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MGMQ-028 – A Woman In My Department Is A Teasing Slut Who Like Masochist Men And Fucks Too Much

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

Scene 1: First scene begins with her in an office and she is talking to a man. She flashes him her pantyhose covered legs and and beings to tease him. She even gets him to give her a foot massage and then begins to rub her leg over his chest. She makes him worship her feet and then gets his shirt off and begins to suck on his nipples. The guy is then collared and made to worship her pantyhose covered crotch and she sits on his face. She then gets her pantyhose off and slides her panties to the side and makes her male slave perform cunnilingus on her. She then gets him on his back on the table and goes back to teasing and sucking his nipples as she gives him a handjob. Then she gets him to stand up and begins to rim his ass as she continues her handjob. In the end its really unclear if the slave has cum or not because this shit is censored.

Scene 2: Scene 2 begins with a male sitting in the office on a desk and Rin approaches him dressed all nice and sexy. She teases him and seduces him and begins to play with his nipples over his shirt. She then has him take off his shirt and begins to lick his nipples and nibble on them. She gets his pants off to see a big boner in this underwear. She gets the underwear off and begins to tease his dick and gives him a slow handjob. She then has him bend over the table and finger fucks his asshole and uses a glass dildo to fuck him and stretch his ass. She then puts on a strapon and makes the male slave blow her rubber cock and then fucks him in cowgirl position as she sits on a chair and then fucks his ass in standing doggy position. Once she’s done fucking him, she has him lay down on the floor and proceeds to piss all over his face.

Scene 3: Scene 3 has Rin in some sexy lingerie and stockings sitting in front of her slave who is on his knees on the floor. The gimp watches her as she masturbates and then uses a vibrator on herself. He is then male to perform cunnilingus on her for a while. Rin then teases and plays with his nipples and jerks his cock. She then anally fingers him and uses a dildo to fuck his ass before she breaks out the strapon. She then fucks the gimp in doggy, cowgirl & missionary positions. In missionary she begins to furiously jerk his cock until he cums on her hand. She then pees all over the gimps face in the end.


[MGMJ-030] Pantyhose Legs Kitchen Seedlings Lennon

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

[MGMJ030] パンスト美脚厨 香苗レノン


[MGMP-035] The ☆ Idiot Sluts Handjob Man Criminal Mania Shot Fire • Man’s Squirting • Glans Head Dry • Urethra • Testicle Offense

Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

[MGMP035]  ザ☆淫語痴女 手コキ男犯 Mania 連射・男の潮吹き・亀頭ドライ・尿道・睾丸責め


[MGMJ-014] Ultra ★ Shaved Slut Waka Ninomiya

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

[MGMJ014] 超★パイパン痴女 二宮和香


[MGMK-001] Pleasure Losing Anagazumu Active Queen & AV Actress Spree To Squid Amateur Men

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

[MGMK001] アナガズム 現役女王&AV女優が素人男性をイカせまくる 快楽負け


[MGMQ-013] Man Crime Kyojo ~ Negotiation Assistance ~ Kan’no Flower

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

[MGMQ013]  男犯狂女~だんぱんきょうじょ~ 神納花


[MGMJ-015] Man Broke ~ Dankei ~ Hanyu Arisa

Monday, July 17th, 2017

[MGMJ015] 男壊~だんかい~ 羽生ありさ


[MGMQ-010] Strap-on Dildo Of Kyojo Do Not Know Of Nasty Anal Man Prisoners ~ Man ~ Miki Matsuzaka

Monday, July 17th, 2017

[MGMQ010] 淫乱アナル男犯 ~男の知らない狂女のペニバン~ 松坂美紀


[MGMJ-013] M And The Beautiful Girl Anal Poisoning Pleasure Fallen Aya Miyazaki

Friday, July 14th, 2017

[MGMJ013]  Mと美少女 アナル中毒 快楽堕ち 宮崎あや


[MGMJ-008] Man Offense Woman Ass-negotiation Corner Of The Eye – Make A Man Woman Ass Shiho Egami

Saturday, January 7th, 2017

[MGMJ008] 男犯女尻〜だんぱんめじり〜 男を犯す女の尻 江上しほ