LES-1006 – Lesbian MILFs in Heat (Rika Fujishita, Ikumi Kondo, & Yayoi Amano)

[LES1006]  熟女レズ発情 禁断のレズクリニック 近藤郁美 藤下梨花 天野弥生

They’re a combination of doctors and nurses working at a clinic of some sort.

Scene 1: Rika and Ikumi make out and finger each other at Ikumi’s desk.
Scene 2: Rika and Ikumi get drunk on wine and finger/scissor each other.
Scene 3: Ikumi masturbates at her desk.
Scene 4: Ikumi and Yayoi fuck on a bed while Rika listens through the door and masturbates.
Scene 5: Rika and Yayoi fuck/scissor on the same bed.
Scene 6: Rika and Yayoi get drunk on wine. They make out, lick each others’ boobs, and Rika uses a vibrator on Yayoi.
Scene 7: Ikumi and Yayoi are using a double-ended dildo when Rika walks in with a strap-on and fucks them both. After a while she takes that off and they break out the double-ended dildo again.


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