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DASD-417 Izumi Ran – Pee Pee, Nip-Slip

Friday, May 18th, 2018

She is back and this time Izumi is letting her pee pee and nipple slip to seduce young guys!

Scene 1: Izumi seduces a young guy whilst cleaning. The scene starts with Izumi cleaning the carpet next to the coffee table. The young guy unable to control his urges, looking at her nice and exposed pee pee, start to suck it to her surprise. Izumi unable to resist allow the young man to continue sucking her. She then kiss him and then continue to make love.
A B/G scene, plenty of kissing, sucking and of course fucking.
Scene 2: Izumi seduces a mail man. A mail man come to deliver the mail, but to his surprise he can she Izumi’s expose pee pee and tits! Unable to resist anymore, the mail man grabs Izumi and start to suck her! Izumi was really surprise initially but then start to enjoy the attention given to her pee pee. She returns the favour by sucking the mail man, stroking their dicks together and mount him from the top. What follows next is a great sex between pretty Izumi and the mail man! B/G scene, plenty of sucking, mutual dick stroking and of course fucking – missionary, on top, doggy.
Scene 3: Now Izumi seduces two young guys! A threesome with Izumi!
Two young guys, now fully seduced by Izumi, decided to peep her whilst she asleep. Unable to resist anymore, one of them start sucking her expose pee pee. The other guy then join him to suck her erect penis. What follow next was a great threesome action, Izumi was mounted on different positions, missionary, on top, whilst she sucking her man. All bareback of course!


[DASD-392] Tears Whose Childhood Friend Of Big Breasts White Half Was Lured By My Father And Seeded And Pressed

Friday, May 18th, 2018

[DASD392] 爆乳色白ハーフの幼馴染が俺の親父


[DASD-405] NH Lotion Club Tsukishima Anna

Friday, May 18th, 2018

[DASD405]  NHローション倶楽部 月島アンナ

Anna Tsukishima in NH Lotion Club – and as the title suggests this movie contains a lot of lotion (or oil). She gets lubed up in every scene. All the scenes have a guy & at the beginning of every scene she does a little tease. In one of the scenes she sucks on some guy’s feet and all the scenes feature fucking in positions like cowgirl, reverse cowgirl & doggystyle.
Other tags include: blowjob, masturbation, cumshot & handjobs


[DASD-376] Love Not Stop Busty Wife Is Deceived By The President, Had Been Cuckold Seeding Press.

Friday, May 18th, 2018

[DASD376]  愛して止まない巨乳妻が社長に騙され、寝取られ種付けプレスされていた。 めぐり


DASD-393 Miraculous Muffle West 50 Cm Beautiful Too Much Super Gully Body Stars Sasaki

Friday, May 18th, 2018

Scene 1: Seira starts by giving oral; rims her partner; she then gives a handjob to completion
Scene 2: Seira strips out of a pink, microbikini; she inserts a ball gag; a vibrator is used on her; she’s then tied to the bed; oral is performed on her and she is fingered; she has sex in multiple positions; the guy orgasms onto her chest; she then has sex in multiple positions including doggy and the guy orgasms onto her butt; she has sex cowgirl and receives a facial
Scene 3: MMF threesome; she performs and receives oral; spitroast; receives a creampie; she has sex in multiple positions including reverse cowgirl until she receives two more facials;


DASD-367 Sakura Himena Pretty Transsexual Debut

Friday, May 18th, 2018

[DASD367] ロリっ娘美少女ニューハーフDebut 桜ひめな

FETISHES: Socks, anal creampie, schoolgirl outfit, frottage

DESCRIPTION: I love these DAS! videos. Here is one with Sakura Himena, apparently her debut, though I can’t verify that fact. She’s super hot and wearing socks in the one of the scenes. A little bit thick but not too thick. She’s pretty into the action — expect several 30-40 minute scenes of blowjobs / fucks

1st: Sakura is wearing a cute schoolgirl-like outfit, but is disrobed and played with, starting with her nipples and cock. A little bit of frottage before she is fucked bareback, from a range of positions, including missionary, cowgirl, laying side by side, and doggystyle. She wears socks. Creampie in ass.
2nd: Sakura starts by making out, before she is fucked bareback, missionary, until she cums. The scene ends with her taking a cumshot to the face and then swallowing the rest.
3rd: Schoolgirl outfit. Sakura 69s the male talent, before riding him cowgirl and getting fucked doggystyle. She then gives a blowjob and takes a load on her face.
4th: Sakura is fucked bareback until she cums, swapping between missionary, cowgirl, and doggy. Then she takes another anal creampie.


[DASD-394] Masturbation Support Kaori Lia Ria Who Wanted An OL Boss Who Has Beautiful Beads To Be Pleased With Your Boss

Friday, May 18th, 2018

[DASD394]  乳輪が美しいOL上司がアナタに喜ん


[DASD-401] Fengumi Big Breasted Childhood Friend Was Killed By Her Father And Seeded And Pressed Hinamien

Friday, May 18th, 2018

[DASD401]  豊満巨乳な幼馴染が父親に寝取られ種付けプレスされていた ひなみれん


[1080p/FHD/60FPS] DASD-267 / Ryohana Morikawa / Genuine Sperm Bukkake Mania

Friday, May 18th, 2018

This is produced by DAS, a subsidiary of the Hokuto Corporation. DAS were once accused of using fake cum in early bukkake movies. This then explains the explicit title of this movie, and the claim posted on the jacket—“Genuine Article Semen Promise God.” They’re not kidding ! Fake cum is out. The movie features Ryohana Morikawa, a cute little slut who did quite a few ass and cum movies in the recent past.

Interview (1:38 ~ 3:16)

Morikawa is sitting on a leather chair. She answers a few questions, until a male actor appears.

Scene One (3:17 ~ 20:52)

A male actor stands next to Morikawa. He’s wearing black boxer shorts. Morikawa starts teasing his cock with her left hand. She eventually kneels on the floor and starts fellating the guy. He later comes on her face, leaving thick cum all over her forehead and nose. Morikawa answers a few more questions, her face covered with cum.

Scene Two (20:53 ~ 1:20:13)

Morikawa is sitting on the same leather chair. She’s wearing fancy yellow G-string underwear. She hardly speaks when questioned, preferring to nod or quickly hum her assent. The room quickly fills up with guys wearing boxer shorts—around 25 guys are standing around her. She stands up and guys are in awe, staring at her ass. The main actor starts teasing her breasts, eventually concentrating on her cunt. She eventually kneels on the chair, exposing her ass while the actor finger-fucks her. Morikawa later kneels in front of the actor and starts fellating him. The guy then starts fucking her, assuming various positions while several guys take turns ejaculating on her face. Around 50 minutes in, the fucking stops and a large vibrator is pressed on her cunt. The rest of the guys then take turns ejaculating on her shaved pussy while the vibrating is in progress, hence spreading the cum on and around her pussy. Morikawa finally climaxes at the end of the scene.

Scene Three (1:20:14 ~ 1:56:48)

Morikawa is sitting on a white leather sofa. She’s wearing a white and indigo floral skirt with an indigo sweater and a red leather belt. She answers a few questions and comments pertaining to her style. She eventually stands and walks toward the other side of the room, where a male actor waits for her on a bed. The guy asks her to remove her shoes and join him on the bed. The couple then engage in foreplay. Morikawa is naked a few minutes in and the fucking starts. Around 25 minutes in, several guys are seen emptying Morikawa’s personal effects on the coffee table facing the white leather sofa on the other side of the room. The guys then start to ejaculate on her stuff and she quickly runs off the bed and tries, in vain, to stop them, clearly dismayed by what is happening. Everything gets a coat of cum—her diary, hairbrush, wallet, tote bag, toothbrush, etc. The fucking somehow resumes on the bed, but the actor suddenly walks out of the room, leaving Morikawa perplexed as to what is happening.

The movie ends at 1:56:48 without credits.


[DASD-421] She Was Tattooed And Pressed By My Gentle Busty Black Girl Who Was Tossed By My Father. Saeki Erika

Friday, May 18th, 2018

[DASD421] 一途で優しい巨乳黒ギャルの彼女が俺の親父に寝取られ種付けプレスされていた。 冴木エリカ