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DANDY-400 / Miku Abeno / Sucks and Fucks Huge Dicks

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

[DANDY400] ミクファック/ハメ潮/スペルマでMegachi!知りません世界最大の損失
This is part of a popular series from DANDY where a Japanese porn actress fucks a group of well hung guys from LA over the course of a 4-hour movie. The full title of this particular shoot runs as follows: “Women Who Don’t Know About This Are Missing Out! Miku Abeno Is Compelled To Give This Huge Dick (One of the World’s Biggest) a Blowjob and a Squirting Fuck and Get Raw Creampies!” I took the liberty of abbreviating it to keep the title bar uncluttered.

Interview (0:01 ~ 12:25)

Abeno is given instructions about the project. A lot of the exchange is focused on penis size—she’ll have to cope with significantly larger penises, more akin to a 2L-sized water bottle than the usual fare. At the 6:38 mark she’s at Narita, preparing for her flight to LA. At the 12:25 mark she meets one of the actors, and the first scene is about to begin.

Scene One (12:26 ~ 1:02:40)

Abeno stands next to an actor. They chat for a while, essentially comparing body size. Around the 14:30 mark the guy places her hand on his pants so she can feel his dick. Soon enough she’s holding it in her hand, still discussing proportions with the cameraman. She finally sits on the sofa behind her and starts to stroke the cock. She then leans over and fellates the guy for a while. At the 25:10 mark the sucking is interrupted and the guy hands her a ruler so she can measure his dick. To make the comparison more vivid, a Japanese male model joins the couple. The two naked guys soon stand next to Abeno, who is comparing penis sizes. She fellates the two cocks for a while and eventually concentrates on the larger one. Around the 40-minute mark she slides down on the cock, exposing her large ass to the camera. The couple fuck, assuming several positions, until the end of the scene, where a seemingly exhausted Abeno crawls around the sofa and retires.

Scene Two (1:02:41 ~ 2:00:51)

Abeno is walking on a sidewalk. She’s wearing a schoolgirl uniform—blue blazer, tartan skirt, and white shirt. She walks up to a large residence’s entrance and rings the bell. A woman lets her in and Abeno starts chatting with the family members—mother, father, and their two sons. Mother and sons go out to buy food for dinner, and Abeno stays home with her host. Eventually she climbs up the stairs and enters a bedroom. The host is waiting for her. He starts teasing her body, undressing her, concentrating on her breasts and nipples. She eventually kneels and starts fellating him. The couple then move to the bed, where Abeno continues sucking the guy’s cock. The couple then fuck, assuming various positions, until they are interrupted by the hostess and her sons, who are standing at the front door. The couple jump out of bed and quickly dress before leaving the room.

Scene Three (2:00:52 ~ 3:08:42)

Abeno is in the kitchen, helping her hostess who is preparing the meal. They later sit at the dinner table, enjoying the meal. Twenty minutes in, Abeno walks upstairs and stands in front of a bathroom door. She undresses and walks in. One of the sons is in the shower. She joins him and eventually kneels to give him a hand job until he gets hard. The couple then move to a bedroom, where they quickly start making out on the bed. Minutes later the brother walks in the bedroom. He sits at his desk and eventually joins the couple in bed after Abeno invites him. She then sucks the two brothers for a while, and one of them starts fucking her from behind. The guys take turns fucking her, assuming various positions, until everyone finally falls asleep, Abeno’s pussy dripping with cum.

Scene Four (3:08:43 ~ 3:58:04)

Abeno is wearing a schoolgirl sailor uniform. She’s standing outside in a backyard, answering questions and discussing the next scene. She walks through a door and into a room where eight guys in shorts and one MC are waiting. Abeno kneels and starts fellating a guy until he comes in her mouth. She plays with the cum and swallows it, her gaze fixed on the camera. She repeats the process with a second actor and then bares her breasts before fellating the MC. A mattress is brought in and Abeno soon loses her skirt and panties. She kneels on the mattress and the MC starts to fuck her from behind. The fucking continues, assuming various positions, until Abeno lies on her back and the rest of the guys take turns ejaculating on her face. Towards the end of the scene, Abeno sits on the mattress, cum dripping from her face, and answers a few questions. The guys come back and applaud.

The movie ends at 3:58:04 without credits.


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