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[BLMC-019] Heisei Era Best Strongest Teenage Girls Beautiful Boy “God 7” 4 Hours

Saturday, November 17th, 2018

[BLMC019] 平成歴代最強ティーンエイジ女装美男子「神7」 4時間


BLMC-012 – Handsome Brothers First Anal Banning X W Men’s Daughter Debut!

Sunday, March 25th, 2018

This is a movie about two young guys who try crossdressing and try anal seemingly for the first time.

Scene 1
In scene 1 we get introduced to two young guys where they are interviewed for a couple of minutes. The scene then shifts to them sitting on a couch where they bend over and show off their butts and their assholes. A man comes and begins fondling their balls while in this position. They turn over on their backs with their legs spread in the air as they both get anally fingered and then the man uses dildo’s on them. The man eventually gets naked and makes both guys suck his cock.

Scene 2
In scene 2 both guys are on the bed and they are made to play with each other. They stroke and touch each other sensually. They then move to jerking their own cocks and rubbing against each other. One of them grabs on to both their cocks and begins to rub and jerk them together. They are then asked to fuck. The guy in the white and blue is made to bottom. He tries to ride the other guys cock cowgirl style but doesn’t succeed much. He is then made to go into doggy pose where the other guy then penetrates him slowly. Once the bottom gets used to the cock in his ass he begins to get pounded nice and hard. The guy who does the fucking eventually also tries to ride the bottom cowgirl style but he isn’t successful either. So the bottom then moves into missionary position and gets fucked once again. The guys sensually share deep kisses and eventually the top gives the bottom a creampie.

Scene 3
In scene 3 both guys are dressed in lingerie and they are joined by an older man. All three touch and caress each other. The guys show off their asses and eventually the older man gets naked and both guys suck on his cock. The older guy then fucks the bottom from scene 2 first by laying him on his back on the couch. The action soon moves to the older man on the floor as the bottom from scene 1 rides his cock cowgirl style while sucking the other guys cock. Soon the top from scene 2 is the one on his back taking the older guys cock and then riding him cowgirl style. The older man then fucks each of them turn by turn again before giving the top from scene 2 a creampie.


[BLMC-001] Reincarnation ….For The First Time Try Dug Innocence Boy SUBARU Know Was A Woman Of Joy

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

[BLMC001]  生まれ変わった人…初めて初めての挑戦イノセンスボーイSUBARUは喜びの女だった


[BLKT-001] High School Lullaby Josoko TOUMA Immediately Shooting AV Debut

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

[BLKT001] ハイスクールララバイ 女装子TOUMA 即撮AVデビュー