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[DGRE-004] Laryngeal Attribute Shablist 003 Kirishima Risa

Monday, October 9th, 2017

[DGRE004]【DMM限定】喉奥属性シャブリスト003 桐嶋りの パンティとチェキ付き


[720p/HD/60FPS] DJE-036 / Kana Ohori / Commemorating Ohori’s Work—Home Gokkun Party

Sunday, October 8th, 2017

Here’s a gem from the Deepers Jelly series. It features pro cumslut Kana Ohori, whose work the label wishes to commemorate with this special production. All things considered, this is a typical gokkun movie, despite Ohori’s announced retirement from the JAV industry.

Intro/Interview (0:01 ~ 10:22)

Ohori is at “home,” preparing tea. About a minute in, the scene switches to an office setting for the interview. Ohori is sitting at a table where a pile of DVD boxes—several of which are among her own work for WAAP—is set in front of her. She answers a few questions and we eventually get back to her home, where she busies herself with simple housework. She leaves the room carrying a pile of old magazines destined for recycling. The cameraman makes a call to set up a surprise gathering at Ohori’s place. The generic comes on screen, and a few moments later Ohori returns. She chats with the cameraman for a short while until someone rings her doorbell. Ten guys walk in. Around the 10:20 mark they start to undress.

Scene One (10:23 ~ 21:36)

The guys are standing in their underwear, stroking their cocks. Ohori eventually kneels on the floor, pulls down a guy’s shorts and starts fellating him. The guy comes in her mouth. She plays with the cum for a while and swallows it, her gaze fixed on the camera. She repeats the process with the rest of the guys, sometimes gargling the cum before swallowing it.

Scene Two (21:37 ~ 36:15)

Ohori is sleeping. A cameraman enters the room, followed by about ten guys in white underwear. Someone pulls off her blanket and starts teasing her ass with a vibrator. She finally wakes up and is handed a large glass in which she is to collect sperm from all the guys in the room. The guys take turns ejaculating in her mouth, and she spits the cum in the glass. About 15 minutes in she proceeds to drink the cum all at once. She then plays with it for a while and eventually swallows it, her gaze fixed on the camera. She then cleans the glass and the scene comes to an end.

Scene Three (36:16 ~ 1:01:01)

Ohori is kneeling on the floor. She’s wearing white and blue G-string underwear. About ten guys are sitting on sofas around the room. Ohori sucks the guys one at a time, moving around the room, providing the occasional tit job. Each time, she swallows the cum with her gaze fixed on the camera. The scene ends on a freezeframe.

Scene Four (1:01:02 ~ 1:41:26)

Ohori is at home, getting ready to go out. The cameraman is in the apartment and again, he calls a group of guys who will bring decorations to celebrate Ohori’s retirement. During the next few minutes, the guys put up garlands around the room and when she returns, Ohori is greeted by a dozen guys in shorts wearing party hats. About 6 minutes in the scene officially begins. An actor starts kissing her, teasing her body as he undresses her. She finally kneels on the floor and guys take turns ejaculating in her mouth. Ohori plays with the cum and swallows it, her gaze fixed on the camera. The actor moves her around the room as he rubs her clit with his fingers. He eventually fucks her with a dildo while guys continue ejaculating in her mouth. Later, he starts fucking her, assuming various positions, until the end of the scene, when Ohori swallows the cum from his condom.

Scene Five (1:41:27 ~ 2:00:09)

Ohori is sitting at her table with a cup of tea, answering questions. Suddenly five guys in white underwear enter her room. She teases their cocks for a while until they get hard, and then starts to fellate them one at a time. The guys come in her mouth. As always, she plays with the cum for a while, and swallows it with her gaze fixed on the camera. About 12 minutes in, someone hands her a bouquet of flowers. Ohori can hardly contain her emotions, and with a teary eye bids goodbye to her fans.

Credits appear superimposed and the movie ends on a freezeframe at 2:00:09.


[DFE-026] Yes, With Its Eyes In That Throat … Scrape With Tears Eikawa Ooa

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

[DFE026]【DMM限定】そう、その目でその喉で…涙ながらに尺りなさい 栄川乃亜 パンティと生写真付き


[DJE-076] Melo Nakazato Cold Wild Jellyfish Tied Up

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

[DJE076]【DMM限定】鉄縛 熱くタギる冷たい野汁 中里美穂 パンティと生写真付き


[720p/HD/60FPS] DFDM-001 / Yuna Himekawa / Massive Ass Obscenity

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

This is a new “ass” series from Deepers Fearless. The focus is primarily on huge, obscene female behinds, with plenty of fellatio and dildoing scenes mixed in. This initial production features Yuna Himekawa and her plump ass.

Scene One (1:23 ~ 21:01)

Himekawa is standing in front of a kitchen counter. She’s wearing a pink bra with matching panties and knee length magenta stockings. Her hair is tied behind her head. A male actor is kneeling behind her, teasing her ass. About two minutes in she turns around, flashing her sizable ass at the camera as the actor continues massaging her butt cheeks. Around the 8-minute mark Himekawa is on her knees, giving the guy a blowjob. The camera moves from her ass to her face a few times. The actor eventually lies on his back and she leans over to fellate him until he comes in her mouth. She plays with the cum for a while, her gaze fixed on the camera, and spits it out in her hand.

Scene Two (21:02 ~ 48:09)

Himekawa is sitting on a red leather sofa. She’s wearing a white gym T-shirt with navy shorts. An actor is pushing a large pink dildo in her mouth. Himekawa grabs the dildo as the actor starts teasing her pussy through her shorts. She soon turns around, flashing her huge ass at the camera. The guy starts fucking her with the pink dildo, eventually securing it in place with her navy shorts. He then starts covering her ass with lotion, massaging her butt cheeks. He pulls her shorts down and continues teasing her ass with small pink vibrators, followed by a large white dildo, which he pushes up her cunt. Himekawa then sits on the sofa for a bout of nipple teasing—first with the small pink vibrators, and then with small milk pumps. More lotion is applied on her cunt and the actor teases her clit with yet another vibrator until she climaxes. The scene ends with Himekawa holding her legs wide apart as she’s fucked once more by a large white dildo.

Scene Three (48:10 ~ 1:08:39)

Himekawa is kneeling in front of an actor. She’s wearing white and teal G-string underwear with white knee length stockings. She stares as the actor is massaging his cock through his black shorts. The guy eventually starts to rub his dick between her thighs and butt cheeks. This leads to his massaging her ass and, later, her rubbing his cock with her body as he lies on his back. She eventually takes her panties off, kneeling with her ass protruding so the actor now can rub his dick between her butt cheeks until he comes on her ass. The scene ends as Himekawa stares back at the camera as cum drips from her butt cheeks.

Scene Four (1:08:40 ~ 1:59:31)

Himekawa is sitting on a white sofa with an actor. She’s wearing a white cotton sleeveless dress with the word ‘bonjour’ printed in black. There are black restraints on her wrists. The actor kisses her at first, then starts to tease her ass as she lies face down on the floor. She eventually finds her way back on the white sofa, now kneeling as the actor starts finger-fucking her. This is followed by more nipple and cunt teasing as she assumes various positions on the sofa. About 30 minutes in she kneels on the floor to fellate the guy. She then starts to fuck him, her ass facing the camera. The couple assume a few more positions before landing back on the sofa, Himekawa’s ass still facing the camera as she fucks the actor until he finally comes on her ass. She scoops the cum with her left hand and brings it to her mouth. She then cleans the actor’s cock and stares one last time at the camera.

The movie ends on a fade out without credits at 1:59:31.


[KWE-007] It Does Not Stop Even If It Ejaculates Once Lady Wakana Nao That Leads To Continuous Ejaculation Forcibly

Saturday, September 16th, 2017



[KWE-008] Bedridden Fiancée Training ~ 20 Cum Inside Out & 15 Bukkake Recorded Images ~ Nozomu Umegi

Saturday, September 16th, 2017



DFE-018 / Maki Hoshikawa / Irrumatio for Kindergarten Teacher

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

[DFE018] 現役保母さん、イラマチオ。 星川麻紀
This is a special take on Deepers’s “M Deepthroat Shotgun” series, rechristened for the occasion as “Irrumatio for Kindergarten Teacher/Irrumatio Throat Back M Slave Desire” in honor of then new found cumslut extraordinaire Maki Hoshikawa. The entire movie is focused on deepthroating (irrumatio), as evidenced by the title. Here Hoshikawa plays an inexperienced cumslut eager to learn the joys of deepthroating. The movie functions as a documentary of Hoshikawa’s introduction to irrumatio.

Interview (0:24 ~ 4:18)

The movie begins with an interview. Hoshikawa is sitting at a table in a restaurant, answering questions. The interview is interspersed with random excerpts from the first scene. The official title appears about 4 minutes in.

Document One (4:19 ~ 31:35)

Hoshikawa is sitting on a sofa, wearing a white blouse and a short red skirt. She answers a few questions and then kneels to face a dildo fixed at the end of a pole. She starts practicing by pushing her head/mouth/throat further and further onto the dildo. She’s staring at the camera throughout the exercise. At some point a guy’s hand appears behind her head, pulling her deeper onto the dildo. Two male actors enter the scene and Hoshikawa takes turns deepthroating the two guys and the dildo. Eventually she is moved closer to the sofa, and a guy starts ramming his cock down her throat while the other one rips her panties, exposing her pussy. A third actor joins them, and they take turns burying their cocks down her throat. More guys appear, taking turns deepthroating her. They come in her mouth and she swallows the cum, her gaze fixed on the camera. At the end of the scene someone throws a plaid dog collar on the floor next to where she’s lying.

Document Two (31:36 ~ 56:44)

Hoshikawa is pulled at the end of a dog leash onto a black mattress laid on a floor. She’s wearing two ponytails, a kindergarten teacher’s smock, white socks and brown suede boots. An actor quickly takes her boots off and she then kneels on the mattress, her thighs exposed. Seven more guys in black underwear walk onstage and stand around the mattress. The guys take their briefs off and start deepthroating her. Soon she’s on her knees and a guy fucks her from behind while others ram their cocks down her throat. The deepthroating is interspersed with finger fucking, cunnilingus, vibrators and plain fucking. Guys take turns ejaculating in her mouth, and she swallows the cum, her gaze fixed on the camera. The scene ends with an exhausted Hoshikawa lying on the mattress.

Document Three (56:45 ~ 1:22:46)

Hoshikawa is kneeling on a black mattress set in front of a sofa. She’s wearing leather straps around her breasts and hips. There’s a gag in her mouth and her wrists are tied behind her back. Three guys in black briefs are sitting on the sofa behind her. Another is kneeling next to her. The guys soon start to abuse her body with vibrators and dildos before deepthroating her. She fellates and deepthroats all the guys in turn until they come in her mouth. She swallows the cum with her gaze fixed on the camera, as always.

Document Four (1:22:47 ~ 2:02:21)

Hoshikawa is sitting on a sofa, sucking a large dildo and teasing her clit in a poorly lit section of a room. She’s wearing fishnet stockings with a short pink and black PVC uniform. A male actor instructs her to move onto a red leather sofa and forces her to deepthroat the large dildo. A second actor then starts deepthroating her, and soon, both guys take turns ramming their cocks down her throat. They each come in her mouth and she swallows the cum with her gaze fixed on the camera. She is then brought into an adjacent room where three more guys are waiting. The five guys take turns fucking and deepthroating her until they each come in her mouth. She swallows all the cum with her gaze fixed on the camera. Hoshikawa finally walks off stage and the scene ends.

Credits appear and the movie ends at 2:02:41.


[720p/HD/60FPS] DJE-030 / Miwako Yamamoto / M Deepthroat Shotgun

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

This is another series (“Irrumatio Throat Back Shotgun for Masochist Woman” in Jelly-speak) from the Deepers Jelly label. The focus here, as evidenced by the title, is deepthroating. Each installment follows a similar pattern. Things start with a short interview, followed by a practice session with a dildo. Then two or more male actors appear and ram the girl’s throat until she chokes and/or starts vomiting. The same general theme is repeated in four consecutive scenes, or “Shotgun” as used here. The movie presented here features Miwako Yamamoto.

Introduction (0:02 ~ 5:40)

The movie begins with a short scene in a public concourse, followed by a trial session in a dark room. Yamamoto starts with a pink dildo, which she pushes down her throat. Moments later, she applies a second dildo on her clit. The video screen behind her generates an infinite regress of the scene. The cameraman later sticks his fingers down her throat for a few moments, and the trial session comes to an end.

Shotgun One (5:41 ~ 27:59)

Yamamoto is sitting on a sofa, wearing a patterned blouse and a short black skirt with stockings. She answers a few questions and then kneels to face a dildo fixed at the end of a pole. She starts practicing by pushing her head/mouth/throat further and further onto the dildo. She’s staring at the camera throughout the exercise. At some point a guy’s hand appears behind her head, pulling her deeper onto the dildo. Two male actors, each wearing a dildo, enter the scene and Yamamoto takes turns deepthroating the three dildos. Eventually, a guy starts ramming his cock down her throat. A second actor joins him, and they take turns burying their cocks down her throat. More guys appear and the next scene starts at this point.

Shotgun Two (28:00 ~ 52:21)

Now five guys are around her. They eventually undress her and start abusing her cunt and throat simultaneously. This goes on for about 20 minutes. All the guys come in Yamamoto’s mouth, and at the end someone throws a red dog collar on the sofa where she’s lying.

Shotgun Three (52:23 ~ 1:17:10)

The scene is shot inside a room initially lit by four headlights. Yamamoto enters escorted by two guys. She’s on her hands and knees, at the end of a leash fastened on the red collar seen at the end of the previous scene. Four guys take a seat on a pair of sofas. Lights come on and we can see eight guys in the room. Yamamoto’s arms and forearms are held together by large red tape. Same for her legs and thighs. She’s wearing a red bustier and G string panties with red fishnet stockings. The guys take turns deepthroating her. Towards the end of the scene, a guy pisses on her face and in her mouth. Eventually, she pisses herself on the sofa and the scene ends.

Shotgun Four (1:17:11 ~ 1:59:34)

The scene begins with a shot of Yamamoto with a black dildo shoved in her mouth. Another dildo is rammed in her cunt. She’s wearing a black leather bra with matching panties and black fishnet stockings with high heel boots. The dildoing makes way for deepthroating, and eventually Yamamoto is chained to a bed. She’s lying face down. Guys take turns fucking and deepthroating her. Positions vary from doggy to missionary, from the bed to the floor, then the sofa. Towards the end of the orgy, they bring her in a darkroom, where someone rams a toy gun down her throat—presumably giving life to the series’ original title.

Credits appear and the movie ends at 1:59:42.


DJE-044 / Hara Chigusa / M Semen Trance

Friday, September 8th, 2017

[DJE044]  M・ザーメン・トランス 原千草
Another installment of the Deepers Jelly M Semen Trance series. This one features Hara Chigusa, an inveterate cock-loving slut. Here she plays the role of a cumslut with conviction. There’s good eye contact with the camera (except when her eyelids are jammed with cum). The entire M Trance series pretty much follows the same basic formula, so there’s not a lot to add from my previous descriptions—except to point out the enhanced clarity of the 60FPS transfer.

Trance One (1:26 ~ 33:24)

Trance One starts with Chigusa sitting fully clothed on a sofa chair for an interview. She’s wearing a white dress with a Dodger blue cardigan. Her gaze is fixed on the camera. Around the 4:15 mark she starts to touch her breasts, and within a few minutes she’s finger-fucking herself. At some point two fully-erected male actors appear. Soon two more join them. Chigusa is initially ordered not to touch the guys’ penises, but this ban is quickly lifted and the scene ends up in a series of repeated fellatios, cumshots, and cum swallowing with good eye contact with the camera.

Trance Two (33:25 ~ 1:07:51)

Chigusa sits on a sofa, answering questions. She’s wearing a white sleeveless sweater and a navy blue & white polka dot skirt. There are about twenty guys in the room staring at her from behind the camera—which explains Chigusa’s gaze occasionally moving between the room and the camera during the interview. A male actor then enters the scene and starts to play with her breasts. He finger-fucks her and uses a vibrator on her clit. She eventually kneels to suck his cock while pressing the vibrator on her clit. This ends up with him fucking her on the sofa while some of the guys take turns ejaculating on her face. Chigusa then moves to the flour, fucked from behind while the rest of the guys cum on her face. The scene ends with a short interview.

Trance Three (1:07:52 ~ 1:24:05)

This is the deepthroating segment of the movie. Chigusa wears sheer white lingerie for the scene, with matching stockings and garter belt. She also wears a red dog collar around her neck. She answers a few questions before the main actor appears. She hungrily stares at his cock and starts to stroke it. Soon afterwards the actor rams his cock down her throat while other guys take turns ejaculating on her face. Chigusa plays with the cum and answers a few more questions at the end of the scene.

Trance Four (1:24:06 ~ 2:00:03)

The last scene involves around twenty-five minutes of one-on-one foreplay and fucking leading to a 10-minute bukkake final scene where all the guys cum on her face one or two at a time. The scene ends with Chigusa lying on her back answering a few questions. The movie ends on a freeze frame.

There are no credits at the end of the movie.