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Horny Sisters First Fuck HD

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Our parent’s are going to get married! We are so excited over this as this will give us so many opportunities to play with each other… boobs and pussy haha. Ropebaby ties me up and plays with my boobs and teases me, eating my pussy and then using a super cute lollipop dildo to penetrate my tight little asian pussy. We make out sensually afterwards and then can’t hold ourselves back from rubbing our pussy’s against each other’s until we both get off really hard from the sensation of them mushing and rubbing against one another. This is one of my longest video’s yet at 35 minutes, so you will be sure to get a lot out of it! If you enjoyed this video please leave a rating

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Aria Skye in “Fucking My Delinquent Sister!” HD 1080p

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Can we just keep this between us bro?

And why would I want to keep this between you and I?

I would just really appreciate it if you didn’t tell mom and dad..

But it’s what brothers do! What are you going to do for me to keep this a secret?

Do we have do this?

If you want to stay out of trouble, you’re going to have to do whatever I want… or I could just tell our parents..

Fine what do you want??

My sister got caught once again making trouble and she called me to come pick her up from jail! But what is keeping me from telling our parents exactly what it is their sweet daughter is up to… I’ve wanted to see my sister naked for a long time and now is the perfect opportunity! Sis finally gives me that blowjob I deserve and that tight young pussy I crave… But after I shoot my load into her delinquent pussy, I really have no choice but to keep this whole thing quiet!

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April & Tessa Threesome – Real Sisters Shared One Big Dick HD

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Little April and Tessa came back for their first threesome ever. Though April is a straight girl she was so pleased to have her first lesbian experience as well. These girls are so much fun together, always laughing and smiling. They do a great job sucking cock and then move to some sex positions.

FACIAL ALERT: The shooting was intended to be cum swapping, but Tessa backed out at the last moment and partially ruined the cumshot. However adorable April came to the rescue and took the facial as good as she could. Enjoy

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My Babygirl’s First Sybian Side – Jericha Jem HD

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

My super sexy daughter is going through a breakup. I can hear her using her vibrator in her room and I knew if she ever got a chance to use the Sybian I bought for her mom that she would lose her mind. I see the way she looks at me and I know she thinks her daddy is sexy. So I thought I would offer to give her a ride.

She climbed up on it like she did when I taught her to ride a bike. I hadn’t seen her naked since she turned 18, but good lord has my little girl grown up. I loved watching her sit on it and play with her perfect titties. She promised not to tell her mom. She rode that big girl toy until she came hard and told me how much she loved it. I felt how wet her pussy was and it made me so hard knowing I was the one that did it. I’m going to teach her more big girl games

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Hoby Buchanon – Rough Amateur DEEPTHROAT Full Vids in HD (Request)

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

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Cute Petite Bikini Girl Hardcore FaceFuck & Throated ROUGH HD

This extreme rough facefucking clip starts with a petite bikini girl I met at the pool who was sun bathing. She says she forgot suntan lotion so I take her back to my apartment to oil her up. I start to apply oil to her and she seems to be enjoying it. I remove her top to oil her titties. This girl has a tight little body. I put my fingers in her mouth and notice her pretty little dick sucking lips. I put my cock in her mouth and begin to fuck her face. This scene includes rough deepthroating, throat fucking, mounted face fucking, lying flat grabbing heels facefucking, fingers down throat, figure 4 69, standing 69, laying 69, head pounded down on cock, ass slapping, face slapping, tit slapping, tit sucking, ball sucking, fish hooking, choking, nose holding, deepthroat tears and a big cumshot to finish off!

Beautiful 20 Yr Old Italian Fitness Model Valentina Personal Training Session FaceFuck HD

This beautiful real model came over to do a personal training session photo shoot. After training her on a few different exercises I realized I had to get her naked. She seemed to like my training style as I started undressing her during the session to see what kind of shape she’s really in. She continues doing the exercises as more and more of her clothes come off and she’s completely nude. I convince her to take a break and give me a hand job. Shortly into the hand job she looks at me and says “can I just suck it”, I knew she’d ask eventually. I then get a sloppy blow job while forcing my cock further into her throat and making her hold it there until she can’t breathe. I flip her upside down and stick my cock all the way into her mouth and fuck her face. Tears are streaming down her cheeks after that. I blow a load all over her perky titties and she smiles as she loves every second of it. I tell her that this training session was free.

BIG Tits MILF Face Fucked, Worships Balls, Licks Asshole, Pukes & Gets Spit On HD

MILF Mazzy Phoenix stopped by and got a rough NASTY Face Fucking. She starts by telling me she’s seen my videos and I have a big cock and she’s scared. She seems frightened by what I’m about to do to her. I have her start by worshiping my balls and licking all over them before fucking her face with my balls, that was a new one. I take out her giant tits and slap them around roughly before fucking her face. She pukes multiple times during the shoot. I dick slap her, rub my balls all over her face, choke her, hold her nose, slap her, spit in her face and more! She seems to be trying to dodge the cock so I ram it down her throat more. I fuck her big tits and slap her around before having her lick my asshole. This chick really loves to eat man ass. I mount her face and sit on it while she eats my ass and spit in her face. I stand over her on the couch and fuck her skull roughly while she gags. I fuck her face roughly in the hallway before hand cuffing her. I make her eat my ass while i bounce it off her face. I fuck her face more and fish hook her before shooting a big creamy load all over her face and tell her she’s a good bitch.

Thick Chick Trades a Teary Eyed Sloppy Face Fuck for Free Training HD

This clip opens with a thick huge tittied girl working out with her trainer. She tells him she can’t afford training anymore and asks if there’s anything she can do. He puts his cock into her mouth and says show me how much you want training. She proceeds to get a long sloppy deep throat face fuck with her eyes tearing up the whole time. He slaps her giant tits and grabs them as he shoves his cock down her throat. This is done in multiple positions. She takes a big cum spray to the face and tits to finish off.

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Kendra Spade – The Census Taker HD [Untouched 1080p]

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Creepy Census Taker Harasses Teen Alone In Her Home



SCENE opens on an 18-year-old girl, Beth Coleman, rushing to answer the door – ‘coming!’ she shouts asthe doorbell chimes a second time. She opens the door to find a meek man in glasses and a somewhatnerdy-looking suit, holding a leather messenger bag under his arm. He greets her nervously andintroduces himself as Milton James, and holding up an ID on a lanyard across his neck he explains thathe’s a census taker – her parents failed to fill out the latest census and so by law he’s required to come inperson to interview someone from the household. Beth looks wary – her parents aren’t home for theday and she doesn’t know anything about this census stuff. He says it’s quite alright, anybody over theage of 15 can be interviewed for the household. He looks her up and down – she is over 15, right? Bethanswers yes, she just turned 18 a couple of months ago. Milton adjusts his glasses and says perfect, thenhe can interview her in her parents’ stead, it should only take about fifteen minutes or so. Beth is stillreluctant, now’s really not the best time and she’d rather he come back sometime when her parents arehome. She apologizes and goes to close the door but it doesn’t close all the way – Milton has put hisshoe in between the door and the frame. ‘I’m afraid I must insist,’ he says in a nervous attempt tosound menacing. ‘Answering the United States census is required by law. To put it simply, Miss Coleman,you don’t really have a choice in this matter.’


We cut back to a few moments later, after Milton has since let himself into the house and taken off hisshoes. The two emerge in a large cozy living room with wood paneling. Clearly the Colemans do not lackfor money. ‘Do you want a glass of water or something?’ Beth asks, in an effort to be polite despite herdiscomfort. Not right now, thanks, Milton says. He seems trying to sound more warm than he was at thedoorway, but comes off as awkward more than anything. He waits for Beth to choose her seat, and thenpicks a seat across from her, and pulls out a fancy-looking folder, some forms, and a nice pen from hisbag. As he does this, he tries to make awkward small talk with Beth, but her answers are very curt andhe soon gives up. He clears his throat and says ‘Well then, let’s get started.’He asks her a series of mundane questions – do you currently reside at this address? How many peoplebesides yourself reside at this address? Please list the names of all persons who currently live at thisresidence, and their relationship to you. What is your marital status? When Beth answers ‘single’, helooks up from his paper and coyly asks ‘what about a boyfriend?’ No, no boyfriend either, Bethanswers, averting her eyes as she says it. Milton smiles and says ‘Good, good’, as he moves on to thenext questions.

What languages do you speak at home? Do any of your household speak any other languages at homeon a regular basis? Were you born in the United States? Are you presently a citizen of the United States?Have you attended school in the United States? Throughout these questions, Beth’s body language becomes less hostile and more bored. She relaxes and spreads her legs somewhat, at which point fromover Milton’s shoulder the camera catches glimpses of upskirt panty shots. After the latest question,Milton pauses, his attention lingering on Beth’s legs – the pause alerts her to him checking her out andshe very uncomfortably clears her throat, as she tries to pull her skirt over her legs as much as possible.Milton continues as if nothing happened.

What is the highest degree or level of school you’ve completed? Beth reluctantly answers that shedropped out of high school. In the last week, how many hours of paid work did you do? Beth answersnone, she doesn’t have a job. In the last week, how many hours of volunteer work did you do? Also none.Milton tsks condescendingly – no job, no volunteering, not even a high school diploma? Beth’s parentsmust not be very proud of her. Beth looks at him angrily – that’s not really any of his business is it?Are your parents sexually active? He blurts out. She looks at him, disgusted. How is that relevant? Heexplains that it’s to forecast whether or not the census bureau should expect new births from thishousehold in the next few years. Grossed out, Beth struggles to find an answer, she doesn’t know, shetries not think about it too much, but she guesses they might be. Are you sexually active? Milton asks,with obvious interest. She looks straight at him, and says ‘No’ very slowly and angrily. ‘Would you liketo be?’ Milton asks. Beth stands up – ‘I think you should leave, Mr. James,’ she says nervously. Miltondoesn’t move though – he’s almost done, just a few questions about their house and utilities and thenhe’ll be out of her hair. Beth doesn’t sit down, she just crosses her arms with renewed discomfort.Does the family own the house or are they renting? Does the house have landline service or just cellphones? Does it have complete kitchen facilities – sink, stove, and refrigerator? Does it have completeplumbing facilities – hot and cold water, a flushing toilet, and a tub or shower? He makes a remark abouthow he bets Beth’s plumbing is fully functional, and the innuendo further discomforts her. How manyrooms does the house have? How many bedrooms?

‘Can I see?’ Milton says innocently. See what, Beth asks through gritted teeth. ‘The number ofbedrooms the house has. Can you show them to me?’ Beth looks like she’s about to say no, when headds ‘After that, I’ll be out of your hair.’ Beth raises her hands in the air in exasperation, and then saysfine, follow her.

The camera tracks the two as she leads him to three bedrooms, with the focus being on her backside asif we’re watching her walk from his male gaze POV. First she leads him to her parents’ master bedroom,then to a guest bedroom that doesn’t get much use. Milton pokes his head in when he’s lead to each,but he doesn’t express much interest in either. Finally she leads him to her bedroom, and before she canreact he brushes past her to walk inside.

He moves around the room with eager curiosity – peering intently into her drawers and closet, poking acouple of her belongings with his pen. He even stands in the centre and takes a deep breath. Beth waitsat the door to the room impatiently, reluctant to go nearer to him but getting more upset and insistentas he intrudes. Finally, he moves to stand up straight rather formally in front of her, and adjusts his glasses. ‘Satisfied?’ Beth asks uncomfortably. Milton chuckles. ‘Oh, very satisfied. Although I’m afraidYOU’re in a bit of trouble, Miss Coleman.’ Beth stiffens – what does he mean? He explains that he foundbirth control pills in one of her drawers. But she said in the census she wasn’t sexually active, whichsuggests that she lied to him. Does she understand what the penalty is for giving false information to agovernment official?

Beth pleads – she only said that because he was acting completely inappropriate. She doesn’t even thinkall his questions were part of the census. She’d already asked him to leave. Why can’t he just leave heralone? Milton explains that he’s only doing his job, and it’s a thankless job, meeting with tons ofungrateful people who don’t want to give him the time of day. Ungrateful people like Beth. Maybe all hewants is some thanks in return. Beth sees an opportunity and tries to appease him. If it’s just a matter ofsaying sorry and thank you, she can do that.

But Milton elaborates, she was so rude to him. She didn’t even give him a chance, tried to slam the dooron him if he recalls correctly. If she really wants to make it up to him, she has to do better than a halfheartedapology. ‘Like what?’ Beth asks nervously. He pretends to think for a moment. How about… akiss? Beth is scared, but hopeful that that’s all he’ll ask for. ‘O-ok,’ she agrees. She leans in and theyexchange a quick peck on the lips. Encouraged, Milton asks for another – this time she should reallymean it. Hesitantly, she says OK and leans in again, and this time he kisses her much more aggressively -we can see that she’s not very into it and is rather stiff, not moving her lips much, while he is going reallyeagerly at it. Several seconds of awkward smooching later, he pulls away from her. He seems to haveenjoyed it, but he wants more. He knows she can give him what he wants – he knows she’s not a virginafter all. If she shows him a good, appreciative time, he’ll be on his way. She swallows hard, and thenputs on a fake smile and reaches for his belt buckle to undo it.

Kendra gives Jake blowjob and she gets her pussy licked, they fuck in doggy, cowgirl, missionary, sideways & reverse cowgirl. Includes blowjob between positions. Scene ends with cumshot on stomach.

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MIAE-066 Aimed At The Day Of Ovulation Out Seed Squeezed Press In A Forced Commit The Man School Girls Sakaegawa Noa

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

[MIAE066]  排卵日を狙って男を犯す種搾りプレス強制中出し女子校生 栄川乃亜

Man picks up Noa on the streets, who claims to have a stomach ache.
Noa confesses to like the kind-hearted man, and begins to kiss him against his will.
Turns into reverse rape, starting licking/blowjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, female-on-top piledriver (or something, I don’t know the name…) ends with a creampie.

Scene 2, Noa rings up the house intercom. Apologies for the other day and begins to cry. The man forgives her, and in return, she gives him some handmade cookies. Handmade cookies with love. Love and drugs. Man wakes up with panties on his face/POV cam, and begins to get a blowjob against his will, with his limbs wrapped in clingfilm; followed by cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and creampie.

Scene 3, man gets caught masturbating to this blowjob vid on his laptop. Gets caught by Noa peeking through the sliding glass door. Gets sucked off. Cums in her mouth, she then attempts to “increase chance of pregnancy” with it (I don’t know what this is called either. pls help).

Scene 4, Noa is seen dozing off looking at her timetable. Fantasising when she can rape the man again. Begins to touch herself on the chair. A dildo magically appears on the chair in the middle of the room, where she proceeds to masturbate in cowgirl/reverse cowgirl position until a man comes in and ejaculates on her vulva.
She wakes up and “it was all a dream” ending.

Scene 5
Man gets captured with scooby-doo style net from above. Gets thrown into some atmospheric dark room with grey/black wallpaper and yellowish lights. Noa is dressed in her school uniform again with curled twintails. Forces onto the map with some facesitting, 69, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, that female-on-top pile driver thing again, and finishes with creampie.


BLK-311 Fast Cowgirl Is Dangerous Seriously Not Remove Ji ○ Port To Get Tired In The Pies Anymore!Small Devil GAL School Girls Mari Nashinatsu

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

[BLK311] もう中出ししたのに飽きるまでチ○ポ抜かない高速騎乗位がマジやばい!小悪魔GAL女子校生 麻里梨夏


Jasmine Grey – Good With Her Hands (1080p)

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

MP4, 1.44GB, 35 Mins

With Her Hands 1080p.part1.rar

With Her Hands 1080p.part2.rar

Cute Sister Hardcore POV HD Uncensored

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Cute Sister Hardcore POV HD.mp4