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[MRXD-056] Do You Regret?No Good?Do It?what Will You Do?What Is The Relationship After That? ! Do Not Go Beyond A Single Line

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

[MRXD056] やったら後悔?ダメ?しちゃう?どうする?その後の関係性は?! 一線を超えてはならない会社の同僚や上司と部


[MRXD-057] In The Shogi Program Of The Tea Room Hearing Intelligent Beautiful Woman Assistant Female Clothing Braid Climbing

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

[MRXD057] お茶の間の将棋番組で聞き手の知的美人な女流アシスタントの着衣横パイ隆起がボイン過ぎて邪魔で肝心の駒が見


[MRXD-055] Cute Wife. Discovered!An Ordinary Housewife. I Want To Have Sex … I Thought ….

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

[MRXD055] かわいい奥さん。 発見!平凡な専業主婦。 私セックスしたいなぁ~と思って…。


[MRXD-053] The Men Who Want To Have Sex In Somehow Owing To The Power Of Liquor Megabang, Let The Dignitary Chef Who Likes A Trading Company Drink

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017



[MRXD-052] Mom … Are You Kept By Tatsuya Sama Of Your Class …. AIKA

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

[MRXD052]【DMM限定】ママね…あなたのクラスの達也様に飼われているの…。 AIKA パンティと生写真付き


[MRXD-054] Beautiful Teacher. Discovered!Frustrated Busty Teacher. I Might Like To Harden It For A Long Time

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

[MRXD054] 美人教師。 発見!欲求不満な巨乳先生。 長めで固めが好きかもしれないです…


[AVOP-322] Harem Of Epicurean ~ Amateur Masochist Slave Auction ~

Monday, September 4th, 2017

[AVOP322] ~ Harem of epicurean ~素人マゾ奴隷オークション~

Dramatic music plays and our title credits run through as we see some images of what I believe is tokyo. Then we see some resident creepy japanese men in masks. A clock ticks by, because time is suspenseful.
Auction introductions:
1. A man comes in and introduces a girl in a sundress attached to a chain to the aforementioned masked men. She quietly introduces herself and some information about her. She strips for the auction crowd into a sexual weird lingerie outfit.
2. Our second girl is brought in, also in a collar and chain and introduces herself begrudgingly. She got nice thighs and a cute face. She strips down into a similarly enticing string bikini outfit.
3. Girl three is brought in. Same deal. She strips and seems particularly upset. She has a scar and is a little weird. She’s got tears on her.
4. Our fourth girl is brought in and receives the usual half-hearted clap. One of the customers looks her over and she’s paraded around by the chain for the guys to assess her. She strips as well.

Scene 1:
All four girls are chained together with ball gags in, standing next to each other in their odd bikini outfits. The guys lick and suck on the bodies of their fresh slaves. They get licked and groped all over as they moan and wriggle. They’re toyed with a while before being bent over and on their hands and knees. There’s some solid ass to mouth, fingering, and cunnilingus. There’s lots of loud moaning and spread asses/pussies. The girls get fingers shoved in their mouthes and pussies as they moan and wriggle. Next thing you know the girls are sucking cock while getting fingered. They trade between sucking cock, sharing cock, getting fingered, and just general slutty moaning. After sucking for awhile they’re all brought to loud orgasms on the couch via fingering.

Scene 2:
We see our tired girls in bdsm suits, still chained up with collars. Toys, wands, vibrators, and spinning dildos are brought into to stimulate the girls pussies (and nipples a bit). Some of the girls are also getting fingered instead. Seems pretty fun to be a sex slave… The girls are brought to body shuddering/screaming orgasms, squirting and whimpering as their pussies are roughly toyed with. The girls are often stimulated with more than one toy. Soon they’ll have cocks shoved in their mouths, vibrators and toys still in/against their pussies. The whole thing turns into a messy orgy of vibrators, fingering, and blowjobs. There are plenty of thick cumshots in their mouths and on their faces. One of the girls is covered in cum as a vibe is held against to her post-orgam pussy. Another girl is forced to suck and lick the nipple of that girl too. The girls are left exhausted and dripping with cum and pussy juice.

Scene 3:
We’re brought into the bid scene. One of the customers I guess wins the bid and has two of the girls naked and cuddling with him while the other two girls are in bondage masks sitting on the floor in front of him. He has the masked girls make out witch each other while he makes out and gets licked by the two naked girls. Next the two mask girls bend over and suck on his feet while the other girls continue to serve their gross chubby master. Then they blow and jack him off. They eat their master’s ass, he licks one of the girls pussies, and another continues sucking his cock. They make out and he fucks one of the girls missionary while the other girls service him with licks. Next he fucks one of the girls doggy style. Then reverse and forward cowgirl. The masked girls make out and play with himself while he fucks his favorite and gets his nipples licked by the fourth girl. He finishes on the girls face and one of the girl licks the cum off her. The masked girls are still playing with themselves. Next all four girls are masked and they’re licking his body and cock. Fade to black.


[MRXD-048] Semen Cum Drink Specialist! Egami Shiho

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

[MRXD048]ザーメンごっくんスペシャリスト! 江上しほ


[MRXD-045] The Men Who Want To Have Sex In Somehow With The Power Of Sake Make Drunk Married Woman Drink With Sex Without Husband And Get Drunk And Throw It Away Poi!

Thursday, August 17th, 2017



[MRXD-049] Rumored Beauty Wife.Discovered!Alasar Yufuwa Special Housewife.From The Front To The Side From The Back.

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

[MRXD049] 噂の美人妻。発見!アラサーゆるふわ専業主婦。前から横から後ろから。
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