[T28473] Fishing fool uncle diary ~ Otsuki Hibiki and rainbow trout & Yamame fishing challenge!

[T28473] ~ 釣りバカおじさん日記 ~マドンナ大槻ひびきとニジマス&ヤマメ釣りチャレンジ!!~

And now for something a bit out of left field (even for the japanese). A JAV based on a FISHING TOURNAMENT!

Yep, that’s right a JAV with the premise of a fishing tournment (and supposedly a pervy uncle) But they definitely seem to be pretty serious on the fishing part! To the point that a decent portion of this vid is actually focused on the girl in this vid (in this case Hibiki Otsuki) trying to fish! Don’t worry, there is sex in it too of course. But I just thought this was so funny/off-beat for JAV that I thought I would upload it.

Now like I said the first third/half of the vid is focused on this wierd fishing trip. But once that’s over the pervy uncle sub-plot takes over and we finally get down to what we expect to see in a JAV. Starting with a pretty good scene in an outdoor bath/onsen.

After that there is a dinner scene where they eat the fish they caught and talk. But later the pervy uncle/incest thing picks up again with the girl (and her uncle) fucking hard/long in your stereotype onsen/inn bedroom. They do just about everything you could think of including 69 and lots more doggy before the end of the vid


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