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[DANDY-526] Sharing Hotel Bed With Aunt Is too Much of a Temptaion

Saturday, January 28th, 2017


Got another nice incest-fantasy JAV here for you. Basically the premise of this one is a woman and her nephew are in town for a funeral but there’s a mix-up with the booking and they end up having to share a bed, which the horny nephew takes advantage of to get his very horny/ easily seduced aunt to fuck.

There are 3 scenes in this vid, The first one is an aunt and nephew as I said, but the funny thing is she’s very open about being horny, in fact they both watch a bit of porn at the beginning too. They then go to bed where the nephew soon starts grinding on her and eventually slips his dick into her pussy (which she doesn’t seem to mind) before she stops pretending and strips down to start sucking on him before fucking him in all different potions (either viewed from a POV angle or spycam/vouyer camera in the room).

The second one involves an aunt and nephew, but also the boys mom (from what I can tell). Basically they end up with one room with 2 singles and a cot. The nephew of course gets stuck with the cot. But after the mom nods off the aunt invites him to share her bed where it doesn’t take long for them to get a lot more intimate, they actually fuck in the bed for a while (shown from the overhead view) before deciding to sneak into the bathroom to continue fucking so they don’t wake up the mom (which doesn’t make much sense to me given how bathrooms often echo). But either way once they get in the bathtub it gets pretty hot and heavy, fucking pretty hard before finishing up and then washing each other off (since they’re all ready in the bath) to end the scene.
The last scene is a lone aunt and nephew who end up having to share a double bed, they are a bit shy around each other at first, but the aunt loosens up after a few drinks, and even helps wash her grown nephew’s back in the bath before passing out on the bed. Which the nephew takes full advantage of and even gets to slip it in and start humping before she even stirs from her drunk state. Even after that she doesn’t really stop him, and after letting him hump her a while she gets up and starts to return the favor blowing him for a while before mounting up and giving him a pretty good fuck. At the end the nephew politely helps put his exhausted aunts panties back on before they basically fall asleep naked on the bed together to end the vid.


[DANDY-531] Since The Girls’ Set Meal Shop To Arbitrarily Classmate Of Cute Group To Eat A Free Meal Of Bokunchi Spree And Underwear Collection Has Trouble Not Stop Erection

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

[DANDY531] 僕んちの定食屋に勝手にタダ飯を食べに同級生の可愛いグループの女子が集まりパンチラしまくるので勃起が止まらなくて困ってます


[DANDY-530] “Nothing Shot To Pretended Was Detained In Someone If You Try To Call For Help In A Situation That Can Not Be Hamstrung While Out Ji

Thursday, January 19th, 2017



[DANDY-529] Busty Aunt Tutor That Was Erection I’m Sorry, “students If You Can Not Concentrate Because Of My Chest Is Not Proceed To Study The Yarazu” VOL.1

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

[DANDY529]「『私の胸のせいで集中できなくてゴメンね』 受験生を勃起させた巨乳おばさん家庭教師はヤらずには勉強を進められない」VOL.1


[DANDY-528] Distance Of “Ji ○ Port And Co ○ Ma Is 3cm!Defenseless While Looking Through The Sister I Thought Either Angry When I Was Senzuri Rainy Day Mutual Masturbation “VOL.1

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017



[DANDY-527] Aunt Nurse Pressed Against The SPECIAL Youth Ji ○ Port Rolled All Spear Want To Brag To Really Colleague While Dislike! ! “VOL.1

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

[DANDY527]「『おばさんを興奮させてどうするの?』全員ヤりまくりSPECIAL 青年チ○ポを押しつけられたおばさん看護師は嫌がりながらも本当は同僚に自慢したい!!」VOL.1


[DANDY-525] Tight Skirt Beautiful Lady That Is Rubbed Against The Erection ○ Ji Port To Tensioning Ass Had To Estrus To Temptation Unconsciously

Saturday, December 24th, 2016



[DANDY-526] Double Bed Incest!I Pretended Make A Mistake Was Gently Ya Been When You Sleep In Close Contact With The Aunt While Erection

Friday, December 23rd, 2016



[DANDY-522] I Am Really Good At Aunt? “Young And Hard Erection Angle 150 Degrees Of The Boy Was Dakitsuka To Ji

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

[DANDY522] おばさんで本当にいいの?』若くて硬い勃起角度150度の少年チ


[DANDY-524] When You Insert The Erection Ji ○ Port After Was Harnessed The Stepchildren JK Cheeky Daughter-in-law To Me A Fool In The Night Crawling Cunnilingus.

Saturday, December 10th, 2016

[DANDY524]  私をバカにする生意気な嫁の連れ子JKを夜這いクンニでイカセた後に勃起チ○ポを挿入すると…翌日からパパと呼んでくれました。