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XVSR-398 – Her First Shaved Pussy! Moe Arihana

Monday, September 17th, 2018

[XVSR398]  はじめてのパイパン解禁!! 有花もえ

A movie by Max A, starring Moe Arihana. As the title aptly puts it, this is about shaving Moe’s pussy. They spend a lot of time on it. After about 25 minutes, the shaving ritual is complete. The action afterwards is pretty vanilla and unassuming.

Moe gets fingered, licked, teased with a massage wand, sucks dick, gives handjobs, and gets fucked in missionary and cowgirl/reverse cowgirl.


AVOP-209 – A Stripper’s Story The Nude Angel Nana Ayano Mami Nagase Hana Yoshida

Monday, September 17th, 2018

[AVOP209] ストリップ物語 裸の女神 彩乃なな 長瀬麻美 吉田花

AV Open 2016 entry by Max A, starring Nana Ayano, Hana Yoshida and Mami Nagase. It’s hard to figure out exactly what’s going on since it’s a surprisingly dialogue-heavy film. It seems that there’s some tension between these three strippers, among their issues they appear to be attracted to one guy specifically. In the end, they all have a foursome with him to solve their issues. Perfect.

Throughout the video, the girls practice dancing a lot, suck dick, kiss (both guys and each other), get fingered, groped, licked and fucked in doggy, cowgirl and missionary. There is also plenty of group sex.

Nana Ayano
Hana Yoshida
Mami Nagase


XVSR-018 – Campus Idol Nana Ayano

Monday, September 10th, 2018

[XVSR018] 学園アイドル綾乃ナナ

One of Nana Ayano’s early videos with Max A. She plays the cutest girl at school, and is eager to use her nice body. She starts out wearing a typical Japanese schoolgirl outfit, then switches to a typical porn parody of one (blouse tied below her breasts, pigtails, tartan miniskirt), goes back to a more typical uniform and finally wears a school swimsuit.

Nana gives handjobs, sucks dick, gets licked, fingered, teased with a vibrator and massage wand, groped, and fucked in missionary, doggy, reverse cowgirl and sideways. In the last scene, she has to fuck two guys at once.


[XVSR-408] Giant Cum X Large Convulsions Agony Crazy Gakubu SEX Ariyoshi Ariyoshi

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

[XVSR408] 大絶頂×大痙攣 悶え狂うガクブルSEX 有星あおり


[XVSR-406] Entertainer Nagao ○ Bud ○ Very Similar! ! 100% Genuine Semen Shock Intrinsic Cum Shot SEX Fujiwara Koya

Friday, August 24th, 2018

[XVSR406] 芸能人 永○芽○激似!! 100%本物ザーメン衝撃真性中出しSEX 藤原小夜


[XVSR-411] Breast Maniacs Cum Out With My Tits MAKO! ! Hamazaki Mao

Friday, August 24th, 2018

[XVSR411]  おっぱいマニアックス 私のおっぱいマ○コで中出しして!


[XVSR-407] First In Active Life Voice Actor!Live Vaginal Cum Shot SEX Closely Documents! ! Mai Mizuki

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

[XVSR407] 現役声優の人生初!生中出しSEX密着ドキュメント!


[XVSR-412] Rika Miya’s Real Creampie Sex

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

[XVSR412]  濃交 美谷朱里のリアル中出しセックス


[XVSR-405] First Contact ERO Nice Girl ERO Good SEX Tomoda Ayaka First Contact ERO

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

[XVSR405] いい女のEROいいSEX 友田彩也香

Scene 1: Guy sitting in chair. Ayaka straddling him kissing.
Scene 2: Standing. Then he’s sitting and she pushes her ass in his face. Then he lays down and she straddles his face. She jerks him off.
Scene 3: Kneeling on bed. Then laying on her back. he goes down on her. He lays down and she blows him. She rides him. THen she goes reverse cowgirl. Then doggie. Then missionary. Then riding him facing him. Then missionary and he finishes on her face.
Scene 4: man standing. Ayaka standing and crouching kissing and licking his body. Then getting on her knees and sucking him. He finishes in her mouth

Scene 5: Kneeling on sofa. Two guys grope her. Then she kneels on sofa sucking on guy while one goes doen on her. Then she moves to reverse cowgirl and sucks the other guy. While kneeling she sucks them both. One guy lays on bed. She straddles him while giving bj to other. The doggie while sucking. then missionary. Then reverse cowgirl. Then standing bent over they take turns fucking her. Then she gets on top with a guy laybing down. Then on her side with a guy behind her. Then pronebone. Missionary and then one finishes on her face. Second then finishes on her face.


[XVSR-410] From Morning Till Night, Whispering Whisper SEX In The Ear At Any Time Asami Nagase

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

[XVSR410]  朝から晩までいつでも耳元でささやき隠語SEX 長瀬麻美