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[ASW-229] MANIAC SEMEN Vol.9 Transformation Beauty Girl Anri Ani Saya Who Want To Drink Urine, Sperm / Piss

Saturday, May 5th, 2018

[ASW229]  MANIAC SEMEN Vol.9 唾・精子・小便を飲みたがる変態美少女 杏璃さや


[ASW-228] Oh, It’s Cunishable!61 Breast Tits Duel’s Fine Drinking Slut Book True Lily

Monday, April 23rd, 2018

[ASW228]  あ~やらしい!61 爆乳ドエロの精飲痴女 本真ゆり


ASW-210 Ayane Suzukawa

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

[ASW210] あ~やらしい!58 喉で味わう見せつけごっくん! 涼川絢音

In this movie, Ayane basically sucks a lot of dick in every scene and swallows the mens’ cum. She gets surrounded by 4 dicks, sucks them, lays back in an animal print pillow, and gets her mouth filled up with cum. Then she gulps down the cum! GOKKUN!
Next she blows some dweeb (they’re almost all dweebs in JAV… dweebs or fat fucks), rides him with her pussy (reverse cowgirl), and drinks the cum from his condom. She blows two more guys and drinks their cum right after that.

Then Ayane is dressed as a maid and blows two guys that are laying on their backs. She drinks their cum too. Fast foward and she’s in a room full of dick, and she sucks them. They fill up her mouth, but not all at once. It’s kind of ½ and ½. It would have been better if the entire room ejaculated into her mouth before she swallowed, but this scene was still very good. She really does a great job throughout the movie of showing off the cum in her mouth, and showing her beautiful Japanese eyes to us.


[ASW-217] ASW-217 Hello, My Boyfriend I Met On SNS, 23 Years Old 1080p 30FPS

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Finally a Asfur video in full HD goodness!!!

I bring to you ASW-217. watch the unnamed Amateur woman swallow load after load. in every scene she sucks dick and she swallows the cum. the first scene starts in a public restroom where is sucks 2 or 3 dicks and swallows. most scenes start with her playing with her self then then she sucks dick and swallows. this vid is all about blowjobs and cum swallowing. she is a real semen demon! i think she swallows about 40 loads. only for the true lovers of Gokkun!


ASW-223 – Maki Hoshikawa [1080p]

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Ok, so basically: Maki sucks lots of dick, eats lots of cum, gets cum on food and eats that, sucks more dick, does 69 with a guy and gets her pussy licked while she sucks dick, rides a guy’s dick cowgirl, eats more cum, blows more guys. That’s the basic plot outline.

ASW-223 (Maki Hoshikawa).part1.rar
ASW-223 (Maki Hoshikawa).part2.rar

ASW-201 – Rena Aoi

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

[ASW201]  MANIAC SEMEN Vol.7 ザーメンマニアの妄想 あおいれな

Ok, so here’s the basic description: Rena Aoi is a gorgeous and cute Japanese girl. She starts out sucking 3 dicks, collects their semen in a glass cup, pours it into her mouth, shows off the mouth full of cum, and gulps it down! GOKKUN!
Next she 69s a guy, sucks his cum out of a condom, and drinks it. Then the real fun begins. She lays on her back like some timid cum-craving angel, and about 4 guys ejaculate into her open waiting mouth. She gazes up in their eyes while they blow their loads, shows us big gorgeous smiles, and shows off the mouthful of semen before gulping it down. GOKKUN!
There’s some toilet scene. I dunno, I usually skip this pee stuff. Rena doesn’t drink pee, but she aims a guy’s dick into a toilet while he pisses into it. Then she blows him, and drinks his cum.
Fast forward, and Rena is holding a glass funnel. Two guys ejaculate into it while she holds it in her mouth. Then she sucks the white cum out of it and drinks! GOKKUN! Rena then proceeds to blow more guys, and collect their white jizz into a martini glass. She gulps that all down too! GOKKUN! Then there’s a bowl full of cum scene. GOKKUN! Then she blows more guys and drinks their cum! GOKKUN!

I love this girl! Cute face, natural body with tiny tits, and thick dick sucking lips, combined with a vibrant personality. She’s one of the all-time best in JAV/gokkun.


[ASC-008] Lustful Beast Romance 4 The Rut Of The Leopard Woman Sara Aoki x Mai Tsukisaki

Thursday, November 16th, 2017

[ASC008] 淫乱な獣ロマンス4豹の女の子サラ青木×舞Tsukisaki


[ASW-019] Cum-Drinking Madam. She Enjoys Drinking Cum While Her Husband Is Out

Friday, October 27th, 2017

[ASW019]  ザーメン飲み奥様 旦那の留守は精飲三昧 高坂保奈美


ASW-220 Oh, It’s Cunishable!60 Woman Eating Sperm Into Greedy Woman Kuroki Tamimi

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Dr. Kuroki’s dentist ‘s perverted daunting of the special sperm of amateur cumshot mania corps that she forgot for days! Of course not only the blowjob but also the men to the deep erallas while looking at the eyes of a man! Dumpling will make you cut the fish one after another in a blink of an eye! No matter what, but this time the scenes of six people ‘s drinking pool! Sperm pond state that seems to overflow in mouth with six spermatozoa who timely ejaculated! There is no doubt like mania treasure picture like drinking it with gyeogguogy while opening the mouth of that mass sperm! ※ Note: Because it is a blowjob mania work, entanglement is not recorded.

Scene 1: gangbang,kissing,multipleblowjob,handjob,bukkake,deepthroat,cumgargle,cumswallow

Scene 2:dildo,deepthroatdildo,spreadpussy,masturbation,solo,blowjob,handjob

Scene 3:nipplelicking,foursome,handjob,blowjob

Scene 4:groping,cunninlingus,handjob,blowjob,foursome,69,cumswallow

Scene 5:threesome,blowjob,cumswallow,69,doubleblowjob,handjob


ASW-087 Chapter 5 Woman Woman Seriously Manzuri Flight Precision Scale Public Drinking Immediately

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

[ASW087] 即尺精飲公衆便女 5 本気マンズリ女編
Five beautiful girls are full of nymphomous mode, showing real serious manzuri! Put your fingers in a grown-up pussy in a gucci gucho, swallow tumbler pounding! And the woman who lost the reason, immediate measure of the dirty man ‘s thing not washed! Exposed semen that has not hailfully dressed and accumulated for many days in his mouth! Please fully enjoy the nature of such Doshuve Hentai women!