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APAK-142 / Yuri Asada / Aphrodisiac Sex for High School Girl

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

[APAK142]  この娘、犯してやる…。墜されたFカップJK・ゆうり 媚薬セックスでM調教され、集団凌辱! 浅田結梨

This is an Aurora-Pro (AP) production featuring versatile JAV actress Yuri Asada. In this movie, Asada plays a young student experimenting with aphrodisiacs. She ends up fucking a small group of actors for well over two hours.

Scene One (0:20 ~ 30:56)

Asada returns home from school. She walks in her bedroom and undresses, keeping only her white panties and a white and pink camisole. A little over 6 minutes in she’s sitting at her desk and starts to tease her breasts and pussy with her fingers. She eventually moves to her bed and takes her clothes off. She pulls a vibrator from under her pillow and rubs it against her clit until she climaxes. She then moves back to her desk and starts fucking herself with a dildo while teasing her clit with the vibrator until she comes yet again. We then see her later working at her laptop and calling someone on her cellular.

Scene Two (30:57 ~ 1:15:59)

Asada is on the front seat of a car. She’s wearing her school uniform, chatting with the driver. About five minutes later we see her entering an apartment with the driver. He gives her an aphrodisiac and within seconds she has a strong reaction. From that point on, the guy starts kissing her, teasing her body until he moves her to a bed, where she soon finds herself half naked. One thing leading to another, the guy starts fucking her, assuming various positions, until they both come. She then falls asleep.

Scene Three (1:16:00 ~ 1:50:16)

Asada is sleeping on a bed. A second actor walks in the room and starts teasing her breasts. She wakes up and tries to flee, but both guys quickly start abusing her on the sofa. They fasten small vibrators on her nipples and, eventually, a larger one on her clit. She is then fucked with a dildo, and the guys take turns deepthroating and fucking her. She then rubs a large vibrator on her clit until she climaxes and pisses herself on the floor.

Scene Four (1:50:17 ~ 2:29:01)

Asada is sleeping on the bed, wearing white cotton panties. Several guys start teasing her breasts as someone empties the bottle of pills in her mouth. Five guys abuse her for the rest of the scene, deepthroating and fucking her until they all come on her face.

Epilogue (2:29:02 ~ 2:30:08)

Asada is seen on her way out of the apartment. Before she leaves, she takes a bottle of aphrodisiacs from the top of a bookshelf. Credits appear superimposed. Asada greets her viewers.

The movie ends at 2:30:14.


[APKH-035]~ 3P HEAVEN ~ Two Part-time Workers At The Inn Ryokan JK Got Sex With Guests, It Was A Girlfriend Who Was Cheating.

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

[APKH035]【DMM限定】~3Pヘブン~ 旅館のアルバイトJKの2人は、宿泊客と競ってセックスしまくり


[APNS-017] Daughter Training Torture Confession Until Pregnancy Insult … Insult 30 Days Of Hell Minori Kotani

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

[APNS017] 令嬢調教 懐妊までの監禁凌辱…地獄の30日間 小谷みのり


[APKH-036] The Woman On Top Posture Wonderful Waist, Hozil Himself Uterine Mouth Piercing! Beautiful Nursery Teacher

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

[APKH036]  凄い腰使いの騎乗位で、疼く子宮口を自分でホジル! 半年間も性欲が溜まった美人保育士さんは


[APAK-177] Newcomer Who Was Hit By A Resentment Of Subcontractor OL ~ Does Work Get Bored With Such Price?Are Not You Stupid About Us?Sayaka Sekai

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

[APAK177] 下請けの恨みをぶつけられた新人OL ~こんな値段で仕事がヤレるかよ!


[APNS-016] Young Wife …Seven Days ‘M Slave Contract Not Only Limbs But Also Hearts Are Desperately Overruled

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

[APNS016] 若妻…七日間のM奴隷契約 肢体だけじゃなく心まで、絶望的に蹂躙されて…「あゝ


[APNS-015] Mother-daughter Compulsion Pregnant Beloved Daughter (18) Was Used As A Men’s Toy … Told, Beiled, Robbed Of Virginity … Kaname Hana Yazawa Miya

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

[APNS015] 母娘強制懐妊 最愛の娘(18)は、男達の玩具にされていました… 弄ばれ、汚され、処女まで奪われ… 神納花 矢澤美々


[APNS-014] Mother-daughter Compulsion Pregnancy ~ Single Mother’s Elite OL Who Was Fucked Daughter And Robbed Everything ~ Sayuki Kanno • Yo Nanae

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

[APNS014]  母娘強制懐妊 ~娘を犯され、全てを奪われたシングルマザーのエリートOL~ 菅野さゆき・七海ゆあ


[APAK-175] Cloudy Group Wiseitsu & Do M Training Eikawa Ooa

Monday, June 12th, 2017

[APAK175]【DMM限定】白濁集団ワイセツ&ドM調教 栄川乃亜 チェキ付き


[APNH-007] New Chapter • After School Beautiful Girl H Honor Student Honors Indulge In Love Sex In A Man’s Room …. Ohara Tsuzu

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

[APNH007]  新章・放課後美少女H 黒髪の優等生は、男の部屋で愛欲セックスに耽る.。 大原すず