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DDT-094 / Rei Aoki / Transformer Restraint Chair

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Scene 1:

The movie begins with Rei kneeling in front of a male actor. She strokes his cock by rubbing her hand over his white

underwear. Eventually she pulls down the underwear and starts sucking the guy’s cock. He pulls her head, effectively

deepthroating her for the next twenty-five minutes until he comes on her face. She begins crying since the deepthroating

was too much for her. The scene ends with a close up of her smiling face.

Scene 2:

This is the armchair restraint portion of the movie. Rei’s legs and thighs are tied with ropes and she’s blindfolded. Her

hands are tied behind her head. Her pussy is covered with shaving cream. A male actor appears and starts to tease her

nipples, armpits and ears. He dwells on her tits for a while, and later starts teasing her clitoris with his fingers and a

small vibrator until she climaxes. At this point the blindfold falls off her face and the guy continues to fuck her with

his fingers and the small vibrator. Multiple guys begin to appear and procced to cum on Rei’s face. She eventually gets

rammed in her cunt with the vibrator until she climaxes once again. The scene ends with more interview questions and


Scene 3

This is the long one-on-one sex portion of the movie. The scene starts with the male actor fingering Rei. She then starts to suck him off.

They proceed to have sex in cowgirl and missionary until he cums on her face.

The movie ends with an interview, some BTS footage, and a cumshot recap.


[MEYD-367] I Went To Mat Health Without Production And Came Out From My Neighbor ‘s Proud Beauty Wife

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

[MEYD367] 本番なしのマットヘルスに行って出てきたのは隣家の高慢な美人妻


[DDT-485] A Mature Woman’s Best Fucks

Saturday, August 4th, 2018

[DDT485] 熟女のベストファック


[DDT-169] M Drug Immature Saya Misaki

Thursday, July 26th, 2018

[DDT169] Mドラッグ未熟佐々美咲


[DDB-004] Please Be My Gentle Mama Sayuki Matsuoka 30

Friday, July 20th, 2018

[DDB004] 私にやさしいママよ、松岡さゆき30


[DDB-078] Drunk Pussy Ayano Nakamura

Friday, July 20th, 2018

[DDB078] ドンクク・プッシー中村綾乃


[DDOB-032] Soft Body Transcendent Oppiroge Wife Oka Gets Fuzzy Until It Gets Numb.

Friday, July 20th, 2018

[DDOB032]  軟体超絶オッピロゲ妻 オマ○コが痺れるまでイキたがる軟体人妻 渡良瀬りほ


[DDOB-033] Beloved Mama Chan Kimi Tanimaru I Invite You To Pleasure With My Kiss And Saliva

Thursday, July 19th, 2018

[DDOB033]  ベロキスママちゃん私の接吻と唾液で快楽に誘ってあげる 谷原希美


[DDB-054] Sexually Frustrated Masochist Older Sister In Obscene Masturbation

Friday, July 13th, 2018

[DDB054] 猥褻なマスターベーションで性的に挫折したマゾイスト老姉妹


[DDB-001] Please Be My Gentle Mama Maki Tomoda 32

Friday, July 13th, 2018

[DDB001] してください私の穏やかなママ苫田真紀32