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MXBD-282 – My Elder Sister Love ¦Kana Yume¦ →(BD)1080p=20500kbps←

Sunday, July 28th, 2019

Scene 1: Kana gives a hand job and tastes the pre cum. No cum shot.

Scene 2: Kana gives a blowjob and tit job in the kitchen in front of her unknown friend which does not participate. Cum is on the boobs.

Scene 3: Kana gives a feet job with a lot of teasing and kisses. After that it’s straight to the rimjob which is short but well shot and with done with no cheating on her behalf. She even dares massaging with her finger for a bit. After some pussy eating they fuck missionary, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl for some cum on her ass.

Scene 4: Kana gives a hand job and let the dick vibrate on some of her toys while the guy fingers her. She hops on him cowgirl, doggy and missionary for an internal cum shot.

Scene 5: After some deep kissing Kana gives a close up rimjob with some fingering. She fucks cowgirl, doggy and missionary for an internal cum shot.




[MXSPS-613] Yuki Kana Debut 8th Anniversary 4 Hours

Friday, July 19th, 2019

[MXSPS613] 由愛可奈 デビュー8周年アニバーサリー 4時間


[MXGS-1113] Beautiful Mature Woman Big Tits Writer Gets Stuck In A Spear And Piss And Iki Spree Otowa Bunko

Friday, July 19th, 2019

[MXGS1113] 美熟女巨乳作家は罠に嵌り小便たらしてイキまくる 音羽文子


[MXSPS-612] Akiho Yoshizawa Chronicle Vol. 4

Friday, July 19th, 2019

[MXSPS612] 吉沢明歩クロニクル Vol.4


[MXGS-1114] Young Wife Yutsuki Married Who Was Fucked By The Father-in-law In Secret By Her Husband

Friday, July 19th, 2019

[MXGS1114]  夫に内緒で義父に犯され巨乳を弄ばれ鳴咽を漏らしながら肉棒をシャブラされた若妻 優月まりな


[MXGS-1112] The Widow Who Wrapped The Bewitching Body In Mourning Is Committed On The Day Of Her Husband Reiko Shibata

Friday, July 19th, 2019

[MXGS1112]  妖艶な肉体を喪服で包み込んだ未亡人は夫の命日に犯される 篠田れいこ


[MXGS-1110] Beautiful Wife’s Lyrical Affair Wakameiko Miko Who Has Been Out In The AV Please Feel Free To Roll Alive In The Bare! Matsuda Miko

Friday, July 19th, 2019

[MXGS1110]  美人妻の猥褻情事 AVに出てしまった若奥さん美子


[MXGS-1111] A Lovely Wife Of A Beautiful Married Woman’s Lyrical Town Factory Is Embarrassed And Becomes A Giant Madman

Friday, July 19th, 2019

[MXGS1111] 美人妻の猥褻情事 町工場の可憐な奥さんは羞恥攻めされ巨根狂いの牝女になる 瀬戸すみれ


[MXGS-1109] Yarase No Super Real Document Do You Not Have Real Sex At The End? Yuki Kana

Friday, July 19th, 2019

[MXGS1109]  ヤラセなし超リアルドキュメント 最後に本当のセックスしませんか? 由愛可奈


[MXGS-972] Yume Kana FUCK Massive Lotion [1080p]

Friday, July 12th, 2019

The movie opens with Kana standing nude in a bath, followed by similar playful shots of her revealing cleavage and her ass while in pantyhose. To varying degrees, throughout the rest of the movie, Kana Yume and her male co-star are covered in massage lotion – almost always from head to toe. Kana rubs it on herself, has it spread over her body until her clothes are transparent, slurps some in her mouth to give an extra-sticky blowjob, and the two slide over each other in some of the slipperiest sex I have ever seen. While the sheen of the lotion makes Kana’s body even more enticing, especially her ass in scene 2, it’s perhaps a bit overdone; often it’s also in her hair and in the last scene, it forms a whitish pool so that it looks as if she’s having sex in the lotion itself.

In the first couple of scenes, Kana wears a typical masseuse outfit, then a bikini in the third scene and a one-piece swimsuit in the final scene for a decent variety of costumes, and they all look stunning. Kana’s aforementioned enthusiasm, coupled with the stickiness of the lotion, makes for some truly passionate, vigorous sex, with plenty of touching and kissing in addition to a myriad of sex positions. What MXGS-972 lacks in technicality it makes up for with sheer passion – and although it might go a bit far with the lotion, it’s still sure to please Kana Yume fans.

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