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[CSBE-025] Shoko Furukawa – Full penetration Shoko Furukawa 4 Hours (1080p)

Friday, July 12th, 2019

A collection of scenes from Shoko Furukawa’s filmography some of which I have identified as HEY-090, YAL-059, YAL-070, YST-109, YST-110, YST-120, YSN-464 and YSN-466. Some of these films are not currently available only in HD outside of this compilation. There are still a couple scenes whose origin I haven’t yet found but if anybody does let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

First scene is from YAL-070, Shoko-san is wearing a collar, ball gag and an open chastity belt. Her son starts off using a magic wand on her before some fingering. She then blows him and then cums while riding him (he also has his hands around her nick during the orgasm). He continues fucking her in missionary until he seems to cum in her pussy. He makes her clean his dick with her mouth and then ends the scene with his foot on her face.

2nd scene is from HERY-090. Shoko-san is washing the dishes when her lover comes up from behind and grabs her breasts. They proceed to the bedroom where she pulls his pants down and gives him a rimjob and then a blowjob. They transition to a 69 and some facesitting. Afterwards is doggy and a vibrator. He spits in her mouth before she gives him another blowjob while using a vibrator on herself. He cums in her mouth and she seems to swallow and they kiss.

3rd scene is from YAL-059. Shoko-san is cleaning the foyer when her son grabs her by the arm, pushes her against the wall and starts kissing and touching her aggressively. He pulls down her pantyhose and panties and starts tonguing and fingering her snatch and asshole from behind until she comes all over his hand, down her undergarments and all over the floor. He brings her over next to the bathroom door where we can see her husband is bathing behind the shower door. He continues using his mouth on her ass before whipping out his dick and fucking her from behind. At one point she falls onto her knees and then blows him. He cums in her mouth.

4th scene is also from YAL-059, the father is reading a newspaper on the sofa while behind the sofa Shoko-san is being fucked by her son with a vibrator. The father goes to sleep on the sofa and the son brings her to the front starts licking her pussy while she’s standing over her husband. The son makes her change into purple lingerie. They then have sex right next to the old man, ending in a creampie.

5th scene is from YSN-464. The son is lying on his bed with his erect penis falling out of his boxers. Shoko-san comes over and is concerned about his erection. She decides to help release his pent-up load by first sucking him off from the side, then going into 69 before stroking his penis while licking his nipple. She seems to succumb to her horniness and pulls him to the side to fuck in missionary on top of a desk. She then blows him to completion with a cumshot in the mouth.

6th scene is also from YAL-070. Scene starts with her son unlocking her chastity belt and eating her out. She then rides him for a bit before ending with a sloppy blowjob.

7th and 8th scenes are from YST-110. This is a MMF threesome scene. They use a vibrating egg on her, she blows them in turns. One eats her pussy while another skull fucks her until he cums. His load drips down her chin. Next scene is a MMF scene. She’s wearing leopard print lingerie. First is the hitachi magic wand, then some missionary in turns. She then is fucked face down, ass up before her face is brought so they can spit roast. They continue fucking in different positions until one of them cums in her.

9th-11th scenes are from YST-109. Shoko-san is wearing a maid outfit with her tied off into two ends. Two guys are on either side of her on the sofa. She blows them, they lick her nipples, one of them starts doing her in missionary while the other hangs his off the sofa so he can get rimmed. They continue fucking and getting blown by her until one of them cums in her mouth.

In the 10th scene Shoko-san is wearing a dark blue one-piece and is getting fucked by a black sex toy while blowing another dude. The guy cums in her mouth but keeps going after a bit. Soon after he cums in her mouth again and she gives the v-signs to the camera.

11th scene is again from YST-109. She is wearing an opened schoolgirl outfit. She starts off playing with her pussy before a guy comes on-screen and fucks her in missionary and then in a spooning position. Another guy comes along and they spitroast her. They both cum in her pussy after taking turns fucking her.

12th scene is from YSN-466. Shoko-san catches her son masturbating while sniffing her purple panties. Her son is surprised but she tells him not to worry and she pushes him back down onto the bed. She undresses and gives him a blowjob before riding him cowgirl. They change to missionary and she cums. They go back to blowjob until he also climaxes into her mouth.

Next two scenes are from YST-120 and is mostly in POV. Shoko-san shows up at the guy’s house wearing a coat, seemingly not eager about what she is about to do. They move to his bedroom where she relucantly reveals the purple lingerie she is wearing underneath. They guy tries fucking her in missionary but she moves away. After some talking she blows him until he comes in her mouth. She spits the load out. The scene changes to night time. Shoko-san is naked, plating with her pussy in front of the camera and the guy pours some oil onto her pussy. She keeps at it until she seemingly comes. The guy then comes in and eats her out. He then fucks her in missionary which she at first protests. They change to standing doggy against a closet before going back to missionary for the creampie.

Last scene is from HERY-090 and is another MMF threesome, with one of the men being noticeably older than the other so this could be a father-in-law. A lot of kissing and they fuck in various positions until the younger guy cum in her snatch.

Sex acts: cunnilingus, 69, blowjob, handjob, doggystyle, missionary, cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl, creampie, cum in mouth, spitroast


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