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[FSET-794] My Crotch Has Reacted At The Breast Of A Business Hotel Massage Teacher I 10

Monday, November 12th, 2018

[FSET794] ビジネスホテルのマッサージ師の胸チラで股間が反応してしまった俺10


[MANE-025] A Starry Sky That Came Faces With Cute Faces And Egetsu Does Not Do S Maid Came

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

[MANE025] カワイイ顔してヤルことエゲツない ドSメイドがやってきた 星空もあ


[MANE-029] Beautiful Woman OL Capturing And Training A Man Invited By SNS OL Mizuno Chaoyang

Friday, October 19th, 2018

[MANE029]  SNSで誘いだした男を監禁・調教している美人OL 水野朝陽


[MANE-028] Full M Maleization Basement Life ~ The Secret Heart In Secret Is Finally Blooming … Mari Takasugi

Friday, October 19th, 2018

[MANE028]  完全M男化地下室生活~内に秘めたドS心が遂に開花する…~


MANE-026 – Omega Chronicle ~Nobody Can Stop The Sadistic Omega In Heat~ Aoi KururugI

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

This is a plot based video where we see a woman who has given birth to a girl and as she has grown the mother learns that her daughter is different. The daughter played by Aoi Kururugi one day while hanging out at school passes out. Later at home as she is relaxing from the eventful day she then suddenly finds out that she now has a penis. She begins to slowly touch and masturbate her new appendage and slowly begins to get very horny and begins to really start getting into jerking her new cock. The solo scene shows off her cumming so hard with a huge cumshot.

Next time at school shes seen in her classroom jerking her cock as her appetite to play with herself is now insatiable. Shes made fun of or told off (I dont know what since I dont understand japanese) but she ends up roughing up one of the boys at school. she goes into total bitch domination mode as she verbally humiliates the guy and slaps him around. She gets her cock out and forces him to blow her. She even kicks him (not in the balls though) and continues to take advantage of him. Then she forces him to lie on his back as she forces her cock down his throat and then gives him a facial. Things don’t stop there! Oh no, she then fucks the guy’s ass in standing doggy for a while and its then implied that she gives him a creampie. She then makes him suck her cock doing ass to mouth as a teacher walks to the classroom and then runs off to notify the school management.

Aoi catches the teacher before he can make the call and now begins to take advantage of him. She puts a plastic bag over his head and asphyxiates him for a bit and then lets him go leaving him breathless. Just like she did to the male student, she now forces the teacher to blow her cock as she roughs him up as well. She fucks the teacher in standing doggy for a bit as well and then makes him suck her cock when her mother walks in and stops her.

Appaled the mother tries to find a solution to this problem by talking to the doctor. Aoi seems not to be in her senses or drugged up as the doctor offers the mother some pills to keep Aoi’s “condition” under control. The mother then leaves leaving Aoi there but she wakes up and then begins to rough up the doctor. She ties hum up and blindfolds him. More verbal humiliation ensues and she even kicks him in the balls. She then makes him suck her cock and drops a huge load of cum on the floor and makes the doctor lick it all up. She then fucks him in doggy style on the floor and then in missionary on the couch and drops a huge load of cum all over his body and face.


[FSET-788] A Girl Who Likes Older Girls Who Are Everlasting Making Erections While Smiling While Their Bride Is Near 2

Friday, September 21st, 2018

[FSET788] 嫁が近くに居るのに笑みを浮かべながら勃起をさせて痴女ってくる年上好きな少女2


[FSET-786] Always Speak To You Icharabu SEX With 3 Situations Of AV Perfect Subjective Nurse, Seniors OL, Baseball Club Manager

Friday, September 21st, 2018

[FSET786] 常に貴方に語りかけAV 完全主観 看護師・先輩OL


KWPO-003 Mushumaro Body Which I Want To Suck On!Mima Umi Comes Down!

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

Chubby actress Mitoma Umi does four different hardcore scenes after long intro scene. In one of them she wears skimpy bikini and one them she has leather fetish outfit.

Scene 1: Actress walks around the city and gets interviewed

Scene 2: She undresses and has her waist and chest measured. Her pussy gets licked by a masked man and after she giver him a blowjob. She gets fucked from behind and rides him hard.

Scene 3: She wears leather outfit and fishnet stockings. She teases a masked man with her feet and sits on his face. She finishes him with a handjob.

Scene 4: She wears very skimpy bikini, gets oiled and fucked by two men. She blows them both, gets fingered and spitroasted. After she gets fucked from behind by one of the guys and rides him. Finishing touches with regular missionary position

Scene 5: short scene where both she and guy wear a mask. She gets licked and fucked from behind. Guy finishes on her butt.


[FSET-784] Women Of Big Tits Knit Wants To Knead

Saturday, September 8th, 2018

[FSET784]  揉みしだきたい巨乳ニットの女たち


[FSET-783] A Woman In An Unprotected Figure In Front Of Her When Opening The Door Without Knocking .

Monday, August 27th, 2018

[FSET783]  ノックせずにドアを開けると目の前に無防備な姿の女が…二人きりの密室で勃起したチ○ポに発情した女がねっとりフェラ対応してくれた