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APAA-206 An Innocent Girl Who’ll Make Anyone Want To Tease Her Kurumi Ogiwara

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Kurumi gets fucked in a hotel room

1st scene:

Starts on the couch with pussy rubbing, blowjob, deepthroat, rimming then sex missionary/cowgirl/standing doggy/doggy ending with a facial.
2nd scene:

Starts in bed with pussy rubbing, cunnilingus, handjob, blowjob then sex missionary/doggy/cowgirl ending with a facial.



[1080p/FHD/60FPS] DDMT-001 / Miya Kanade / Hideout

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

This is a new series from Dogma. The main theme centers on bondage and abuse of a young woman at the hands of a group of pervs operating in a hidden backroom at some Tokyo real estate agency. The victim in this first outing is JAV actress Miya Kanade.

Introduction (0:01 ~ 4:16)

Kanade arrives at a real estate agency with her husband. The young couple sit at a table and start studying floor plans for their prospective new home. The husband has to run, his wife will stay at the agency and continue looking for their dream home.

Scene One (4:17 ~ 46:44)

The real estate agent walks Kanade into a dungeon, where she meets an older gentleman amidst hanging chains, black leather and restraints. She looks terrified. One thing leading to another, she finds herself naked with the two men teasing her breasts and nipples. Small pink vibrators are used to tease her clit, and she soon finds herself with wristbands fastened to steel bars and ropes tied around her chest and thighs. The vibrator assault continues, leading to large pink dildo fucking. Kanade eventually climaxes and pisses herself on the floor.

Scene Two (46:45 ~ 58:33)

Kanade, still kneeling, then fellates and deepthroats one of the guys until he comes in her mouth. The scene ends as she leans back on the floor, her chest covered with sweat and cum.

Scene Three (58:34 ~ 1:32:04)

Kanade is lying on a black mattress. She’s naked. A male actor walks towards her and starts to tease her ears. He then moves to her breasts, nipples and pussy, finger fucking her until she climaxes. The foreplay leads to a long fuck scene where the couple assume various positions, until the actor comes on her face and in her mouth. Kanade lies on her back until the end of the scene.

The movie ends with the Dogma credits at 1:32:17.


Widow Mother HD Uncensored

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Widow Mother HD.mp4

[720p/HD/60FPS] IPTD-893 / Ryoko Murakami / 100 Sperm Drink

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

This is an old series from Idea Pocket almost entirely dedicated to gokkun. For each title in the series, the actress swallows no less than 100 cumshots in a little under four hours. Featured here is veteran JAV mega slut Ryoko Murakami. Murakami here swallows 105 cumshots over eight scenes. Throughout the movie she swallows cum with her gaze fixed on the camera.

Scene One (1:27 ~ 42:20)

Murakami is walking on a sidewalk, headed towards the first scene’s location—a male dorm. She’s wearing a black and white dress that barely covers her huge ass. She chats with the cameraman until she eventually reaches her destination and walks past a gate into a garden. There’s a guy standing in front of the building’s entrance, checking his smartphone. Murakami imposes herself on him and starts teasing his body, eventually pulling his cock out of his jeans. She fellates the guy until he comes in her mouth. She plays with the cum for a while and swallows it, her gaze fixed on the camera. She then walks through the front door and repeats the process with the first guy she bumps into in the foyer. She later prowls the area, moving around looking for cocks. She finds willing victims who take turns ejaculating in her mouth. In each case, she swallows the cum with her gaze fixed on the camera.

Scene Two (42:21 ~ 1:20:37)

Murakami plays a massage parlor hostess. She’s wearing a blue scrub and a short white skirt. Her first customer lies face down on the massage table and she starts rubbing his back with her hands and feet. Moments later the guy starts jerking his cock and Murakami helps by giving him a foot job. She then gives him a hand job until he comes in her mouth. She plays with the cum for a while and swallows it with her gaze fixed on the camera. She repeats the process with three more customers. We then see her kneeling on a towel, holding a beaker. She collects cum from 8 guys and plays with it for a few minutes until she finally swallows all of it. Two more guys then come in her mouth. She plays with the cum and swallows it, her gaze fixed on the camera.

Scene Three (1:20:38 ~ 1:37:07)

Murakami is manning an Information desk. She’s wearing a pinstripe shirt with matching skirt and black pantyhose. She greets a group of men who start to tease her body. Murakami eventually kneels on the floor and the guys stand around her, holding their cocks. She fellates all the guys one at a time and swallows the cum, her gaze fixed, as always, on the camera.

Scene Four (1:37:08 ~ 2:04:10)

Murakami is with a male actor. They engage in foreplay as guys take turns ejaculating in her mouth. This continues as the guy starts fucking her, assuming various positions. Murakami swallows all the cum until the male actor comes in her mouth. She then starts rubbing her clit with her fingers and begs for more cum until two guys oblige, taking turns ejaculating in her mouth. She plays extensively with the cum, and swallows it, her gaze fixed on the camera.

Scene Five (2:04:11 ~ 2:38:21)

Murakami plays a horny housewife. She fellates her husband as he arrives home, swallowing the cum with her gaze fixed on the camera. This is followed by a “cum-on-food” segment, where Murakami eats bits of meat and vegetables covered with cum. She then sucks a banana as a guy comes in her mouth, finally swallowing everything before mixing cum in a glass of tea. She then brushes her teeth with a mouthful of cum. The scene continues with several more cumshots and cum swallowing, all taking place in the kitchen.

Scene Six (2:38:22 ~ 2:56:49)

Murakami is kneeling on the floor with a blindfold around her eyes. She’s wearing a white bra and panties. There are restraints around her wrists and red ropes around her chest and hips. A male actor starts teasing her breasts, first with his hands, and then with a small vibrator. Later he uses a large vibrator on her cunt. Several guys take turns ejaculating in her mouth. She swallows all the cum, the vibrator rubbing her clit until she climaxes.

Scene Seven (2:56:50 ~ 3:30:12)

Murakami is in a large bathroom. She entertains a customer for a while, eventually fellating him until he comes in her mouth. She then plays with the cum and swallows it, her gaze fixed on the camera. She repeats the process with three more customers. Then several guys take turns ejaculating in her mouth. As always, she plays with the cum and swallows it, her gaze fixed on the camera.

Scene Eight (3:30:13 ~ 3:58:08)

This is essentially a one-on-one sex scene—from foreplay to actual fucking, assuming various positions. About 15 minutes in, several guys enter the room and start teasing Murakami’s body. They eventually come in her mouth as she’s being fucked. The main actor finally comes in her mouth and the scene ends.

The last scene is followed by the credits superimposed on shots of Murakami performing dance moves. The movie ends at 3:58:44.


Cute and Sexy Sister Fucked Good and Hard HD Uncensored

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Cute and Sexy Sister Fucked Good and Hard HD.part1.rar

Cute and Sexy Sister Fucked Good and Hard HD.part2.rar

[720p/HD/60FPS] TID-010 / Megumi Haruka / Office Girl’s Daytime Bondage

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

This is a Dream Ticket series focusing on an office girl taking a break from work to indulge her light bondage fantasies during the afternoon. Each title in the series repeats the same scenario: the girl leaves her office building, gets in a minivan and arrives at an undisclosed location. She then engages in sexual acts with a few men over the course of five scenes, and eventually returns to her workplace. The title presented here features Megumi Haruka.

Scene One (0:37 ~ 18:06)

Haruka is standing behind a minivan. We can hear the traffic flow from a nearby street. She’s wearing her office uniform—a gray waistcoat over a white shirt and black skirt. She starts to undress. Her breasts are tightly held up in ropes. She then pulls up her skirt. Her crutch is also held up in ropes. She starts teasing her breasts and nipples, eventually moving on to her clit. She then squats and continues rubbing her nipples and clit until she climaxes. Around the 11-minute mark she kneels and starts to fellate a male actor. He comes in her mouth and on the left side of her face. She plays with the cum for a while and spits it in her hand, her gaze fixed on the camera.

Scene Two (18:07 ~ 45:27)

Haruka is sitting on a sofa with ropes tied just above her knees. She’s wearing pantyhose and the waistcoat seen earlier, except this time the chest ropes are tied over the waistcoat. A guy fondles her body and eventually exposes her breasts. He then starts to tease her nipples. Eventually the focus moves to her cunt, with plenty of clit-rubbing, cunnilingus, and finger-fucking. She later kneels and starts to suck the guy’s toes, followed by his cock, her hands tied behind her back. There’s some deepthroating involved when the guy pulls her head on his cock. He then fucks her on the sofa, assuming various positions. He finally comes on her face.

Scene Three (45:28 ~ 1:09:17)

Haruka is kneeling on the floor, naked. There are ropes around her breasts and clamps on her nipples. There’s a red dog collar around her neck, to which a leash is attached. A guy teases her breasts and nipples for a while and then spanks her for a few moments. She later pisses herself on the floor. Two guys then appear. She fellates them until they get real hard. She then deepthroats the guys until they come, mostly on her face.

Scene Four (1:09:18 ~ 1:25:45)

Haruka is standing with restraints around her chest and forceps in her mouth. A guy teases her breasts and nipples, first with his fingers, and then with a small vibrator. He later teases her clit with the vibrator until she climaxes and then starts fucking her with a pink dildo. Finally, the cunt- and nipple-teasing continues with a large vibrator until she climaxes.

Scene Five (1:25:46 ~ 1:55:29)

This is a one-on-one sex scene. Haruka is on a bed. Her chest, left thigh and leg are held up in ropes. A male actor teases her mouth, breasts and nipples. He later sticks his fingers in her cunt. The couple engage in foreplay and eventually start to fuck, assuming various positions, until the guy comes in her mouth. The scene ends with Haruka playing with the cum with her fingers.

A postscript scene shows Haruka leaving the minivan, waving at the camera, on her way back to the office.

Credits appear on a black background. The movie ends at 1:56:21.


Daddy, I’ve Never Squirted Before! 2 (2017) 1080p

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Scene 1. Saya Song, Toni Ribas
Scene 2. Cleo Vixen, Toni Ribas
Scene 3. Kenzie Reeves, Toni Ribas
Scene 4. Katya Rodriguez, Toni Ribas

Latin lothario Toni Ribas combines two favorite fetishes, female ejaculation and taboo relations, in the gushing gonzo kink of Daddy, I’ve Never Squirted Before! #2. When all-natural, fiercely sexual young ladies seek the special attention of a father figure, director/performer Toni’s skillful fingers and experienced erection make them erupt in wet, orgasmic geysers of girl juice. Saya Song wants to learn to squirt, so the tattooed Asian minx gives Toni a POV-style blow job; Toni delivers a relentless fucking and then splatters her pretty face with his spermy load. Darling blonde Cleo Vixen takes a ride on the pornographer’s pro prick. After an intense session of pussy plowing and gash gushers, it’s Toni’s turn: He cums in her mouth. Kenzie Reeves is eager to please her “daddy.” Toni fucks her tight pussy as sticky girl-cream drips over his meat, and he makes her explode in several wild, wet spasms. Cute, brace-faced Latina Katya Rodriguez enjoys cocksucking and passionate fucking with lots of squirting action. Daddy decorates Katya’s face with hot spunk.

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[SCOP-399] SCOOP 5th Anniversary Compilation Special: 50 Best Selling Titles, 555 Minutes of Video – 720P HD

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Got a really interesting one for you here…. and REALLY big! SCOOP’s 5th anniversary release showcasing scenes from their top 50 best selling titles. 555 minutes (9 1/4 hours) of video, all in high quality 720P resolution! So if you’re a fan of any series SCOOP makes or a fan of them in general this is definitely something you want! There’s so much it’s going to be really hard NOT to get dinged for “lack of description” here since it’s really hard to describe what happens in 50+ separate/different scenes!

I mean you’ve got probably a little bit of every kind of genre/fetish/kink there is drunk sex, use of vibrators, explosive orgasms, bathroom sex, mom/milf sex, big tits, small tits, POV, handjobs, blowjobs, facials, voyeur, shower sex,squirting, doctor/gyno fantasy, nurse fantasy, teacher/schoolgirl, outdoor sex, brother/sister fantasy, drug fantasy, massage sex, flight attendant fantasy, and everything else in between

But because we need SOME kind of screenshots for this, here’s a small VISUAL sample of some of the titles in this collection (at least 20 out of the 50 titles featured)


Alison Rey & Karlee Grey – Daddy’s Girls HD

Sunday, September 24th, 2017


A teenage girl (Alison Rey) becomes suspicious of her ‘perfect’ father (Ryan McLane) after he randomly adopts another young woman (Karlee Grey) and brings her to live with their family. Even though dad is boasting about how charitable this makes them, the daughter is convinced he is really using the adoption as a ruse to cheat on her mom. She becomes obsessed with the notion of ‘catching them’ until the adopted sister causes her to confront the REAL issue she is dealing with … her own inappropriate feelings for Dad.

Daughter, Sister, Sisters, Teen, Big Tits, Small Tits, Big Ass, Asian, Uncensored Asian, Cheating, Male Domination, Blackmail, Humiliation, Rough Sex, Latina, Threesome, Lesbian, Bisexual, Hairy, Blowjob, Handjob, Deepthroat, Facial, Cum in Mouth, Swallow, Spying, Caught In The Act, Female Domination, POV

[MDLD-394] “Disposable Slave, Kimishima”

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Length: 110 min(s)
Label: Moodyz Legend
Cast: Nana

Nana gets sodomized in a lot of ways in this one, spanked, pissed on, forced to swallow, fucked rough, facialized,… She reads Hamlet at the beginning, gets interrupted by a boy Nana, who hands her a confession letter which girl Nana dislikes, crumbles it and gives it back. As the rejected boy Nana goes away and unfolds his letter, it says repeatedly: “I wanna be your dog.”

1 – Girl Nana gets attacked in a classroom, men grab her, strip her, spank her, fuck her face. One cums in her mouth and they force her to swallow it, the she gets fucked while more guys cum in her mouth and on her pretty face, 4 guys unload and they force her to swallow again. The last guy’s still fucking her true and hard and when he’s done he aims for the mouth, and what he hits, she swallows.

2 – Nana is tied to a chair, her hands behind her head, wearing only a shirt. A guy comes and plays with her, sprays her shirt, stuffs fingers in her mouth, fingers her, then fucks her with a vibrator until she’s shaking with an orgasm. After, he puts her on a glass table, where she pisses herself, then smells the guy’s hand which he just dipped in her pee.

3 – This time Nana is leashed and collared, and led to a plate with a dildo on it. She says “I wanna be your dog” to the camera, than starts licking the dildo. After a while, the guy sticks it in her pussy and lets it vibrate and starts fucking her face until she’s drooling all over his cock. 6 guys pass by and give her big facials, Nana thanking each of them like a proper slave. 5 more men come by and piss on her face, washing away the facials.

4 – Nana jumps her teacher, wanting to have sex with him. He’s not resisting long before they’re kissing and he’s playing with her pussy, making her squirt, then fucking her face and her pussy before giving her a facial. She goes crazy lying on the floor…

5 – Boy Nana is sitting at a desk, writing another letter with “I wanna be your dog” sentences. 2 men wearing evil grins abduct her and remove her boyish disguise before fucking her. First they make her squirt with their fingers, then they fuck her roughly, she takes 2 mouthfuls/facials and that’s it. “I wanna be your dog.”