HUSR-151 – That LA-born MMA Fighter Debuts Japanese With Gachi Sex!

Female warrior, fall! A female MMA fighter who is good at martial arts officially adopted by the US Marine Corps, counts down to the state of fighting fighting face-up bitch fighting on the bed on the bed! Too beautiful flesh of a female fighter with a fighting spirit and a noble spirit is backed by inner muscle and never hangs with beautiful big tits and a little frantic beat that puts off a pant voice with a petit voice saying “Ahshi …!” He was the owner! Japanese ferocious sex rush does not stop, it screams as muscles of the whole body relax, screaming crazy!

Japanese guy goes to LA, interviews a couple of attractive women that are supposedly MMA fighters, they masturbate with a vibrator, then he has sex with them separately.

Unsure of the actresses names. Please add if you know them.

Sex acts:
fingering, BJ, titfuck, missionary, cowgirl, toy play, doggy, cum on tits.


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