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[SVD-002] Chi ● Po Want Is To Semen Breaking Out Noon Positions Also Drool Also Man Juice Also F Cup Came To Drank Big Dental Assistant Akira Yanagi

Saturday, March 18th, 2017

[SVD002] チ●ポ欲しさに昼職抜け出してザーメンもヨダレもマン汁も飲み干しに来たFカップ巨尻歯科助手 柳あきら


[QBD-085] Uniform Pretty Fuck Kawaon Walnut

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

[QBD085] 制服美少女と性交 河音くるみ


MZD-001 / Minami Riona / Shameless Semen Drinker

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

[MZD001]  あの娘ぼくらの濃いザーメンどんな顔して飲むんだろう。 南梨央奈

This movie is part of a gokkun (onomatopoeia for the sound of deglutition—in this context, cum swallowing) series directed by Kirin for the Dream Ticket label. They only produced five MZD titles a few years back, this being the first one. It features a thoroughly girlish Minami Riona, who is billed “Gokkun Angel” for her role as an inveterate semen slut. Rionna—and this is true for each actress appearing in this series—essentially swallows cum with her gaze fixed on the camera for the entire length of the movie.

Introduction (0:01 ~ 4:59)

The movie begins with ten guys sitting in a room waiting for the actress. Riona appears about a minute later and starts to chat with the guys. Around the 4:30 mark things start to heat up a bit, with a few guys stroking their cocks. Riona asks them to take their pants off so the action can begin.

Scene One (5:00 ~ 28:55)

Riona is sitting on the floor with the ten guys around her. They all have their cocks in their hands. A couple minutes later the main cameraman (wearing a purple bandana) enters the room and gets his gear ready. From that point on we have a close-up view of Riona. She formally introduces herself, and the action begins around the 9-minute mark. She fellates the guys one at a time and plays with the cum before swallowing each load with her gaze solidly fixed on the camera. She progressively undresses and ends up in her panties within a few minutes. The scene ends with a short interview.

Scene Two (28:56 ~ 58:58)

For scene two Riona wears glasses and a schoolgirl uniform. She holds a black notepad on which the guys will ejaculate so she can then play with the semen before swallowing it. Once again plenty of eye contact with the camera.

Scene Three (58:59 ~ 1:16:53)

For scene three Riona wears a casual pink dress. This is essentially a short one-on-one scene culminating in a footjob and ejaculation. Rionna collects the semen from the guy’s pubic hair and swallows it with her gaze fixed on the camera.

Scene Four (1:16:54 ~ 1:39:51)

Here Rionna wears a mock leopard bikini with matching headband and boots. She sucks half-a-dozen guys one or two at a time and swallows all the cum.

Scene Five (1:39:52 ~ 1:51:05)

Scene five is a solo effort. Rionna is masturbating for the camera while we see flashbacks from the first three scenes. The segment ends with Rionna lying down ready to sleep.

The movie ends at 1:51:11 with a Dream Ticket credit.


[QBD-090] Uniform Pretty Fuck Amane Tour

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

[QBD090]【DMM限定】制服美少女と性交 あまねめぐり パンティと写真付き


[LID-047] Nipple Pleasure Men’s Salon Thrilled While … Want To Be Healed Mari Nashinatsu

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

[LID047]  乳首快楽Men’sサロン ゾクゾクしながら.癒されたい LID


[LID-048] Reverse Humiliation Narimiya ABCs Drank All The Juice Of Slut Secretary Passionately Love A Nice ◆ Kiss And M Guy And Semen What Amateur Juice

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

[LID048] 素人汁って素敵◆ 接吻とM男とザーメンをこよなく愛す痴女秘書の全汁飲み干し逆レイプ ドリームチケット


[VDD-124] Stewardess In … (Intimidation Suite) Chaoyang Mizuno

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

[VDD124] スチュワーデスin.(脅迫スイートルーム) 水野朝陽


[CMD-005] Temptation ◆ Beauty Salons Kokorohana Yura

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

[CMD005]【DMM限定】誘惑◆美容室 心花ゆら パンティと写真付き


[VDD-123] Receptionist In … [intimidation Suite] Miss Reception Yu (25)

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

[VDD123] 受付嬢in… [脅迫スイートルーム] Miss Reception Yu(25)


[UFD-065] Job Hunting College Student With Sexual Intercourse Ai Mukai

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

[UFD065]  就活女子大生と性交 向井藍