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[DANDY-594] “Negotiate With A Nurse On Lunch Break Going To The Streets!”Could You Show Me The Wiping That Male Patients Are Doing?

Friday, March 23rd, 2018



DANDY-577 – Beautiful Lady Who Forgot The Guy Has Been Impressed By The Hip In The Buttocks For A Long Time And I Can Not Refuse The Back Insertion “VOL.2

Sunday, March 11th, 2018


This particular movie is basically another molestation in public movie. It’s staged but as usual quite hot. This time its young men molesting older woman or atleast women who probably do movies in the MILF category of JAV.

Scene 1
The first scene we see a an older woman entering a bus. She finds a spot and stands there minding her own business when a guy comes and stands behind her. He begins to touch and feel her. The touching slowly moves on to groping. Pretty soon he’s unbuttoned her pants and slides his hand inside and begins to play with her pussy. Next her top is pulled up to reveal her bra and her big tits. The molester soon pulls her tits out of their confines and plays with them. He pulls her pants all the way down and begins rubbing her cock on her panty clad ass. Soon the panties are gone as well and she gets a nice cock stuffed up her snatch. She gets fucked in standing doggie and is also forced to suck cock.

Scene 2
Pretty much the same as scene 1. Older looking woman wearing a business suit gets on the bus and is minding her own business when a man walks up behind her and begins to feel her up. Unlike the first video though, the guy pulls his cock out on display pretty early on and makes the woman stroke it. He pulls up her skirt and begins to rub it against her ass cheeks. He tears her pantyhose and shoves his cock deep inside her. He pulls open her jacket and top and begins to play with her tits as he continues pounding her. They even make out a bit before the woman blows the guy and cums.

Scene 3
Again pretty much the same. Woman minding her own business and has a guy come up to her. This one has a slightly a more rapey feel to it because of the woman’s expressions. Just like scene 2 this guy puts his cock out in display pretty early on and forces the woman to give him a handjob. Her pussy gets fingered and she orgasms. Her panties are then pulled down and she gets fucked in standing doggie. Her tits get pulled out groped and played with. Again the scene ends with her blowing him and taking a cumshot to the face.

Scene 4
This scene again feels a bit rapey like scene 3. This time the guy gets in very close proximity to the woman as he faces her. She has the uncomfortable look on her face as he stands close to her intimidating her. Her turns her around, pulls her top up, pulls out her tits and gropes and sucks them. Woman is again forced to give a handjob as she gets groped. She gets fucked in standing doggie too and takes a load of cum on her ass.

Scene 5
Final Scene has a woman chatting with her friend while seated at the back of the bus. Soon the friends stop comes and she gets off. The woman dozes off for a bit. Her molester who is sitting in front of her comes and sits next to her. He touches her and feels her up a bit and pulls his cock out and begins playing with her. She wakes up to see shes getting taken advantage of and the molester pins her on the seat in doggie position and tears her pantyhose. He licks and plays with her pussy for a bit and then shoves his cock deep inside her. The woman gets fucked in doggie position, cowgirl and then back in doggie pose. The man then cums on her ass cheeks and walks away as the scene comes to an end.


DANDY-582 – If You Touch So Much … Aunt Wanting To Have Sex Here “Unconsciously Getting Close To Her Breasts And Turning Serious Young People Into Perverted Girls” Junk Big Breasts “VOL.1

Sunday, March 11th, 2018


This movie is a semi molestation and public fucking movie that involves MILF’s getting fucked in public places in different situations. Each woman gets taken advantage of by 2 men.

Scene 1
Scene 1 sees a MILF pushing a stroller. She gets on a bus and pushes her stroller to a section of the bus. We see an ample view of her big tits. She gets pushed a bit in the bus and eventually stands in front of a man. The bus keeps moving and they keep crashing into each other. He gets a big hard on and the continue to bump into each other. Pretty soon hes groping her big tits and gets them out and plays with them. She gets his cock out and gives him a hand job and they make out. He fingers her pussy and then eats her out. He cums on her face and she swallows his load. The man walks off but soon another man comes over to take advantage of her. She straightens herself up but eventually the second man has her tits out again and plays and licks them. She blows him and then gets fucked in standing position against a pole and then in standing doggie as her big tits bounce. He gives her a cumshot on the face and she eats most of his cum. She even takes a selfie of his cock inside her mouth.

Scene 2
Scene 2 we see a drunk woman lying on the floor in a building. A guy carries her into the elevator. She seems a bit forward which causes the man to take advantage of her. He plays with her big tits. She eventually gets his cock out and jerks him off releasing his load all over her tits. The man then walks away as the woman is a bit dismayed. A second man comes along eventually and then plays with her tits and getting a blow job and a handjob. They fuck in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, standing doggie and then in missionary before cumming on her big tits.

Scene 3
Scene 3 sees a woman dressed in a suit with a skirt and panty hose. She’s talking to schoolgirl. A man starts to feel the schoolgirl up but is stopped by another young man. The molester scrams and the older woman thanks him. Eventually the schoolgirl gets off and the older woman mans deeper inside the bus. She comes in contact with the same young man who stopped the molester. Just like in scene 1, the bus moves and they bump into each other. The man gets a hard on and he begins to feel up the older woman. He plays with her tits, licks them. She gets just as hot as the woman from scene 1 and pulls his cock out and gives him a handjob which leads to her getting cum on her tits and her suit. The man walks off and the woman gets up and tries to straighten herself up. Eventually another man comes up to her just like in scene one. He feels her up and hets his cock sucked and then fingers her. They fuck in standing doggie and in standing position as she leans against a pole. Towards the end she blows and jerks him taking a cum load on her face and in her mouth and swallowing.

Scene 4
Scene 4 We see a huge tit woman talking to her friend. She gets drunk and heads towards the toilet. She evenutally passes out before the person comes out from the toilet. A bunch of guys find her passed out and take advantage of her. They take pics of her and her tits and play with her. They eventually leave only for another man to drag her into the toilet. There he plays with the womans big tits and licks them. She pulls his cock out and blows and gives him a handjob. He gets her panties off and makes her lean against the bathroom sink and licks her pussy and then eventually blows his load on her thighs. Another man comes along while shes playing with her pussy. He gets his cock out and she blows and gives him the handjob treatment as well. They fuck in standing doggie, standing with her leaning against the sink, cowgirl and then as she sits on the sink. Once they are done, he blows his load on her face.


[DANDY-592 ] “It’s Okay To Winkle While Watching My Pants ◆ “She Came To A Wedrible Next To Her And Wants To Provoke Her With A Pancha Sexy Lust” VOL.1

Sunday, March 11th, 2018

[DANDY592 ]「『私のパンツ見ながらシコってもいいよ◆』隣のお見舞いにきた彼女さんはパンチラで挑発するヤりたがり性欲女」VOL.1


[DANDY-593] “How Do You Get Excited By Your Aunt?”Sprinkling At A Hot Spring Inn Ryokan SPECIAL Young Man Who Erected In The Game Elegant Ji

Sunday, March 11th, 2018

[DANDY593]「『おばさんを興奮させてどうするの?』温泉旅館でヤりまくりSPECIAL 王様ゲームで勃起した青年チ


[DANDY-590] “During Work I Am A Tough Girls Bye And A Couple And Only Two People!Senior Daughter’s Younger Senior Daughter ‘s 20th Birthday

Friday, February 23rd, 2018



[DANDY-589] “Mixed Bathing Hot Spring And Two Beautiful Mature Wives Alone ◆ If You Think That You Are Being Throbbing While Seeing Big Breasts …”

Friday, February 9th, 2018



[DANDY-588] ” You Really Are The First Time? “Night Shift Nurse Who Likes “first-time Eating” Who Is Fiercely Pierced By A Patient

Friday, February 9th, 2018



[DANDY-587] Oh ~ I Will Not Stop!Why Is There So Much Urination Today? “When I Got Erected By Seeing The Wet Pita Bun Butt

Saturday, January 27th, 2018



[DANDY-586] “Aunt Home Tutor Who Saw A Hot And Hard Boy Who Does Not Wither Even If It Ejacs Can Not Return To Yarazu” VOL.3

Friday, January 26th, 2018

[DANDY586] 「射精しても萎えない熱くて硬い少年チ○ポを見たおばさん家庭教師はヤらずには帰れない」VOL.3