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DASD-071 Ban Mai Nada Baptism Of 500 Cum Barrage

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

[DASD071] 500スペルマ弾幕の潘舞灘洗礼
Scene 1:
She’s bound in a chair with her hands tied above her head and her legs spread. They cum in her face.

Scene 2:
She lies on her back, two men fuck her missionary; doggy style and spit roast her. Then she gets a hose up her twat.

Scene 3:
She gives blowjobs while on her knees.

Scene 4:
She’s lying down and gets fucked missionary; sideways from behind and on her front from the back.


[DASD-439] I Slept With A Beautiful Girl my Younger Sister Who Was Tempted By The Deca Ass And I Seized It Back. Aya Sasami

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

[DASD439]  デカ尻で誘惑してきた美少女な妹に寝バック種付けプレスしてしまった


[DASD-414] Shake The Saliva And Shake Yourself. Full Face Trip Rolling Overnight Trip. “Awakened To The Charm Of His Uncle “Akira Miya

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

[DASD414]  唾液を絡ませ自ら腰を振る。素顔丸出し一泊旅行。「おじさんの魅力に目覚めました編」 美谷朱里


[DASD-410] Pretty Girl Shemale And Icharabu Newlyweds Active Spring Water

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

[DASD410]  美少女ニューハーフとイチャラブ新婚性活 泉水らん

Scene 1:
POV blowjob from Ran and some fondling of his or her goods
Transition: cute gravure/modeling shots of Ran in underwear
Scene 2 “Cleaning Up Time with Ran”:
Starts off with Ran showing his or her ass to you while he or she is cleaning the carpet, great fuckin’ ass.
Followed by some foreplay and much fondling of Ran’s body, including genitals and anus. Oral sex with Ran receiving and on her back ensues. They have a little frottage action and then Ran sucks male actor off with good shots of Ran’s back from the male POV.
Then they fuck missionary.
Then they fuck doggy.
Then they fuck reverse cowgirl.
Then they fuck cowgirl.
Then they fuck missionary some more and male actor busts in Ran’s cute ass. End scene.
Scene 3 “Cooking time with Ran”:
Starts off with Ran making some beautifully plated breakfast featuring some omelettes, sausage, and some other shit (cute ketchup heart probably made by the camera guy). The eggs have me hungry but all I want is Ran’s ass.
Followed by foreplay showing off Ran’s ass n junk, tits and the lot. N A K E D A P R O N M Y D U D E
A vibe is pulled out and placed on Ran’s nipples and dick while MC fingers Ran, end scene with kissing
Scene 4 “Bath time with Ran”:
Similar foreplay to the other scenes but this time Ran is more active and playful with the male actor’s nipples and body, not my thing but I fuck with it.
Ran gets comfortable reverse cowgirl, but no insertion, just frottage.
They get out of the bath and the male actor pleases Ran, sucking his/her dick and jerking it all that shit.
Ran then blows the male actor in the bath and they alternate this process a couple times before Ran rides cowgirl and then gets fucked missionary to end the scene, great stuff.
Scene 5 “Good night time with Ran”:
Ran’s “sleeping” in her fuwafuwa zip up jacket with clothes underneath (how can you sleep in all those layers, Ran? lthough, they are cute).
Male actor fondles Ran for a while when she wakes up and they get a little lovey-dovey. Ran’s hair is curly and cute.
There’s lots of good worship of Ran’s shapely body here; Ran really is a beautiful transsexual person.
Brotha eats the ass prone-bone, then ran gets up on her knees in a half-kneeling position which I find hot enough to get its own sentence.
There’s a little more pre-fucking frottage/oral including sixty-nine, and Ran looks fucking great in 69.
Ran gets fingered in missionary before they fuck in the spooning position with Ran’s leg up.
Then they move to reverse cow-girl with lots of different camera angles, all of which good.
Next comes the best doggy section of the entire title, just fucking brilliant.
Then they finish off with some nice missionary and the male actor blows his load on Ran’s stomach and she cleans him up before smiling into the camera as the scene fades out, dimples and all.


[DASD-412] I Am Foolish And Big Tits. I Love Echucha Black Girl Mee-chan

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

[DASD412]  おバカでぽっちゃり巨乳。えっちが大好き黒ギャルみーちゃん


[DASD-411] A Sudden Cunnice Order. A Looking Down Sex Sex Commanded By A Young Woman. Standing

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

[DASD411]  突然のクンニ命令。年下女子から命令される見下し調教セックス。 まなかかな


[DASD-426] She Was Fascinated By Her DQN Senpai And Was Seeded And Pressed. Morino Bird

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

[DASD426]  色白華奢巨乳の彼女がDQNな先輩に寝取られ種付けプレスされていた。 もりの小鳥


[DASD-427] The Secret Of Parenting That The Loving Daughter Whose Mouth Is Expert Is Not Cheeky. Ai Aina

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

[DASD427]  口が達者な愛娘が生意気にならない子育ての秘訣。 星奈あい


[DASD-428] My Girlfriend Is Taken Down By My Neighbor. “Cohabiting Couple Sudden Pregnancy Edition “Shinjyuji Nao

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

[DASD428]  隣人に俺の彼女が寝取られて。「同棲カップル突然の妊娠編」 神宮寺ナオ


[DASD-429] A Daughter Idol Of A Natural Man. Exclusive DEBUT Nanase Rui

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

[DASD429] 天然男の娘アイドル。専属DEBUT 七瀬るい