JUC-687 Cooking Expert Kanesaki Big Love Wife Who Was Violated

Cover photo: I like the front cover where we see a beautiful lady who has a frightened face as she will be abuse by her students standing behind her. While the back page was a little bit turned off. Even this movie is about abuse, I don’t like foreign objects (not included dildo and vibrator) put into women’s part.

Plot wise nothing too exciting in which Ai-chan is a cooking teacher of all male class (most of them are middle aged man) were she was bribe by one of the student. He seems like obsessed taking video with Ai-chan during class. One day he forgot his camcorder and went back to retrieve it. He found Ai-chan having sex with a younger guy who’s belong also in the class. This young fellow enjoy toying and sucking Ai-chan lovely breast before he fuck her pussy. They did missionary and cow girl which occassionally he goes rough and Ai-chan luscious breast bouncing hard. The middle age man managed to record their sex and use it to blackmail her.

Middle age man student went to Ai-Chan’s apartment and bribe her using the video. He wanted Ai-chan to strip off her clothes and wear an apron, while he was filming her. She was reluctantly taking off her clothes as she is being filmed. Slowly she pull down her skirt and suddenly he pushed Ai-chan to the couch. He groped her breast and going to rape her while filmed on his camcorder. Then scene cuts off.

Next, the middle aged man was with two fellow student (they are both middle aged) having a conversation on the counter top. It seems like he showed the sex videos to his fellow student. He then called Ai-chan and the two fellow was shocked seeing her on a sexy lingerie. The middle age man order Ai-chan to suck the two fellows cock. Both guys cum on her mouth.

After the blowjob, the middle aged man brought Ai-chan to the living room. He played, sucked and licked Ai-chan’s pussy. Later he was joined by two fellow student. You can see on their faces the joy of tasting a women’s body. It was such a hot scene, as well humiliting to Ai-chan, the two student sucking her breast while the the middle aged man savouring her pussy. She was then sucking there cock and not long the three of them fuck her pussy in turn. They finished by cumming on her mouth.

On the last scene, we saw Ai-chan and students who eagerly awaiting for her to strip and masturbate in front of them. Then they used a cucumber and carrot put into to her pussy. Movie end.

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