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IENE-771 Various – Big Tits Club Managers Popping The Cherries Of The Boy Members

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

[IENE771] スタイル抜群で巨乳だけどちょっとガサツな女子マネージャーが部員に雑に童貞筆おろし

This video consists of four scenes, each with one-on-one B/G action.

Scene one has a short-haired glasses girl playing shogi with a chap. During the game, she gets more and more undressed and teases him, putting shogi markers in her bra and whatnot. Totally nude, she rides her stud’s face, sucks his dick, and then goes totally wild. She gets fucked regular and reverse cowgirl, from behind, and missionary style, and she gets two creampies from her stud during this scene.

Scene two has a volleyball club manager visiting one of the male members at home. I guess she decides to tease him by pulling out one of his dirty manga books and look through it, which then leads to her getting undressed and fucking him. Her stud fingers her hairy pussy, and then she sucks on his dick. She gets fucked cowgirl style and missionary, and gets a creampie at the end.

Scene three, I guess, is a female baseball club manager visiting a player who has his arms all bandaged up. I guess she sympathizes with his inability to use his hands due to his injury, because soon she’s pulling a pocket pussy out of her bag and jerking him off with it, taking a photo with her phone’s camera. Then she climbs up and rides his face, tugs on his dick, and then sucks and titjobs it.

She then puts a condom on his wang and rides him cowgirl style until he busts in the condom (which she holds up and has her stud pose for a photo with), and then the two go at it again, this time for a creampie finish.

Scene three is the swimming club. I guess the female manager, wearing a one-piece swimsuit, needs some massage to detension her sore muscles or whatever. This naturally leads to arousal and the two getting frisky. She rubs her crotch against her stud’s dick, licks and sucks on it, and then briefly 69s with them. The two then fuck, regular and reverse cowgirl style, and then go at it missionary style on the massage table until the female manager apparently gets a creampie in her hairy pussy. The two then go at it again, standing up this time, and the female manager gets pounded from behind for another creampie.

So there you have it! Wank it, thank it, and leave a comment! Sayonara!


[IENE-780] A Woman Who Came For Complaints Has Decided That Me As A Creamer And Protested From Above With A Line Of Sight!

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

[IENE780] クレーム対応に来た女が僕をクレーマーだと決めつけ上から目線で抗議してきた!が、自らのミスが発覚!


[IENE-778] Azure Cum Shot From Morning To Night 26

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

[IENE778] 【数量限定】あず希 朝から晩まで中出しセックス 26 パンティとチェキ付き


[IENE-782] Bring The Girls Who Got Along Well At The Aisakaya To Their Homes

Friday, May 19th, 2017

[IENE782] 相席居酒屋で仲良くなった女子2人組を自宅に連れ込む。


[IENE-779] Mihara Honokaka Love Sister And Make Love Love Child Hot Spring Trip

Friday, May 19th, 2017

[IENE779] 【数量限定】三原ほのか 大好きな姉とラブラブ子作り温泉旅行 パンティとチェキ付き


[IENE-776] Experienced Gentle Amateur Married Woman Is Best Sucking A Small Virgin Brush 10

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

[IENE776] 経験豊富な優しい素人人妻が最高の童貞筆おろし 10


[IENE-777] A Cute Little Lady Who Called Out At Shinjuku Say “Please Become A Model Of A New Swimsuit” And Talk About Raising The Tension In Shooting Nurunuru Foam Bowl Soap Experience

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

[IENE777] 新宿で声を掛けた可愛いお嬢さん2人組に「新作水着のモデルになって下さい」と声をかけ


[IESP-633] Yuuno Himekawa Narco Drug Investigator Yakimasu Vaginal Cramp

Friday, May 5th, 2017

[IESP633]【数量限定】姫川ゆうな 麻薬捜査官ヤク漬け膣痙攣 パンティとチェキ付き


[IENE-774] Miyuki Sakura Super Luxury Beauty Soap Who Stayed For 3 Days, Sleeping Together

Friday, May 5th, 2017

[IENE774]【数量限定】さくらみゆき 3日間滞在して、寝食を共にする超高級美女ソープ パンティとチェキ付き


[IENE-770] Sae No Co ○ Ma Too Comfortably With Each Other When I Ask Them To Intercrural Sex In The Promise That “I Just Rubbed”

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

[IENE770] サエない僕に同情した女子校生の妹に「擦りつけるだけだよ」という約束で素股してもらっていたら互いに気持ち良すぎてマ○コはグッショリ!