[RCT-644] Superezu Private Girls High School Three Toshikabechi

[RCT644] 私立女子高校三Toshikabechi○ポートセット

I don’t understand Japanese so I’m not sure what the plot is, but this is at least an attempt to describe it. This film seems to about horny bisexual schoolgirls and whenever they start fooling around on school property, cocks appear out of walls, desks and even boards. The girls do their very best to satisfy each other as well as these mystery cocks.

The first scene features two schoolgirls making out and fingering each other in the school’s library when they suddenly notice a cock sticking out of the desk in front of them. The quickly decide to play with it and so they stroke and suck the cock until it cums while one of them is sucking it off. The girls finish the scene off with some cumswapping.

The second scene features two girls who are trying to take an exam but are constantly getting distracted by several cocks that are coming out of holes in the wall beside them. The girls try to stroke them off but it isn’t enough so the one of them starts to fuck a random cock in the wall until it cums inside her. The girls then lick each others pussy in 69, in front of the whole class, and also suck a cock or two. The girl that didn’t get fucked earlier decides to fuck a cock until it cums in her pussy, afterwards the other girl licks her pussy clean and finally they do a bit of cumswapping.

The third scene starts off with six girls jerking off cocks that are coming out of the wall and chalk board in the classroom. Two of the girls decide to take things a bit further and start to both stroke and suck the cocks, as well as fondle each other. One of them gets cum in her mouth and the girls do a bit of cumswapping before they continue to play with the cocks. The jerk the cocks off until one of them gets a big cumshot over her tits, the other girl licks her tits clean. Soon after, the other girl gets a facial. Finally one girl finger the others pussy and licks her pussy and ass while the other girl sucks off a cock, the scene ends with the two doing a bit of cumswapping.

The fourth scene features two girls making out, undressing and fondling each other when all of a sudden the notice cocks coming out of holes in the wall and chalk board in their classroom. The girls continue to play with each other, fingering and licking each others pussies. The scene ends with the two girls scissoring each other while they each jerk off a cock, both of the cocks cum all over the girls who clean each other and do a bit of cumswapping.


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