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MMUS-028 Little Devil Provocative Pretty Girl Yashino Tsubasa

Thursday, January 10th, 2019

After going around in the school provoking an innocent male she finally gets what she wants and gives him a footjob. After more teasing from the little schools devil she starts blowing his cock, but she has to stay hidden so she doesn’t get in trouble. In the last scene she dresses up in a nurse outfit and undresses infront of her patient while rubbing her pussy before riding his teased cock. After all the teasing he takes command and fucks her.
They have sex in the last scene in the missionary and cowgirl position.



MMKZ-053 My Sister’s Big Ass Is Too Obnoxious And Suicide By Second Killing! ! Maki Takarada

Thursday, January 10th, 2019

Scene 1:
Takarada undressing in an apartment showing her ass in hot pants and underwear to the camera.
Bald headed japanese male eats her pussy and she lets her ass sit on his face while he continues licking her pussy.
Scene ends with a blowjob and doggy.

Scene 2:

Starts with male touching Takaradas pussy and then fingering her pussy. After that she gives him a blowjob and rides his cock.

Scene 3:
69ing, Mastrubation on a couch, licking a mans body while her ass is being touched and showed to the camera.
Ends in fucking missionary, cowgirl, standing doggy, doggy and a happy smile from Takarada.


[MG-036] Skewered Dildo Masturbation ~ Women Who Feel In Throat And Vagina ~

Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

[MG036]  串刺しディルドオナニー ~喉と膣で感じる女達~


[MMNA-018] Uehara Koi, Retirement Of Anal Ban

Monday, December 17th, 2018

[MMNA018]  上原花恋、アナル解禁 引退


[MMYM-024] A Strange Lady Ayano Kato

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

[MMYM024]  卑猥語女 加藤あやの


[MMKZ-051] Capture And Wholesale!Nice Tail Girls School Student

Friday, November 2nd, 2018

[MMKZ051] 撮り卸し!美尻女子校生


MKZ-007 – A Cute Face And A Big Ass!! Ai Uehara

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

Ass-focussed movie by MARRION, starring Ai Uehara. It’s a typical movie for this studio, the camera lingers on Ai’s ass a lot, and she wears some nice outfits to show it off. First it’s a white blouse and much too high skirt, then a tank top and a pair of very small denim cut-offs, and in the last scene it’s a weird suspender skirt over a white top.

Ai sucks dick briefly, gets groped a lot, and the guy makes sure to show off her ass and butthole, playing with it. She gets teased with a vibrator, licked, fingered and fucked in missionary, doggy and cowgirl.

Ai Uehara


MMKR-001 – The First And Probably Last Ever Amazing Double Blowjob Yukine Sakuragi Yuri Asada

Thursday, September 27th, 2018

[MMKR001] 空前絶後のモノ凄いWフェラ 桜木優希音・浅田結梨

MARRION movie starring Yuri Asada and Yukine Sakuragi. This is a fantastic series that’s all POV (with caveats, as with all JAV), all blowjobs, all two girls at once. There are a few other acts; in one scene the POV guy fingers both girls at once, but they keep on sucking. Occasionally, the girl that isn’t currently getting cock will lick your nipples or talk to you. A theme in this series is also that, if only one girl is really busy, the other will often look on in visible awe and a hint of jealousy. You can see that at the end of the first scene. Unfortunately, these films also have a tendency to use the hottest outfits in the non-POV scenes. Indeed, in the last two scenes, they’re dressed up as maids, then they wear cat ear headbands. Sadly, exactly those two scenes are the ones that aren’t in POV… fucking Japan. And, of course, they swallow.


[MMUS-025] Behind The Scenes Of The Rumors In The Town Panchira Bar

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

[MMUS025] 街で噂の裏風俗パンチラBar


MMNA-015 – We’re Going To Get Caught! I Was Lured In by The Temptation Of Her Whispering Dirty Talk, And I Just Couldn’t Resist, So I Came Inside Her Aki Sasaki

Monday, September 17th, 2018

[MMNA015]  バレちゃうよ!ささやき淫語で誘惑されて我慢できずに中で出しちゃう僕 佐々木あき

Dirty talk-focussed movie by MARRION with Aki Sasaki. It’s split into different episodes and is shot in POV, so even if you don’t care for dirty talk, that might interest you. Keep in mind, POV in JAV always mixes shots horribly, the perspective is never consistent, so you’ll see the camera drift to the side constantly.

In the first episode, you’re with another young girl, I think your girlfriend. You’re studying together when Aki barges in with deserts, drinks and tits. Your girlfriend tries to block your view of Aki’s cleavage (certified horrible person right there) unsuccessfully (thank God). Aki is not subtle about her advances on you. After a few minutes of discussion about national debt, presumably, Aki takes her tablet and her leave. Your girlfriend is asking you to fetch something though, so you have to leave your saferoom, where the free-range slut roams. She’s changed outfits for some reason, but still enjoys showing off her cleavage just the same. You try to focus on the door you need to go through, but Aki’s butt is just too powerful in that tight skirt. Long story short, Aki’s dirty talk temptation tempts you to great effect, and five minutes later you’re topless and your dick is poking out of your pants. You get a handjob and sucked off before joining your girlfriend again, who apparently didn’t notice you being gone for 20 minutes. You tease her a bit, lifting her skirt and stroking her cheeks. She falls asleep, somehow, and Aki comes in seconds after. You can see where this is going. Sex while the girlfriend is sleeping! Handjob turns to blowjob, turns to kissing, turns to licking her pussy, turns to fingering turns to missionary sex while Aki is literally lying on your girlfriend’s stomach and you’re balancing yourself with your hand on her thigh. Deep sleeper. Missionary turns into a sideways fuck turns into cowgirl turns back into missionary. Weirdly though, they go for cum in mouth, same as before. No creampie, despite the title. Sadly no swallowing either.

Afterwards, Aki stalks as you go walk through the streets. You’re walking with another woman, who looks a bit older. She’s your mom, presumably, though she looks too young for that, but whatever. You go back home together where she’s made you curry. Suddenly, Aki. You must live together or something. She wears glasses now and has her hair in pigtails. Similar to the first episode, Aki talks to you and stealthily starts playing with your dick under the table. She then takes your hand and leads it to her crotch. Most importantly though, she holds hands with you. Instant ejaculation, though the movie isn’t that realistic. Before your hand even reaches Aki’s crotch, her pants are already marked with wet stains. Hnnnnnggggf. Aki then stuffs your hand into her pants, while the other lady is in the kitchen, apparently quite distracted. You get another handjob and blowjob before Aki drops her pants and just sits down on your dick in reverse cowgirl. She turns around twice, starts kissing your nipples, then has you eat her out. Then you’re fucking her against the wall. Before you can finish, Aki grabs your hands and makes you grope her while she leads you to somewhere more private. Appropriate. There, you continue in cowgirl, switch to missionary, and then back to cowgirl. Finally, the first creampie. Aki still lies next to you and continues with a slow handjob. Aki licks her fingers and plays a bit with the cum on her tongue, when there’s a knock on the door and Aki quickly covers you up with the blanket. When mom leaves, Aki doesn’t have any cum in her mouth anymore, so she must’ve stealthily swallowed it.

In Episode 3, you bring another girl home. Aki opens the door for you. Some wine-drinking and the conversation steers to a porn DVD, somehow, with Aki on the cover. Apparently she’s a porn star in the canon of this movie, too. Of course, your date doesn’t get wind of any of this. More wine causes Aki to want you to grope her tits, which you comply with, naturally. Your hand is then lead into Aki’s panties again, and her hand is happy to return the favour simultaneously. Aki leads you to the toilet, briefly fingers herself, then gets eaten out by you again. In another room, you have your nipples licked again and get another handjob-blowjob 1-2. This finishes with an unexpected cum-in-mouth. Again no swallowing. Aki presents the load she caught in standard JAV fashion. A couple of hours later, your date/friend is sleeping again and there’s another stealth sex scene. Aki strips a bit and starts a 69 with you.She then sits herself down on your dick in reverse cowgirl. Shift to missionary. Shift to cowgirl. Shift to standing up, from behind, against the wall. Shift to missionary, while Aki again lies on your date. That’s where you finish her off with the final creampie. Aki sucks your cock clean because she was raised well.

Fuck this description turned into a behemoth. This is what Aki does to me.