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[720p/HD/60FPS] CRPD-453 / Tsubomi / Gangbang Gokkun & Bukkake

Friday, September 15th, 2017

[CRPD453] つぼみマ○コに一流チ○ポの生ハメと濃ゆ過ぎのクンニをし続けて浮かびっぱなしのアクメ面にザーメン89発ぶっ放してみた。 つぼみ Tsubomi
This movie is part of a small series produced by Cross. As the title indicates, the focus is on group fucking, gokkun and bukkake. The formula is simple: two typical bukkake scenes where one or two guys fuck the actress while a bunch of extras tease each part of her body and then come on her face one at a time. Then a short gokkun scene with five guys in between. This installment features an older Tsubomi. Dozens of guys come on her face over the two long bukkake scenes. A third, shorter scene sees her suck five guys and swallow the cum.

Scene One (0:11 ~ 55:06)

Tsubomi is kneeling on a black mattress. She’s wearing white G-string-like underwear with matching fishnet stockings. There are ten guys in black shorts teasing her body—nipples, ears, cunt. We can see a black leather sofa in the background. Around the 5-minute mark everyone retires and one guy takes the lead role. Tsubomi eventually ends up on the leather sofa with the guy’s fingers ramming her cunt. She then fellates the guy before they start to fuck, assuming various positions. Eventually the actor takes her from behind while the rest of the guys take turns ejaculating on her face.

Scene Two (55:07 ~ 1:12:16)

Tsubomi is kneeling on a black mattress. She’s wearing cut-off jeans with a grey camisole and black leather boots. Her hair is tied behind her head. There are five guys around her in black underwear. She’s massaging their cocks to get them hard, and then starts fellating the guys one at a time. Later two guys come in her mouth. She plays with the cum and swallows it. She then teases her nipples for a few moments and several guys ejaculate on her cut-off jeans. Then two more ejaculate in her mouth. She again plays with the cum before swallowing it, her gaze fixed on the camera.

Scene Three (1:12:17 ~ 1:43:49)

Tsubomi is sitting on a purple mattress with about 30 guys around her. She’s wearing black G-string-like underwear with black stockings and black loafers. Several of the guys have their hands all over her body. This teasing goes on for several minutes. About 10 minutes in she’s sucking several of the guys in her close vicinity. Later a few guys take turns fucking her while the rest of the group ejaculate on her face.

The movie ends without credits at 1:58:06.

CRPD 453 HD.part1.rar
CRPD 453 HD.part2.rar
CRPD 453 HD.part3.rar

[AWD-77] Yumi Sawamura An Elder Brothers Wife First Time

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

[AWD77] 沢村由美長老兄弟妻初めて


CRPD-194 – Jealous Incest Among A Horny Pregnant Mama, Her Spoiled Son, And Precocious Daughter

Friday, April 14th, 2017

[CRPD194] 大きな腹過保護ママセクシュアリティとマセ姉妹近親相姦

They suck on their tits and pussys in the bathtub. Then Her “Son” fucks her in missionary on the bed and cums on her belly. At the end they suck on each others tits and pussy.


[MMV-168] Big Mature Woman fascination Body 2

Friday, October 28th, 2016

[MMV168] ビッグ熟女の魅力ボディ2


[CRPD-447] AF Daughter Gangbang Penikuri Torture Transsexual Transvestite Slut Population Superb Beauty

Friday, October 28th, 2016

[CRPD447] 美人ニューハーフ痴女集団の極上女装娘AF調教ペニクリ大乱交


CRPD-290 Saki Otsuka Committed My Wife, Please

Sunday, October 2nd, 2016

Genre(s): 3P, 4P, Married Woman, Facials, Squirting, Digital Mosaic
Cast: Ootsuka Saki Ootsuka Saki Ootsuka Saki

CRPD-290 – Please Do Hardcore Stuff To My Wife.mp4

[ANB-48] Bewitching Mother-in-law Loves Big Dick

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

[ANB48] 姑を魅了する巨棒·ラブズ


[CRPD-342] Louis Saotome Is The First Love Gangbang Humiliation School Girls

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

[CRPD342]  ルイ早乙女は初恋乱交屈辱女子校生です


[CRPD-353] Riona Bell Sound Dormitory Matron’s Pies Cum Beauty

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

[CRPD353] 里緒菜ベルサウンド寮寮母のパイスペルマ美


[CRPD-362] I Am Sick, The Gauze Wataru-kun Yukimi Pet Mercy Of Bad Men

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

[CRPD362]  私は、悪い男のガーゼ渉くん雪見ペットマーシーうんざり