ASPC-001 – Girls With Throat Clits! Feat. Mao Hamasaki

[ASPC001] 喉クリの女!feat.浜崎真緒

SPC/Asfur puts out some advanced deep throating content. This video is the result of a collaboration with AVS Collector’s, starring Mao Hamasaki. If you’re looking for anything other than blowjobs, except for some additional handjobs while Mao’s being crowded by a bunch of guys at once and some minor pussy licking near the end, this movie isn’t for you. Mao wears casual clothes for much of the film, but the last two scenes have her in a strappy black and white dress that hides almost nothing and a similarly revealing pink, lacy dress. Other than that, there’s not much to say. A lot of deep throating, a lot of cum eating.


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