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[FONE-063] Sofu Girls Who Read 300 Functional Novels A Year And A Two-night

Friday, June 14th, 2019

[FONE063]  年間300冊の官能小説を読む地味腐女子と2泊3日上京物語。


[FNEO-022] “I Do Not Want To Hold …” A Female Student Who Has Awakened To What Can Be Seen

Friday, June 7th, 2019



[FSTD-001] Seira Hoshisaki – Flat And Smooth Tiny Titties In A Massive Con Gang Bang

Sunday, June 2nd, 2019

[FSTD001]【数量限定】つるぺたド貧乳騙しボコボコ大輪姦 本物中出し10連発 星咲せいら パンティと生写真付き
If you’re into really tiny titties, and by that I mean pretty much completely flat-chested, Seira Hoshisaki has you covered. She’s super goddamn tiny and adorable and the fact that she’s willing to do filthy things on camera is practically unbelievable, and yet here she is, servicing multiple cocks at once. Japan is quite the place.
Sex acts: gangbang, blowjob, facial, missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, creampie, fingering, male toy use on female, cunnilingus, nipple sucking
Scene 1 is preceded by some kind of interview in a dress that I unfortunately cannot understand, but is followed up by some one-on-one hardcore action, which I do. She’s dressed in a tight cute leotard that the guy quickly adjusts to expose her nipples (calling them tits doesn’t even feel right) and he uses a vibrator and fingers on her while she wears handcuffs and a ballgag in a chair to make her squirm, before going to the bed for some proper fucking. He bangs her in doggy and cowgirl, and creampies her in missionary, like a good Christian husband.
Scene 2 is simple, just a couple of guys groping and using vibrators on her while she wears a skimpy bikini, likely to prep her for the incoming gangbang. Not a whole lot to say, but you do see ample juices running down her legs.
Scene 3 is the main affair, the “massive con gang bang” of the title that occupies over half the run time. She starts out in a schoolgirl outfit that is quickly tossed aside as the men begin to suck on her cunny and nipples, and then they start pretty aggressively fingering and man-handling her, flipping her upside-down so they can more effectively drill into her with their fingers.
After they get bored of that, they start the fucking, in which one of them rams into her hairless pussy while two to three more are typically being serviced by her with her hands or mouth (or just rubbing their cocks against her skin). They treat her like the spinner she is, picking her up and placing her to their whims, but all of the fucking is in doggy or missionary (asserting dominance!). She gets some facials but most of the loads get blown inside of her, and by the end she’s been creampied multiple times.


[FNEO-023] Men!Watch Out For Chest Chiller Girls! “I Want To Touch?I’ll Let You Touch, Instead … ◆

Thursday, May 30th, 2019

[FNEO023]  男子諸君!胸チラ女子には気をつけろ!「触りたい?触らせてあげる


[FSKI-004] Suddenly I Inserted A Big Cock (18 Cm Rank) Into A Place Where I Was Allowed To Check Underwear

Thursday, May 30th, 2019

[FSKI004] 初心で可愛い素人女子校生の下着をチェックさせて貰ってたところに不意打ちでいきなりデカチン


[FONE-058] A 3-day Record Of Korean People Jung And Soo Who Came To Japan On A Sightseeing Trip, Outflow.

Friday, May 17th, 2019

[FONE058] 観光旅行で来日していた韓国人チョン・ソ○ちゃんとの3日間の記録


[FONE-060] Sorrow!Big Breasts Karate House Risa Actor Yu Shun!The Master Of The Erotic Of Ten Steps Of Dosukebe Electric Shock AV DEBUT

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

[FONE060] 押忍!巨乳空手家・理沙 男優瞬殺!


[FSKI-003] A Cute And Cute Schoolgirl Is The First To Experience 18 Cm Big Cock Of Ojisan!

Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

[FSKI003] 初心で可愛い女子校生がオジサンの18センチデカチンを初体験!


[FNEO-019] Because It’s Too Cute … It’s All Because Of You 04 Hinata Matsushita

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

[FNEO019] かわいすぎるから…ぜんぶきみのせいなんだ 04 松下ひな


[FONE-056] I Was Able To Take A Video When I Was Able To Verify The Rumor That I Am A Girl With A Popularity Of Idol

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

[FONE056]  今話題の動画アプリでアイドル的人気を誇る美少女ラ