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[DIV-068] Wet and Hot MILFs Masturbating – The Second

Monday, March 5th, 2018

[DIV068] ウェットとホットMILFsマスターベーション – 第二


DIY-107 – My neice is suffering from having pain on her breasts.. I made aphrodisiac medicine and massaged her boobs – Sara Shiina – Suzu Oohara

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

[DIY107] おっぱいが張って痛いと悩む姪っ子。はれが引くお薬だよと媚薬を塗っておっぱいをマッサージしてあげたら、張った乳首がコリコリに勃ったまま茫然自失
First scene has Reina and Sara appearing at their uncle’s apartment, apparently he has drugged the food or drinks because soon after they arrive they fall asleep. He finds their panties peeking out too irresistible and gropes them a bit. After that the girls decide to take a bath together, the girls are feeling amorous and their boobs hurt to the uncle has prepared some special ‘medicine’ to help and rubs it all over their breasts. The girls get really turned on and get naked and that leads to all kinds of fun, lots of fingering at first, blowjob sharing between the two girls. The look of want on each of the other girls faces while he fucks the other one is really hot, they’re really into it. He creampies Sara while Reina watches and plays with it afterwards, she’s jealous and has to have one too so he does her next. The girls, still naked look spent and tired on the couch, end scene.

Next scene is with Moe, apparently sleeping over at her uncle’s house, in bed in her cute pajamas. He tucks her in but she can’t sleep because of her sore boobs, so she starts playing with them a bit. Uncle notices and starts observing through the crack in the door. Finally comes in and offers to help with a massage and then again with some of the special ‘medicine’ he rubs on them to alleviate the pain, which turns out to be aphrodisiac. She gets really turned on and gets naked, lots of fingering and oral on her and then a blowjob for him, then sex ending with a doggy style creampie. She’s totally spent on the bed but manages to clean him off with her mouth afterwards and then he tucks her back into bed still naked.

Final scene is with Suzu, another sleepover. She looks adorable in her pajama shorts and top and short twintails. Suzu decides to take a shower and notices her boobs starting to hurt. Uncle being as helpful as he is comes in a decides to help her with her bath, soaping up her tits and massaging them and then breaking out the special ‘medicine’. Breaking to Suzu naked in her bed, all hot and bothered now. More breast play, oral on her, blowjob for him. She’s super turned on after this and her hips her gyrating and he pours some lotion on her, it looks like a little too much to be pleasurable tbh, loss of any friction but hey, she’s really into it. After some missionary sex there’s some cowgirl and doggy style, then back to missionary for the creampie. After he cums in her he uses his hands to make sure it all stays inside her and then uses his hand to make her squirt. Afterwards she’s laying on the bed naked looking a little embarrassed but fulfilled and the scene fades out.


[DIV-233] JK Slimy Oma ● This Dancing Masturbation

Friday, July 21st, 2017

[DIV233] JKぬるぬるおま●こダンシングオナニー


[DIY-107] Nayamumeikko And Hurts Stretched Breasts. Once You Give To Massage The Breasts Painted With’m Your Medicine Sunny-catching Aphrodisiac

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

[DIY107] おっぱいが張って痛いと悩む姪っ子。はれが引くお薬だよと媚薬を塗っておっぱいをマッサージしてあげたら、張った乳首がコリコリに勃ったまま茫然自失


[DIY-106] Cowgirl Complete! !Cosplayers To Beat Brush The Virgin Chi ● Po In Horsemen Piston Public Figure AyumiMinoru

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

[DIY106] 騎乗位コンプリート!!馬乗りピストンで童貞チ●ポを筆下しするコスプレイヤー きみと歩実


[DIY-105] Side Effects Of Strong Powerful Drug Stimulant Gluttony Overdose Acme Mei Hayama

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

[DIY105]【数量限定】副作用の強い劇薬興奮剤暴飲暴食オーバードーズアクメ 葉山めい 生ポラ付き


[DIY-104] Intense Aphrodisiac An Amateur Female College Student And Virgin-kun Was To Drink Heaping Is, Or Breath To Appeal Their Own Virgin Brush Wholesale Is Stop Playing Cat

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

[DIY104] 強烈媚薬を山盛り飲まされた素人女子大生と童貞君が、息がかかる距離で見つめ合いながらクチュクチュ相互オナニー


[DIY-102] Chin Job Crazy Cosplayers Yuko Kitagawa

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

[DIY102【数量限定】ちん舐め狂いコスプレイヤー 北川ゆず 生ポラ付き


[DIY-101] Amateur Daughter Of Shy!Will You Slimy Intercrural Sex Sneak Switch ● Port That Nuritaku’ An Aphrodisiac?Neat Daughter Hen Too Weak To Medicine Man Juice

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

[DIY101] 恥ずかしがり屋の素人お嬢さん!こっそり媚薬を塗りたくったチ●ポをヌルヌル素股してくれませんか?


[DIY-099] Aphrodisiac Pickled Cosplayers Mari Nashinatsu

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

[DIY099] 媚薬漬けコスプレイヤー 麻里梨夏