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TID-011 / Kyoko Maki / Office Girl’s Daytime Bondage

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

[TID011] 私は彼女が昼間京子真紀のオフィスに電話をかけるためにバインドするとき

This is a Dream Ticket series focusing on an office girl taking a break from work to indulge her light bondage fantasies during the afternoon. Each title in the series repeats the same scenario: the girl leaves her office building, gets in a minivan and arrives at an undisclosed location. She then engages in sexual acts with a few men over the course of five scenes, and eventually returns to her workplace. The title presented here features Kyoko Maki, a veteran JAV slut.

Scene One (0:48 ~ 18:09)

Maki is standing behind a minivan. We can see and hear the traffic flow from a nearby street. She’s wearing her office uniform—a waistcoat over a white shirt and black skirt. She starts to undress. Her breasts are tightly held up in ropes. She then pulls up her skirt. Her crutch is also held up in ropes. She’s particularly worried about the traffic, afraid that she might be seen. To alleviate her fears, the cameraman asks her to move around towards the other parked van and back. Nothing happens—no one sees her. She finally kneels and starts rubbing her nipples and clit until she climaxes. Around the 11-minute mark she starts to fellate a male actor. He comes in her mouth and she plays with the cum for a while before swallowing it, her gaze fixed on the camera.

Scene Two (18:10 ~ 46:03)

Maki is sitting on a sofa with ropes tied around her knees. She’s wearing the same office uniform seen earlier, except this time the chest ropes are tied over the waistcoat. A guy fondles her body and eventually exposes her breasts. He then starts to tease her nipples. Eventually the focus moves to her cunt, with plenty of clit-rubbing, cunnilingus, and finger-fucking. She later kneels and starts to suck the guy’s toes, followed by his cock, her hands tied behind her back. There’s some deepthroating involved when the guy pulls her head on his cock. He then fucks her on the sofa, assuming various positions. He finally comes on her face.

Scene Three (46:04 ~ 1:02:59)

Maki is squatting. She’s naked and has ropes around her breasts and hips. There’s a gag in her mouth, secured by black leather straps, and a red dog collar around her neck, to which a leash is attached. A guy pulls her leash and spanks her for some time. She then pisses on the floor. The gag is removed and two guys appear. She fellates them until they get real hard. She then deepthroats the guys until they come, mostly on her face. The scene ends on a freezeframe.

Scene Four (1:03:00 ~ 1:20:33)

Maki is tied on a red chair. She’s wearing a pink body conscious suit, with ropes around her chest, hips and thighs. There’s a red gag in her mouth and a black blindfold around her face. A guy teases her nipples with his fingers first, and he then uses suction clamps attached to a remote control. He later teases her clit with a small vibrator, momentarily moving the suction clamps from her nipples to her labia until she climaxes. He then puts the clamps back on her nipples, takes the blindfold off, and starts fucking her with a large white dildo. Off comes the mouth gag, and the teasing continues with a medium-sized vibrator until she climaxes.

Scene Five (1:20:34 ~ 1:53:55)

This is a one-on-one sex scene. Maki is on a bed. Her chest, right thigh and leg are held up in ropes. She’s wearing black facial restraints and a mouth gag. A male actor teases her breasts and nipples. The mouth gag is eventually removed and foreplay continues. The actor later fucks her and comes in her mouth. The scene ends with Maki playing with the cum and swallowing it.

A postscript scene shows Maki leaving the minivan, waving at the camera, presumably on her way back to the office.

Credits appear superimposed and for a few more seconds on a black background. The movie ends at 1:54:36.


MZD-002 / Sara Yurikawa / Shameless Semen Drinker

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

[MZD002]  あの娘ぼくらの濃いザーメンどんな顔して飲むんだろう。 百合川さら

This movie is part of a gokkun series directed by Kirin for the Dream Ticket label. DT only produced five MZD titles a few years back, this being the second. It features Sara Yurikawa, who is relatively unknown as a cumslut. Yurikawa—and this is true for each actress appearing in this series—essentially swallows cum with her gaze fixed on the camera for the entire duration of the movie.

Introduction (0:01 ~ 6:40)

The movie begins with several guys entering a room one or two at a time. They take a seat and wait for the actress. The cameraman makes a brief appearance to greet everyone. Yurikawa appears around the two-minute mark and starts to chat with the guys. She recognizes some of them from a previous shoot. Around the 4:45 mark she asks everyone to take their pants off. The guys oblige and move closer, stroking their cocks. Around the 6-minute mark Yurikawa starts rubbing their cocks to get them ready for the shoot. The cameraman re-appears a few moments later. He picks up the main camera and the first scene is about to begin.

Scene One (6:41 ~ 29:14)

Yurikawa is asked to formally introduce herself. Around the 8-minute mark she starts to jerk one of the guys and seconds later she’s fellating him. A second guy joins in and shoots his load in her left eye and in her mouth moments later. Yurikawa plays with the cum for a while and swallows it, her half gaze fixed on the camera. The scene breaks off momentarily at 10:55, resuming after Yurikawa cleaned up her stained left eye. She takes off her sweater, shirt and bra, exposing her breasts before fellating another guy. Several guys get closer and she starts jerking their cocks two at a time. She fellates the guys in turn until they ejaculate in her mouth. Each time she plays with the cum for a while before swallowing it, her gaze fixed on the camera.

Scene Two (29:15 ~ 1:00:37)

Yurikawa is wearing a white nurse uniform, complete with white panty hose, bonnet and shoes. Her hair is tied in a long tail behind her head and she’s wearing glasses. Several guys are sitting on sofas. Yurikawa moves around the room, alternately jerking and fellating the guys one at a time until they come in her mouth. She plays with the cum and swallows it, her gaze fixed on the camera. Later she jerks a guy’s cock until he comes on himself. She then sucks the cum and swallows it, her gaze fixed, as always, on the camera.

Scene Three (1:00:38 ~ 1:19:23)

Yurikawa is wearing a hostess uniform—white shirt, black skirt, black stockings and a silk scarf in tones of blue, purple and green. A guy is lying on his back next to her. She starts massaging his shoulders before moving on to tease his nipples with her fingers and tongue. She later uses her thigh and right foot to tease the guy’s cock. She shifts positions a few times, in turn using her hands, feet, thighs, pussy, and mouth, until the guy finally comes in her mouth. She plays with the cum and swallows it, her gaze fixed on the camera.

Scene Four (1:19:24 ~ 1:41:28)

Yurikawa is sitting on a red leather sofa. She’s wearing light blue lingerie with red stockings. Several guys watch her as she teases her breasts and nipples with her fingers, eventually concentrating on her clit. Later she kneels on the sofa, exposing her ass to the camera. Two guys rub their dicks on her butt cheeks. She then sits on the floor, six guys around her jerking their cocks. She fellates the guys one at a time until they take turns ejaculating in her mouth. She plays with the cum and swallows it, her gaze fixed on the camera.

Scene Five (1:41:29 ~ 1:52:13)

Scene five is a solo effort. Yurikawa talks to the camera for a few minutes and then starts touching herself on a bed while we see flashbacks from the first four scenes on an enclosed screen. She rubs her clit with her fingers until she comes. The segment ends with Yurikawa lying down ready to sleep.

The movie ends at 1:52:13 with the Dream Ticket credits on the enclosed screen.


[CMD-006] Temptation ◆ Beauty Salons Shiori Uehara

Monday, May 1st, 2017

[CMD006]【DMM限定】誘惑◆美容室 上原志織 パンティと生写真付き


[VDD-126] Woman Doctor In … [intimidation Suite] Waka Ninomiya

Monday, May 1st, 2017

[VDD126] 女医in… [脅迫スイートルーム] 二宮和香


MZD-005 / Aoi Shirosaki / Shameless Semen Drinker

Sunday, April 9th, 2017

[MZD005]  HakuSakiAoi あの娘ぼくらの濃いザーメンどんな顔して飲むんだろう。 白咲碧

This movie is part of a gokkun series directed by Kirin for the Dream Ticket label. DT only produced five MZD titles a few years back, this being the fifth and final one. It features a typically slutty Aoi Shirosaki, who proves more than adept as a cumslut. Shirosaki—and this is true for each actress appearing in this series—essentially swallows cum with her gaze fixed on the camera for the entire length of the movie.

Scene One (0:01 ~ 32:26)

The movie begins with a one-on-one exchange/interview between Shirosaki and the cameraman. Shirosaki is sitting on the carpet-covered floor. She’s wearing a cream wool cardigan over a revealing white sweater and green skirt. Her mischievous gaze is fixed on the camera. At some point the cameraman asks her to stick her tongue out, imagining it covered with cum. She obliges with her gaze once again fixed on the camera. Around the 2:30 mark ten guys enter the room and stand behind the actress. Shirosaki formally introduces herself and close to the 5-minute mark the guys take off their pants and underwear and the action begins. Shirosaki sucks the guys one or two at a time until they come in her mouth. She then plays with the cum for a while before swallowing it with her gaze fixed on the camera.

Scene Two (32:27 ~ 54:26)

The scene begins with a close-up view of Shirosaki’s eyes. She’s staring at a guy’s nipple. She rubs it with her index finger for a few moments. She’s wearing a striped white & blue cotton dress and her hair is tied behind her head. She later takes off the dress, revealing strawberry-themed cotton underwear. She pours massage lotion on the guy’s chest and starts massaging his nipples. She quickly does the same for her own nipples, all the while sitting with her ass over the guy’s cock. The impromptu couple rub nipples for a while. Eventually Shirosaki squeezes the guy’s cock between her left thigh and leg, giving him a de facto ‘leg job’. She then positions her cunt over his face and he performs cunnilingus for her. She sucks his cock for a while and then moves her body so as to give him a ‘cunt job’. The guy comes and she collects the cum, playing with it for a moment and swallowing it with her gaze fixed on the camera.

Scene Three (54:27 ~ 1:20:47)

Shirosaki is sitting on the floor in front of a sofa. She’s wearing a sailor schoolgirl shirt with white G-string panties. A black dog collar is fastened around her neck and a guy is pulling her leash. She then sits on the sofa with her thighs wide open. She starts to rub her pussy over the white panties. Four guys stand on either side of her, stroking their hard cocks. Shirosaki’s gaze is fixed on their cocks as she continues rubbing her pussy. A male actor then starts rubbing his fingers over her G-string, eventually finger-fucking her. He later uses a vibrator, and then fucks her with a white dildo. Shirosaki eventually kneels on the sofa and the guy pushes the dildo deep in her cunt, securing it in place with the G-string. Shirosaki then kneels on the floor and sucks the guys one at a time. They eventually come in her mouth and she swallows the cum with her gaze fixed on the camera, all the while her pussy rammed by the dildo. At the end of the scene, a guy rubs a vibrator on her pussy until she pisses herself on the floor.

Scene Four (1:20:48 ~ 1:46:39)

Six guys are sitting on sofas around the room. They’re stroking their cocks, getting ready for the actress. Shirosaki appears, wearing sheer black lingerie with fishnet stockings and small pink and black toy cat ears on her head. She moves around the room one sofa at a time, teasing the guys and exhorting them to save a lot of cum for her. She sucks them one or two at a time, her gaze fixed on the camera as she swallows all the cum.

Scene Five (1:46:40 ~ 1:56:06)

Scene five is a solo effort. Shirosaki talks to the camera for a few minutes and then starts touching herself on a sofa while we see flashbacks from the first four scenes. She sticks two fingers deep in her cunt, eventually using a small vibrator, until she comes. The segment ends with Shirosaki lying down ready to sleep.

The movie ends at 1:56:13 with a Dream Ticket credit.


VDD-095 / Yuuka Honjou / Female Doctor in Threatening Suite Room. Doctor Yuuka

Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

[VDD095] 女性医師に…[スイート脅迫ルーム]ドクター優香(30)

This is a longstanding series from Dream Ticket. Essentially, the series focuses on a female employee—secretary, doctor, elevator attendant, teacher, business REP, etc. Typically, each movie functions as a mock documentary, with interviews and segments shot in the actress’s workplace. The actress is eventually invited to a hotel suite for a meeting with the documentary makers. She then finds herself the unwilling starlet of a porn shoot wherein several male actors will abuse her for the next two hours. The movie presented here features Yuuka Honjou, who plays a 30-year-old MD—Doctor Yuuka.

Introduction—May 7/May 16 (0:01 ~ 3:03)

Honjou is on a hospital’s ground floor, conversing with an unidentified woman. She’s wearing a lab coat, black stockings and black high heel shoes. She then enters an elevator. The generic misspells ‘suite’ as ‘sweet’, but the Japanese clearly refers to a hotel suite—yet the unintended irony is telling. Later, Honjou/Doctor Yuuka is answering questions for the documentary.

Play One—May 31 (3:04 ~ 47:02)

Honjou is in a hotel room waiting for the documentary staff. She’s wearing a beige skirt with black stockings and a yellow sweater. A guy suddenly starts teasing her. She’s visibly irritated by the guy’s insistence. A bit later she realizes she’s on camera and tries to turn it off. Now she’s visibly pissed off, yet seemingly understands she won’t easily have her way with these guys. She’s then pushed onto a sofa. Two guys sit on either side and start teasing her once again. Soon her tits are exposed, followed by her red panties. She’s abused by one of the guys for the next 45 minutes—deepthroating, masturbation, fucking in several positions—until he comes in her mouth. At the end of the scene she’s crying.

Interview (47:03 ~ 48:32)

More interview questions with Honjou/Doctor Yuuka.

Play Two (48:33 ~ 1:05:44)

Honjou’s breasts are tied up in ropes. She’s wearing a red dog collar with a leash running to a doorknob behind her. There are clamps on her nipples and a red plastic clothespin on her tongue. She’s wearing black fishnet stockings with sheer purple panties and black high heel shoes. She squats while a guy is rubbing a vibrator on her cunt. A second guy is toying with her ass. At some point a third guy shows up. He deepthroats her while another guy spanks her with a white towel—all the while she has a dildo rammed in her cunt. The abuse continues for about 15 minutes.

Play Three (1:05:45 ~ 1:39:16)

Honjou is standing in the suite, wearing her lab coat and stockings. She opens the coat, revealing breast ropes, a garter belt, black stockings and red panties. A guy pulls the lab coat over her head. Then he and another guy start abusing her cunt with their fingers. Eventually one of the guys fucks her from behind on the edge of a bed. This goes on for 30 minutes of fucking and deepthroating. At the end of the scene Honjou sheds a few more tears.

Interview (1:39:17 ~ 1:40:09)

More interview questions with Honjou/Doctor Yuuka.

Play Four (1:40:10 ~ 1:59:15)

Honjou is tied up on a sofa chair, a white blindfold on her eyes and a blue gag in her mouth. She’s wearing fishnet stockings, black high heel shoes and white panties. There are ropes over her white shirt, her thighs and her legs. A black dildo sits on her tummy. A guy uncovers her breasts and starts teasing her cunt with a vibrator. Eventually, he tears the black stockings apart, exposing her wet panties. This is followed by finger fucking and dildo abuse. At some point the mouth gag and blindfold are removed. The dildo and vibrator abuse continues, aided by a red clothespin on her tongue, until she climaxes. The scene ends with Honjou shaking from head to toe.

The movie ends at 1:59:22 with the Dream Ticket credits.


[QBD-091] Uniform Pretty Fuck Mikako Arimura

Saturday, April 1st, 2017

[QBD091] 制服美少女と性交 有村みかこ


[VDD-125] Secretary In … [intimidation Suite] Mihara Honoka

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

[VDD125]  秘書in… [脅迫スイートルーム] 三原ほのか


[UFD-066] Kuroki Intercourse And Beauty To Work Ikumi

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

[UFD066]【DMM限定】働く美女と性交 黒木いくみ パンティと生写真付き


[SVD-002] Chi ● Po Want Is To Semen Breaking Out Noon Positions Also Drool Also Man Juice Also F Cup Came To Drank Big Dental Assistant Akira Yanagi

Saturday, March 18th, 2017

[SVD002] チ●ポ欲しさに昼職抜け出してザーメンもヨダレもマン汁も飲み干しに来たFカップ巨尻歯科助手 柳あきら