[NHDTA-606] On A Packed Train, Little Brother Ends Up Popping A Woody When He Bumps Big Sister’s Ass

[NHDTA606] それは、角質ブラザー勃起爆発までは満員電車では、シスターの柔軟尻滝チャンスクロッチで終わる挿入

Tales of bro/sis going on public transport (in this case, a train) where sis’ bums rubs against bro’s dick, making bro getting raging hard-on. Sis realizes this, and takes it as her opportunity to reciprocate. A win-win situation, as both bro/sis are able to satiate their lust.

Forget the fact that it happens with others around, or that sis not only entertain her bro, but also other commuters, who are willing participants.

Vaginal penetration – standing fuck, standing doggystyle

In one scene, bro was told off for making sexual advances on the train. So they got off the train, and fuck their way in their house. Haha


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