SDDE-511 Cooking, Cleaning, And Sexual Services 10 Ladies Morning Creampie Services With Her Son Aki Sasaki

[SDDE511]  炊事・洗濯・性欲処理 10人息子と連続中出し朝生活 あき(38)
Sex Acts: Fondling, Cunnilingus, Blowjob, Standing doggystyle, Small tits, Creampie, Freeuse, Missionary, Kissing, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl,

The plot revolves around Aki Sasaki who has 10 sons, and she meets all the needs of her sons, including their sexual needs. In this movie, you can see Aki Sasaki doing housework, while getting fucked at the same time. She would help her grown ass son put on his clothes, before he starts to fonder his mother’s breasts and perform cunnilingus on her. Ironically, he removes his clothes again, and lets his mother blow him. She doesn’t seem to do it as she is horny, but because her sons needs pussy. It’s so natural that other sons walk in on their brother fucking their mom doggystyle, and just gives a casual nod.

Once she’s done with one son, she goes on to cook, before another son comes along to fuck her from behind doggystyle. She gets into it so much that she calls another son over to take over cooking. Basically the whole movie has Aki Sasaki being fucked literally anytime, anywhere. The interesting part is that it is so natural, and everyone just comes onto Aki Sasaki so spontaneously. It’s like how you’re scratching your balls, and be like, yea its time to masturbate. Except in this case, Aki Sasaki’s presence is both the ball scratching and her pussy is free use.

You can’t even skip 10 seconds without seeing Aki Sasaki performing sexual acts on her sons. Simply INCREDIBLE.


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