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IBW-398z Lolita Open-Air Gang Bang Creampie

September 13th, 2017

[IBW398]  ロ●ータ中出し野外輪姦
The three girls get picked up by some guys and taken to a remote place where they rape them.

They arrive at an abandoned house and start rubbing their pussies. Then the guys take them to different places around the hous and it cuts between them getting their pussies licked, rubbed, fingered and them blowing the guys. After that they get fucked missionary/standing doggy/doggy/cowgirl, again switching between the different girls either giving blowjobs or fucking, ending with all three getting fucked and creampied in front of the house.
Rina Hatsume
Yuki Itano


LOL-041 Lolita Special Course – Girls’ Hot Spring Vacations – Bath House Girls With Shaved Pussies Won Over By Pervert dads’ Hot Plays – Creampie Raw Footage – Sara Kotone

September 10th, 2017

Sara goes on vacation to a hot spring and her father fucks her while the mother isn’t around.

1st scene:

Starts with pussy rubbing, fingering, cunnilingus, blowjob then sex missionary/cowgirl/doggy/prone ending with a creampie.
2nd scene:

In the bath. Starts with pussy rubbing, cunnilingus, fingering, dildo, blowjob then sex cowgirl/standing doggy ending with a creampie.
3rd scene:

She blows him ending with him cumming in her mouth.


DJE-054 / Nagomi / Lolita Bukkake

August 25th, 2017

[DJE054] ろりシャッ!! 少女を溺愛するカタチ なごみ
Here’s a title from WAAP’s Deepers Jelly series. It features petite JAV actress Nagomi engaging in several bukkake and gokkun scenes.

Interview (1:24 ~ 8:07)

Nagomi is sitting on a red sofa. She’s wearing a black and white dress. There’s a Teddy Bear next to her, aimed at emphasizing the lolita angle of the movie. Eventually she grabs the bear’s right arm, as if seeking the protection of an older brother or some such. Towards the end of the interview, she’s told the guys will walk in the room through a door behind her. She finally calls out and about 20 guys rush in and gather around the sofa.

Little Girl Shower 01 (8:08 ~ 29:20)

Nagomi greets the guys who briefly applaud to mark the occasion. She stands up and personally greets a few of them. She then picks a fat bald guy and starts smelling him before exchanging a few kisses. She undresses and poses for the guys. She then sits on the sofa and starts teasing her pussy with her fingers. Guys join in and start teasing her nipples. She eventually kneels and starts fellating three guys standing close to her. One of them finally comes on her face. She then positions herself in front of the sofa and the bukkake scene starts. Guys come on her face and in her mouth one or two at a time. She swallows some of the cum as she cleans her face with her fingers.

Little Girl Shower 02 (29:21 ~ 1:05:25)

Nagomi is kneeling on a thin futon with an older guy. She’s wearing a white kimono with blue flower motifs. She’s also wearing braids. She and the actor are making out on the futon. She eventually pulls his briefs down and starts teasing his anus with her tongue. She fellates him and they later start to fuck, assuming various positions. About 23 minutes in, several guys appear around the couple. Nagomi fellates the guys one at a time until they’re hard. She later kneels and faces the camera as the older guy continues fucking her from behind. The guys take turns ejaculating on her face and in her mouth. The scene ends on a fade out as the older guy comes in her mouth.

Little Girl Shower 03 (1:05:26 ~ 1:13:00)

Nagomi is seen walking towards a bathroom door. She’s wearing blue pyjamas. A guy shows up at the same time and she lets him go first. She later returns and finds the guy has difficulty urinating. She proposes to help and starts teasing his balls, eventually fellating him until he comes in her mouth and on her face.

Little Girl Shower 04 (1:13:01 ~ 1:38:38)

Nagomi is holding a camera, walking towards a classroom, where about 15 guys are waiting. She’s wearing a posh schoolgirl uniform—plaid skirt, white shirt, navy necktie with white polka dots and navy cardigan with white socks and black loafers. Her hair is parted in two ponytails. She greets everyone and then starts walking through the room, inviting a guy to pull his pants down and kneel on a desk so she can lick his ass while playing with his balls and then sucking his dick for a while. She then moves towards another guy, licking his fingers before taking her panties off so the guy can lick her clit. She eventually undresses and sits on a desk with her thighs wide open, teasing her pussy with her fingers. She then uses a vibrator on her clit as several of the guys are jerking their cocks. She climaxes and kneels on a mattress, inviting the guys to come on her face and in her mouth. The guys oblige and take turns ejaculating on her as she holds the vibrator on her clit until she climaxes yet again, her face covered with cum.

Little Girl Shower 05 (1:38:39 ~ 2:10:27)

Nagomi is sitting on a bed. She’s wearing white G-string underwear with strawberry motifs. Her hair is parted in two ponytails. A male actor joins her and starts teasing her body. She soon finds herself naked as the guy teases her clit with his tongue and later with a vibrator. He then fingers her cunt until she pisses herself. She deepthroats him for a while and the couple start to fuck, assuming various positions. Several guys take turns ejaculating on her face and in her mouth as she’s lying on her back. The scene ends with a short interview.

Credits first appear superimposed and then on a white background. The movie ends at 2:10:53.


ZUKO-014 Lolita Orgy

August 11th, 2017

[ZUKO014] 泣きむしロ○ータ乱交
The girls get fucked in different rooms of a house by one or two guys and have an orgy.

1st scene:

They give a guy a blowjob and he cums in one of the girl’s mouth.
2nd scene:

Starts with a blowjob, her changing in a swimsuit, they use a vibrator then sex missionary/doggy/cowgirl/standing doggy ending with a creampie.
3rd scene:

Fingering, blowjob then sex standing doggy/missionary/cowgirl ending with a creampie.
4th scene:

Blowjob, fingering then sex standing doggy/cowgirl/missionary ending with a creampie.
5th scene:

She puts on a schoolgirl outfit and they start with pussy rubbing, blowjob then sex missionary/cowgirl/doggy ending with a creampie.
6th scene:

The orgy starts with blowjobs, handjobs, fingering then sex doggy/standing missionary/cowgirl/missionary ending with creampies for all of them.


[LOL-152] Lolita Specialist Small Ma • Co Natural Pretty Girl Country Girl Miki Aries Miki

July 26th, 2017

[LOL152] ロリ専科 小さなマ●コ 天然美少女田舎娘 みき 愛瀬美希


[BCDP-088] Lovely Canojyo Eikawa Oo Black Hair Loli Pretty Girl’s Hypnotic Cosplay Ejaculation Porteo Sex

July 8th, 2017

[BCDP088] 素敵なカノジョ 栄川乃亜 黒髪ロリ美少女の催眠コスプレ潮吹きポルチオせっくす


[NKKD-033] Chest Pointing Attention I Am Made A Weak Super Cute Younger Generation Lolita JK I Got Confused By Her Senior DQN Crochet Senior And Nandakanda After A While I See You Again

June 20th, 2017

[NKKD033] 胸糞注意 気弱な僕に出来た超可愛い年下ロリ系JK彼女を隣町のDQN鰐口先輩にヤラれてしまってナンダカンダでそ


[NHDTB-001] Initially, Let Me Drink Aphrodisi Secretly With A Loose Lolivitic Yankee JK, And If I Run In A Middle-aged Chi Po, I Will Not Stop And Gunned … “Seriously, Impossible!

June 17th, 2017

[NHDTB001]  最初は余裕のロリビッチなヤンキーJKに内緒で媚薬を飲ませ中年チ○ポでイッても止めずにガン突きしたら…


[JUMP-081] Humiliation hentai lolicon student tutor!

April 3rd, 2016

[JUMP081] 強制屈辱変態ロリコン学生家庭教師!


[KODO-03] Loli Mania

April 9th, 2013