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[KKJ-054] Serious (Seriously) Advances Married Woman Knitting 33 Nampa → Tsurekomi → SEX Voyeur → Without Permission In The Post

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

[KKJ054]  本気(マジ)口説き 人妻編 33 ナンパ→連れ込み→SEX盗撮→無断で投稿


[TEM-042] [NTR Bimbo Wife Three] As A Result Of Daughter-in-law In The Drinking Session Of The Neighborhood Association Has Had Drunk → [Netora Been-orgy]

Monday, January 9th, 2017



[TEM-043] Not Be Divergence In The Movement!Sweaty Fuck Unconscious Temptation To Frustration Sports Beauty MILF Wife

Monday, January 9th, 2017

[TEM043] 運動では発散しきれない!無意識誘惑する欲求不満なスポーツ美熟女妻の汗だく性交


[RIX-030] Adachi-ku, Yankee Massage

Saturday, December 24th, 2016

[RIX030]  足立区ヤンキーマッサージ


RIX-006 Tits Wife Netora To Business Trip Oil Massage

Sunday, December 18th, 2016

[RIX006] 爆乳妻寝取らせ出張オイルマッサージ

Tsukada Shiori and Miyoshi Aya in Tits Wife Netora To Business Trip Oil Massage
1# The videos stars with a man with a censored face arranging for a masseur to visit and inquiring about available massage options. He seems to be really into options his wife might enjoy. In the next scene the masseurs arrive and set up their shop in the couple’s living room with a folding screen separating the area where both of them are to receive massages. They get down to work in a pretty ordinary fashion, at first only massaging the wife through a towel, slowly peeling it away as oils are being introduced. initially the wife resists butt massage but her resistance is quickly melting away as she begins to really enjoy herself. She changes position and now her front is being massaged with an electrical vibrating massager, with special attention given to her nether regions and inner thighs – the husband is peeking through the screen. Soon her tits are also oiled up and her large brown nipples appear from under the fabric and before long the bra is gone. From there the masseur proceeds with a very throughout massage of the pussy – initially through oiled soaked panties but soon he moves onto the internal part of the massage as the wife pants, moans and quivers with pleasure, still, at least verbally, resisting. From then on a short tit fuck followed by penetration in missionary position during which the wife trains to contain the lewd noises she’s making – at this point the husband is watching from behind the screen and he starts masturbating as the wife and the masseur move into doggy position and cowgirl. After that the masseur makes the woman squirt as she sucks his cock before he goes back to plowing her missionary with kissing until he comes on her face. He then wipes her with kleenex and covers with a towel before he dresses to leave as if nothing happened beyond a regular massage.
2# A couple receives a massage on two beds side by side while blindfolded. While the woman lies unaware the husband sneaks out with his masseur to the hallways so he can spectate and not interrupt his wife’s massage. The massage routine is much like in the first scene except now the husband is now already masturbating in the hallway. The electrical massager makes an appearance again, massaging the wife’s pussy while the masseur sucks on her tits and then fingers her. After that the blindfold goes away and the masseur has the wife jerk him off while he kisses her. She then sucks his dick and gives him a titjob before mounting him cowgirl then, reverse cowgirl style. This is followed by some fast and loud missionary fucking before the masseur finishes on her tits. The masseur wipes his cock clean on her tits before cleaning the woman up like previously.
3# Man arranges for something on the phone before passing out drunk on some sake. It appears he and his genki wife are visiting a traditional style inn. She tucks the husband in to sleep but since the masseur just arrived she’s gonna have the prearranged massage anyway. The massage routine follows much like in earlier parts except with more joint stretching and the woman is much more of a chatterbox. She tries to resist her kimono riding up all the time and flashing her bright pink panties but before long she is being fingered from behind and the masseur sucks loudly on her tits while massaging her clit. For a while he eats her out, kisses her and has her jerk his cock before making her suck it. He fucks her missionary and from behind before she goes cowgirl on him. At this point the husband appears to be semi awake as he starts jerking off in drunken stupor and she tries to cover herself while riding the masseurs cock. They go back to missionary for a little bit before cumming on her face. Regular cleanup follows and the masseur leaves leaving the troubled looking wife to herself.
Last seven minutes are promo clips for different JAVs


[WEP-002] The First Time Of The AV Production

Friday, December 16th, 2016

[WEP002] はじめてのAV制作


[NMP-042] Halloween Nampa In Shibuya

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

[NMP042] ハロウィンナンパin渋谷


[KKJ-053] Serious (Seriously) Advances Married Woman Knitting 32 Nampa → Tsurekomi → Sex Voyeur → Without Permission In The Post

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

[KKJ053]  本気(マジ)口説き 人妻編 32 ナンパ→連れ込み→SEX盗撮→無断で投稿


[TEM-041] Do Not Fuck It And See The People Who Are In Trouble! !Sewazuki Only Been Anything To Cause Me Next To The Beautiful Wife 3

Monday, November 28th, 2016

[TEM041] 困っている人を見るとほっとけない!!世話好き過ぎてなんでもしてくれちゃう隣の美人妻 3


[RIX-028] Bodywork Massage School Girls Come Doing Lured To A Student Discount To Secretly Operate In School Dense Region

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

[RIX028]  学校密集地域で密かに営業する女子校生が学割につられてやって来る整体マッサージ