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[DDT-556] Kuchma Co ○ Sucking Up Fellatio Best

Friday, April 21st, 2017

[DDT556] 口マ○コしゃぶり上げフェラチオベスト


[DDT-555] Choking Hard FUCK Best

Friday, April 21st, 2017

[DDT555] 首絞めハードFUCKベスト


[DDU-042] Bombing!Whether Defeat Boobs LABO Busty Frigidity Daughter! ! Riko Mizusawa

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

[DDU042]  爆撃!おっぱいLABO 巨乳不感症娘を撃破せよ!! 水澤りこ


[DDB-320] Kiss Generous Amount Of Erotic Slut Fujimoto Murasakihime

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

[DDB320]【DMM限定】接吻多めのエロエロ痴女 藤本紫媛 パンティと生写真付き


[DDT-557] Nice Oyafuko Transformation Guess Daughter Ikumi Kuroki

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

[DDT557] ナイス親不孝変態・ゲス娘 黒木いくみ


[DDOB-004] After Humiliation Torture Aunt Sober Cleaning Crew Was Actually De Horny Woman Of Ultra-erotic Body. Mizuno Chaoyang

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

[DDOB004] 地味な清掃係のおばさんを凌辱調教したら実は超エロボディーのド淫乱女だった。 水野朝陽


[DDK-147] Single In The Family. Good No Matter What The Resistance Processing Booty Furniture Miyu Saito

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

[DDK147] 一家に一台。何してもいい性処理女体家具 斉藤みゆ


[DDB-319] Dirty Slut Rino Mizuki

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

[DDB319] 淫語痴女 水城りの


[DDOB-003] Nasty Female Slave Wife To Estrus Lust-treated Woman – Stained By ~ Saekun Maiko

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

[DDOB003]  肉欲性処理女~汚されて発情する淫乱メス奴隷妻~ 冴君麻衣子


DDT-469 / Sayo Arimoto / NEO White Libido

Saturday, March 18th, 2017

[DDT469] ホワイトリビドー有本佐用NEO

This is a Tohjiro/Dogma production revisiting the old White Libido series with a new title featuring Sayo Arimoto. The entire movie is focused on gokkun and bukkake. The actress uses a spoon in one of the scenes, but otherwise guys either come directly in her mouth or else on her face and she then uses her fingers to bring the cum to her mouth or nose. In one scene, Arimoto drinks and snorts cum from a large silver platter. There’s deepthroating, bukkake, gokkun, and fucking.

Introduction (0:12 ~ 9:10)

The movie begins with an interview. Arimoto is wearing a typical junior high school sailor uniform and a chain tied to a red dog collar. This leads seamlessly into scene one.

Scene One (9:11 ~ 21:27)

Arimoto has her gaze fixed on the camera. Several guys take turns ejaculating on her face, and she then proceeds to bring the semen to her mouth using her fingers. At times she spits the cum in her hand and plays with it before swallowing it, gokkun style—her gaze fixed on the camera as usual. She then lifts her skirt and proceeds to rub her pussy with her hand in her white panties.

Scene Two (21:28 ~ 52:41)

Arimoto wears a light blue patterned camisole, white panties and black stockings. She’s sitting on a red sofa chair with her thighs wide open, rubbing her pussy with her right hand. Her gaze is fixed on the camera. Several guys ejaculate on her stockings, and she proceeds to collect and swallow the cum with a spoon. She then exposes her breasts and guys ejaculate on her nipples. Again, she collects and swallows the cum with the spoon. She also snorts the cum once or twice. She then applies a vibrator, first over her panties, and later directly on her cunt until she pisses herself on the camera lens. An actor then removes her panties and fucks her with a large pink dildo. Another guy ejaculates on her stockings and once again she uses a spoon to swallow the cum. The scene ends with Arimoto fucking herself hard with the large pink dildo.

Scene Three (52:42 ~ 1:39:04)

This is the gokkun scene. Arimoto is wearing red gym shorts and matching T-shirt. She is scolded by a teacher who orders her to move about on her hands and knees. She eventually positions herself on a gym mattress and the teacher starts teasing her tongue and throat. She is then handed a silver platter. Several guys take turns ejaculating in her mouth. She collects the cum on the platter until it grows into a sizable puddle. Arimoto plays with the cum, gokkun-like, and eventually swallows about two-thirds of it, her gaze fixed on the camera. She then bends over on her knees and proceeds to snort and lap up the rest of the cum off the platter while a guy finger-fucks her from behind until she starts pissing herself. She eventually comes and the scene ends with her face on the cum platter.

Scene Four (1:39:05 ~ 2:07:35)

This bukkake scene starts with Arimoto deepthroating a guy. She’s wearing a navy crotchless swimsuit. She soon fucks the actor cowgirl style. Several guys take turns ejaculating on her face. The fucking then assumes a missionary position and more guys come on her face. The scene ends with a short interview.

The movie ends at 2:07:51 after the production credits.