[NHDTA-264] Daughter became Addicted to SEX with old man

[NHDTA-264] Peta daughter became addicted to SEX sensitive vine lick roll of old man

Two girls got back from the school, and noticed that their grandpa and his friend was playing chess.
Grandpa took note on how well the girls have become; his own flesh and blood have turned into fine young women.

What about ‘teaching’ the girls about sex? What is there to lose anyway? It’ll be good for girls, he thought.

First scene :
He approached the girl from behind, and began to undress the girl. Things didn’t go that far. Only some kissing and clit tickling / pussy licking

Second Scene :
Girl was in the bathtub, cleaning herself up after school. What happened just now was still fresh in her mind.
She began to fondle herself, and even took a pail and began rubbing her pussy!

Third Scene :
It happened on another day. She was in her school uniform when grandpa let himself into her room.
He flipped out his dick, and the girl was quick to give heads. Then they got up onto the bed, where grandpa though her positions.
69 / missionary / cowgirl / doggystyle. Done, he sprayed his cum onto the girl’s perky ass.

Fourth Scene :
Words got around that grandpa has young women in the house, and ones that they can fuck. So they gather round and called the girls in.
Then they got the girls to strut their bodies, and began to caress / fondle / tickle / rubbed the girls.

This elicit loud moans and whimpers from the girls, and everyone is ever more eager to fuck the girls.
But dicks to limp, so they didn’t.

Fifth Scene :
One of the girls caught the other sucking grandpa’s dick, so she joined along. The two girls began sucking on grandpa’s dick before they took turns to have his dick in their warm pussies.


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