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[DSE-948] Incest – Firm And Ripe 40″ Huge Booty Mamas Natsumi Yamashina

Monday, November 20th, 2017

[DSE948] 近親相姦 – 強くて熟した40 “巨大なブーティーママ山科夏美


[DSE-1072] Incest: My Plump Mother Loves to Spoil Me Azusa Gotoh Nao Nakama

Friday, November 17th, 2017

[DSE1072] 近親相姦:私のおやすみの母は私を甘やかすのが大好きです。


[DSE-797] Elderly Sister Kaku Emiko Yoshino Maiko of the Incest wife

Saturday, October 28th, 2017

[DSE797] 近親相姦妻の亀井恵美子姉妹姉妹


[DSE-067] Classy MILF Prostitute – The Brothel Of Relaxation Rina Mukai

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

[DSE067] 高級な熟女売春婦 – リラクゼーションの売春宿


[DSG-013] Married Tax Erina Tsukishima Pies

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

[DSG013] 妻島月見えりな


[DSE-126] Daughter-in-law Nanae

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

[DSE126] 成熟したアジアの女性日本の熟女セックス


[DSEM-033] Pies Of Age Fifty Mother Maiko Kashiwagi

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

[DSEM033] 中出しされた五十路の母 柏木舞子


DJE-018 / Ryoko Hirosaki / Honor Student Stained with White Juice

Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

[DJE018] 涼子弘前ダーティホワイト優等生

Here’s another film from the Deepers Jelly label, which specializes in semen movies. This title is part of the “Honor Student Stained with White Juice” sub-category, and features a younger Ryoko Hirosaki as the pure-but-soon-to-be-depraved honor student. The movie focuses on cum swallowing and bukkake. There’s also a bit of cowgirl and doggy fucking scenes for good measure.

Scene One (0:01 ~ 30:09)

The movie begins with Hirosaki sitting in a car, holding her violin case. She’s wearing her posh school uniform. The guy sitting next to her starts teasing her and eventually rubs his fingers against her wet panties. A few moments later they’re in an elevator and she ends up in a room where about ten guys are waiting. She’s asked to massage her pussy in front of the guys while someone teases her nipples. Eventually the guy applies a small vibrator on her clit. She then performs fellatio on a few guys and swallows all the cum staring at the camera. The rest of the guys come in her mouth and she swallows all the cum, again with her gaze fixed on the camera.

Scene Two (30:10 ~ 1:05:22)

This scene features one-on-one fucking with the male actor seen earlier in the opening car segment of the previous scene. About twenty-five minutes into the scene, a handful of guys show up and each one ejaculates on Hirosaki’s face while a vibrator is pressed against her cunt. The scene ends with an exhausted Hirosaki lying on her back.

Scene Three (1:05:23 ~ 1:26:59)

For this scene Hirosaki is wearing white G-string underwear. There are six guys sitting around her, staring at her inviting body. She’s ordered to touch herself, and eventually she rubs a small vibrator on her pussy. A guy then hands her a large massage vibrator and she continues rubbing her pussy. She later sits down on a red sofa chair with her thighs wide open. A guy spreads the lips of her vagina and starts finger-fucking her. She then kneels and fellates two male actors. The rest of the guys come on her face in turn. The scene ends with a guy finger-fucking her once more.

Scene Four (1:27:00 ~ 2:03:31)

Another one-on-one sex scene that lasts about thirty minutes—dildos, fellatio, plenty of fucking. Then Hirosaki is fucked from behind, staring at the camera when a group of male actors enter the scene and come on her head and face one or two at a time, bukkake-style. She later lies down on the floor and several more actors come on her face. At the end of the scene, she swallows all the cum and an actor leaves a pink condom on her face.

The movie ends at 2:03:37 with the Deepers credits.


DJE-032 / Miki Sunohara / M Semen Trance

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

[DJE032] M・ザーメン・トランス 春原未来

Another installment of the Deepers Jelly M Semen Trance series. This one features Miki Sunohara, a consummate cumslut. Here she plays the cock/cum-obsessed slut with great skill. There’s plenty of eye contact with the camera throughout and this adds to the “M Trance” drama. At times she seems on the verge of losing it ! The entire Trance series pretty much follows the same basic formula, so there’s not a lot to add from my previous description for DJE-024.

Trance One (1:22 ~ 32:34)

Trance One starts with Sunohara sitting fully clothed on a small leather and wood sofa for an interview. Her gaze is fixed on the camera. She then slowly starts to touch her breasts and within five minutes she’s finger-fucking herself. At some point a fully-erected male actor appears. Sunohara is initially ordered not to touch the guy’s penis, but this quickly ends up in a series of repeated cumshots and cum swallowing with constant eye contact with the camera.

Trance Two (32:35 ~ 1:08:24)

Sunohara sits on a sofa, answering questions. There are about twenty guys in the room staring at her from behind the camera—which explains Sunohara’s gaze constantly moving between the room and the camera during the interview. A male actor enters the scene and starts to play with her breasts. He finger-fucks her and sticks a black dildo in her mouth. He then rams it into her from behind. This ends up with him fucking her on the sofa while some of the guys take turns ejaculating on her face. Sunohara then moves to the flour, fucked from behind while the rest of the guys cum on her face. She swallows all the cum staring at the camera.

Trance Three (1:08:25 ~ 1:25:16)

This is the deepthroating segment of the movie. Sunohara wears a schoolgirl sailor’s shirt for the scene. The main actor rams his cock down her throat while other guys take turns ejaculating on her face. Sunohara plays with the cum and swallows it all with her gaze fixed on the camera.

Trance Four (1:27:17 ~ 1:59:45)

The last scene involves around twenty-five minutes of one-on-one foreplay and fucking leading to a 10-minute bukkake/gokkun final scene where all the guys cum on her face and in her mouth one or two at a time. The movie ends with Sunohara lying on her back swallowing all the cum from her face.

There are no credits at the end of the movie.


[DJE-037] SEMEN Kindergarten Teacher Performed by Maki Hoshikawa

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

[DJE037] 現役保母さん、精子飲む。 星川麻紀