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DASD-333 – This Real Beautiful Wife Helps Men Other Than Her Husband Feel Good And Get Off Aki Sasaki

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

[DASD333] 本物美人妻が主人以外の男性に気持ち良くなって欲しくてオナニーサポート 佐々木あき

Das film starring Aki Sasaki. Aki is happily married. As in, her husband is happy to have struck gold in the marriage mine. Aki, being a humanitarian and having a functional pair of eyes, knows what a catch she is, and what a crime it would be to tie her body to just one man. So in various situations, she finds the opportunity to pleasure other men, as the title states. Luckily, those men are all you. This is shot entirely in POV.

In the first scene, Aki is your doctor and gives you a nice blowjob (no swallowing). Afterwards, she shows up in her underwear, jerks you off a bit, then transitions to full penetration in doggy, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Then you get a handjob to completion whil she wears a pretty conservative evening outfit. Aki then puts on a one-piece swimsuit and lets you rub lotion all over her clothed body. You then pull the bottom of the swimsuit to the side and finger her to orgasm. Up next is a masturbation scene with an egg vibrator in an office lady outfit. The final scene has Aki wearing lingerie. You finger and lick her to get her ready. You get sucked off a bit for the same reason. Aki then lets you fuck her in missionary, doggy and cowgirl.


DASD-452 Resurrection.Natural Bishoujo Shemale Lesbian Lesbian Sex In A Single Life Seri Shiina Sora

Monday, September 17th, 2018

[DASD452]  復活。天然美少女ニューハーフ 人生で一度きりのレズセックス 星セリ 椎名そら

Looks like Seri Kizuki is out of retirement!
This video was released on August 25 2018.
In this video, Seri has sex with a natural woman for the first time!
The video starts off with an interview with her and the woman, followed by their first scene sex scene which ends with Seri having sex with the woman.
Second scene starts with the woman doing a lot of anal play with Seri, followed by Seri performing cunnilingus, and ending with both of them riding a dildo.
The last scene starts with Seri roleplaying as a teacher, masturbating after class. The woman who was secretly videotaping Seri, then “blackmails” Seri into sex.

I hope this means that she’s out of retirement for good.

This is my first torrent upload, so please be kind! Let me know if I missed anything.


DASD-366 – Lovey Dovey Newlywed Life With A Transsexual Beautiful Girl Seri Kizuki

Monday, September 17th, 2018

[DASD366]  美少女ニューハーフとイチャラブ新婚性活 城星凜

This is essentially a GFE movie, only your GF is pretty hung. Das produces a decent amount of tranny vids, this one starring Seri Kizuki. Sex is pretty restrained, as is common in the genre, but surprisingly, the final scene (40 minutes long) drops the POV aspect and just turns into regular vanilla porn. I enjoy Das a lot, but that’s plain stupid.

Throughout the movie, Seri sucks dick (and vice versa), gives handjobs, gets groped, teased with an egg vibrator and massage wand, licks nipples, gets jerked off and anally fingered, and ass-fucked in cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggy.


DASD-372 – Kat Riverse Sayaka Sakurai

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

[DASD372] キャットラバーズ 桜井彩

R18 has neither translated the title nor the actress’ name correctly. Torrent title is as it appears on R18, and I corrected it to what it should usually be stated above. Even “Kat Lovers” should probably be translated as “Catsuit Lovers”, but since the series is called Kat Lovers on R18, the title above should make it easier to find.

Anyway, still the best series ever. Same one as DASD-356 with Kaho Shibuya, only a different actress and different catsuits. In terms of gimmicks, it’s very different. First off, they tried to incorporate the catsuit into everyday clothing. She wears the catsuit under a red skirt, beige sweater and dark jacket. So much dressing up to get undressed down to the catsuit 10 minutes later. Works, though. It also doesn’t have a zipper, and instead has a loose bit right over the crotch, allowing easy entrance.

Second one is a yellow-ish, transparent catsuit without connected sleeves. Aya has some separate sleeves covering half her biceps and run down to her wrists. Not my favourite, but not bad either.

Lastly, Aya wears more of a dress + boots than a catsuit. It has a nice, deep neckline and includes sleeves + gloves.

Throughout the movie, Aya gets groped plenty (as is customary in this series), fingered and fucked in missionary, doggy and cowgirl. She also sucks some dick and gets teased with a vibrator and massage wand.


DASD-356 – K Cup Huge Tits Kat Lovers Kaho Shibuya

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

[DASD356]  超乳Kcup キャットラバーズ 澁谷果歩
Best series ever. Thanks Das for the Kat Lovers movies, and make another one already. It’s been almost a year!

As the cover perfectly showcases, it’s all about the latex catsuits. In this one, they started implementing them with a bit more detail, and a few gimmicks. The pink catsuit Kaho wears first is accessorised with a black leather strap that runs over and under her already tremendous tits, making them look even bigger. The strap is so tight, I had to open the video to check that it wasn’t painted on. The second catsuit (the black, opaque one) has a hole between her tits allowing cocks easy access. After that, it’s all regular catsuits though. Of course, as is customary in the series, you get to watch Kaho put the first suit on as a nice intro.

Throughout the course of the movie, Kaho gets groped extensively (highlighting the latex), licked, sucks dick, performs a titfuck (to completion! Quite rare in JAV), jerks a guy off, gets fucked in missionary, cowgirl and doggy, and double-molested at the end.


[DASD-447] Temptation Daigaku Fucking Hall Iwase Rina

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

[DASD447]  誘惑だいしゅきパイズリホール 岩瀬りな


[DASD-444] “Teacher, I Will Go On A Step,” Resuming With An Important Teacher And Deliherbite Who Decided Up To The Course. Minori Hanan

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

[DASD444]「先生、私、進学します」進路まで決めてくれた大事な恩師とデリヘルバイトで再開。 河南実里


[DASD-445] “I Will Look Down From Above” Long Belly Hospitality Hypnotic Soap. Yumano Kumamiya

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

[DASD445] 「上から見下ろさせていただきます」長身美女もてなし淫語ソープ。


[DASD-392] Tears Whose Childhood Friend Of Big Breasts White Half Was Lured By My Father And Seeded And Pressed

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

[DASD392] 爆乳色白ハーフの幼馴染が俺の親父


[DASD-448] A Girl With Genuine Anal Poisoning

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

[DASD448] 純正肛門中毒の女