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[DDT-563] Hanging Torture Robbing Sickness Vest

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

[DDT563] 吊り責め縄酔いベスト


[DDT-564] Mischievous And Skilful Affair Milf Vest

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

[DDT564] 不埒でスケベな不倫熟女ベスト


[DDK-152] A Girls Student Who Is Unrequited Love That Appeared As It Was While In A Clean Form As A Student, In Front Of Wai Who Became A Totally Dirty Osan

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

[DDK152] すっかり汚いオッサンになってしまったワイの前に、学生時代の清廉な姿形そのままで現れた片想いの女子校生


[DDK-154] Looking At The Beautiful And Senior Older Sister Being Fucked By DQN Parent And Child Because Of Me,Humiliation Incest

Monday, July 17th, 2017

[DDK154] 美人で気丈な姉がボクのせいでDQN親子に犯されまくってるのを見て、ボクのムスコは意志とは裏腹に.さらには強制されて近親相姦 麻里梨夏


[DDK-153] Uncle, Let’s Soap!A Girls School Student Business Trip When You Asked For Soap, A Niece Of JK Came! Yuzu Tsu

Monday, July 17th, 2017

[DDK153] 叔父さん、ソープしようよ!女子校生出張ソープとやらを頼んでみたら、JKの姪っ子が来た! 柚月すず


DDT-483 / Azusa Itagaki / Restraint Chair Trance & Ample Piss Drinking

Sunday, June 18th, 2017

[DDT483] 中出し飲尿、エンドレスファッカーあずさ板垣

This movie is part of a very popular Tohjiro/Dogma series (the “Restraint Chair Trance” series). The chair is typically used during Round Two, where the actress is blindfolded while she is abused by one or two men using assorted dildos and vibrators until she nearly passes out. This installment of the Trance series features Azusa Itagaki, who drinks a few liters of piss while deepthroating four guys in Round One.

Interview (0:08 ~ 5:29)

The movie begins with an interview. Itagaki is sitting on a chair. She’s wearing a white shirt with a black skirt, black stockings and black leather shoes. Her necklace is a gold snake replica. She appears quite restless, but otherwise answers all the questions with relative composure. Around the 4-minute mark someone sets a black leather cushion at her feet. She takes her shows off and kneels on the cushion. At this point she’s sweating and appears quite nervous. She holds a large stainless bowl in her hands and is ready for Round One.

Round One (5:30 ~ 1:16:55)

Itagaki is kneeling on a black leather cushion with a large bowl in her hands. Three large guys wearing white shorts take position behind her. The guys take their dicks out and start pissing in the bowl. Once they’re done the large bowl is half full. Itagaki soon feels nauseous and places the bowl on the floor next to her. A male actor then fills a large syringe with piss and forces her to swallow all of it. He repeats the process twice and another actor starts deepthroating her until he comes on her face. She is then forced to drink more piss before a second actor deepthroats her. The process is repeated twice more, and at the end, a perturbed Itagaki is left to answer questions with a belly full of piss.

Round Two (1:16:56 ~ 1:57:29)

This is the armchair restraint portion of the movie. Itagaki’s legs and thighs are tied with red ropes and she’s blindfolded. Her pussy is covered with shaving cream. Four male actors appear and start to tease her nipples, armpits and ears. They dwell on her nipples and pussy for a while. At this point her blindfold is removed. Later sixteen small colored vibrators appear and are used to tease her cunt. The abuse continues with a large pink dildo and several large vibrators. A larger dildo is then forced into her cunt until she climaxes. The Round ends shortly thereafter, with Itagaki answering a few more questions.

Round Three (1:57:30 ~ 2:46:59)

This is the long one-on-one sex portion of the movie. This time, however, Itagaki is fucked by four different actors. There’s another interview with her towards the end.

Round Three is followed by credits, and the movie ends at 2:47:23.


[DDK-151] Sexuality With Lower Males Feels Better … Sex Treatment Case Workers Who Can Do Anything. Azumakako

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

[DDK151]下等な雄との性行の方が気持ちいいんです…何してもいい性処理ケースワーカーさん。 あべみかこ


[DDB-324] Hypocritical Slut

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

[DDB324] 淫語痴女 大槻ひびき


[DDK-150] AV Confiscated Body Waitress Confined In Store And Fucked By Multiple Men AV AVIYA Haruka

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

[DDK150] ムチムチボディのウエイトレスを店内に監禁し複数人の男で犯しまくるAV 成宮はるあ


[DDB-323] Kiss A Little Extra Erotic Idiot Matsumoto May

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

[DDB323] 接吻多めのエロエロ痴女 松本メイ