This one is from the studio E-Body and this one is a straight Molestation movie where our protagonist Koko Masshiro (again there is no tag for her on EMP) who plays the part of a school girl who gets molested by the same older man on the train on multiple occassions. The final scene also includes a gangbang of the big titty Koko.

So scene 1 pretty much starts off as an introductory scene at first where Koko is on a train and reading a book when a pervy old man who I think pretends to be a traveller comes up to her and chats her up. The scene then shifts to what is probably the next day or a few days later (not sure) and we see the same pervy old man eye balling her, getting upskirt views of her. Eventually he forces himself on her and begins to feel her up and grope her. He gets his hands inside her panties and plays with her pussy and rubs her. He gropes her tits and opens her top and pulls them out and plays with them. He even gets out vibrators and uses it on her pussy and on her nipples. She is humilated but cums as her molester leaves.

Scene 2 is when she goes to school and finishes her day and is back on the train going home (probably the same day). Her molester approaches again and this time he gets the delights to use her as he sees fit. He gropes her, forcefully kisses her, licks her tits, eats her pussy and then finally gets his dick out and forces Koko to suck him off. He even removes his phone and begins to film him forcing his cock down her throat. He then fucks her in standing doggy, missionary, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and then back again in missionary position and then gives her a nice deep creampie which even though is censored you can see dripping out of her pussy. Also revealed in the end is another man filming her getting fucked on the train.

Scene 3 is Koko probably trying to avoid going on the train and can be seen riding her bike during the night and she is still in her uniform. She has some trouble with her bike and a stranger offers to help her. I think this is the same extra someone who filmed her on the train and he kind of takes advantage of her by using her as compensation for helping to fix her bike. She is groped, fondled, she gives the old mans cock a tit fuck with her big tits and then finally blows his dick and takes a facial.

Scene 4 is kind of like small scenes clubbed together where she tells us how she is abused and fucked by her molester where ever he pleases. It shows her getting fucked in standing doggy on the train with her tits out of her shirt and on display. It shows her getting fucked in a toilet where she is again fucked in standing doggy and takes a creampie in her pussy. Another scene has her fucking in a backalley taking a deep and hard pounding as she squeals like a bitch in heat. It also shows boys and men making fun of her and probably calling her slut and whore in japanese as she’s beginning to get the reputation.

Final scene is her and the molester on a train. This time its filled with a lot more men and this is where she gets gangbanged. Her molester forces her in front of all the other men and slowly all of them start joining in. She is groped, fingered in the pussy, played with and is made to blow multiple cocks. She is fucked but not by all the men. If I remember correctly its the man who molestes her all the time and maybe 1 or 2 other men. Anyway, here she gets used and abused with vibrators and gets fucked in multiple positions that include sideways, reverse cowgirl, standing doggy where she also gets spitroasted, missionary and takes creampies in her pussy. In the end they dress her up and leave her on the floor as she sits in a corner humuliated and scared.


Alex Coal – Gamer Girl HD

May 21st, 2018

Alex just arrived at her friend Johnny’s house to play video games with him. He asks if she happened to bring his controller back that he lent her. Assuming it was a present she says no. He assures her it was a really expensive controller, and he doesn’t have one to play with now. As the conversation continues, Alex shows how selfish she is, expecting him to go get snacks and sushi for her while she plays.

Johnny, upset at how Alex is acting and the fact that she’s bluntly just using him remembers he just learned a new code to get a new “skin” for the console he has. She’s so excited by this that she gives up the controller for him to put it in. What he fails to mention is this new skin doesn’t just change what the game looks like.. it changes the player too. When Johnny leaves to go get his bratty friend her food, the new skin starts to change

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VANDR-125 ~ Stop Time Extra! ~ [720p]

May 21st, 2018

Description: Special power, the power to stop time and fuck women in different place(s), be on the indoor training or outdoor. School hospital, at their home or at the work office. A lot of teasing, kissing as in foreplay, making them wet before having sex with them as they are human dolls or when they are unfreezed some time.
Sex acts: blowjob. facial. missionary. vibrator. teasing. cowgirl. cum.on.ass. threesome. orgy. missionary. cum.on.face. creampie. reverse.cowgirl. creampie. oral.creampie. spooning. cum.on.face.





LZDM-012 Decapai Girls ● Raw And Small Female ● Raw School Secretly Lesbian

May 21st, 2018

These scenes are lesbian and are censored. The two schoolgirls start off by kissing each other, they then move onto the breast play, after they begin to remove their clothes and kiss some more. Next scene they are in a classroom and begin to play at the desk by touch each other with their clothes on, then they are in an empty classroom were they lick each others nipples, play with their pussies, and scissor.

Includes: Kissing Fondling Breast Play Scissoring 69 Face Sitting


Sibling Truth or Dare HD

May 21st, 2018

You’re hanging out with your sisters Nikko and Sydney. Everyone is bored as hell so the girls want to play truth or dare. It starts off pretty innocent but the girls find out pretty quickly that you have a crush on Nikko. So of course, Sydney wants to take things a little further and gets Nikko to suck on your dick. Nikko reluctantly agrees. She doesn’t waste much time and puts your cock in her mouth. Both your sisters are impressed with the size of your cock as Nikko continues to suck you off.

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VRTM-344 Sister belonging to the swimming department

May 21st, 2018

New HD swimsuit title for all those one piece lovers out there, this is a JAV Censored title and has to have the longest and most ridiculous title i have ever seen for a JAV. Incest themed but entirely in Japanese anyway, despite that who can resist downloading a film with the title “The endless supernatural hard piston forced to die and culminate with death!” 🙂

Scene Breakdown: 3 Scene’s in this one basically all the same length and similar script as far as i can tell, don’t speak much Japanese, all 3 scenes are boy girl and around 40 mins each with thankfully less intro conversation pieces than a lot of JAV films. The entire film is shot indoors with the action taking place on a couch in the kitchen and in the bedroom, it is in HD with good lighting and the encode is top notch, likely a down res’d 4K.

Includes changing into the swimsuit and some nice posing to start followed by swimsuit play, cunnilingus, fingering and a blowjob without cum shot in all three scene’s this takes up about 2/3rd’s of the scene before the serious fucking starts. Positions include cowgirl, doggy style, missionary and reverse sitting cowgirl and reverse lying cowgirl, finishers are cum shots on ass in two scenes and one internal.
Each scene includes a different actor and a different swimsuit but essentially follow the above mentioned script, Friendly warning the script here does allude to a incest fantasy entirely spoken in Japanese.