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[PMS-109] View Sports! Maki Tomoda

Monday, November 6th, 2017

[PMS109] スポーツを見る! 苫田真紀


PCM-063 / Yui Kasugano / Thanksgiving Gokkun & Bukkake

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

[PCM063]  ゆい春日野×スペルマぶっかけファン感謝コンデンスミルキー
This is an older gem from the Milky Prin label. It features a young Yui Kasugano engaging in a lot of cock sucking and cum swallowing. A feature of the movie is her insistent gaze—she doesn’t seem to take her eyes off the camera for a single moment.

Introduction (0:01 ~ 13:44)

Kasugano is lying on a sofa. She’s wearing a posh school uniform: plaid skirt with matching necktie, black socks, white cotton panties, and dark grey blazer over a white shirt. She’s also wearing gym shoes. A male actor starts caressing her body, eventually focusing on her upper thighs and panties. He kisses her thighs, moving steadily towards her pussy, eventually performing cunnilingus. All the while, guys take turns ejaculating in her mouth. Kasugano swallows the cum with her gaze fixed on the camera.

Scene One (13:45 ~ 30:03)

Kasugano is standing in the middle of a room with fifteen guys sitting on the floor around her. She’s wearing the same uniform described earlier. Her gaze fixed on the camera, she starts to undress. She stands naked for a few moments and then puts on a navy Adidas swimsuit. She turns around, posing for the camera, swaying her ass a few times. She then kneels on the floor with all the guys around her jerking their cocks. She starts sucking the guys one or two at a time, until they come on her face and in her mouth. Her gaze is constantly fixed on the camera.

Scene Two (30:04 ~ 58:45)

Kasugano is standing in a room with fifteen guys around her. She’s wearing a sailor schoolgirl uniform with white socks and sneakers. She quickly pulls down her cotton panties, kneels on the arms of a reclining black leather chair, and starts pissing in a guy’s mouth. The guy then performs cunnilingus on her while the rest of the guys are getting their cocks hard. She starts fellating the guys two or three at a time. Eventually she’s lying on her back, and the guys start ejaculating in her mouth and on her shaved pussy. She rubs her pussy with her fingers and brings the cum to her mouth. Her thighs are wide open and her gaze is constantly fixed on the camera.

Scene Three (58:46 ~ 1:33:29)

Kasugano is wearing a black and white silk negligee and a white silk bonnet. She has a lollypop in her mouth. She eventually starts playing with her nipples, staring at the camera. She then brings up the negligee, revealing white G-string panties pulled up in her vulva, and starts rubbing her pussy with her hand and fingers. She then turns around, flashing her ass at the camera. She sits on a black leather sofa, opens her legs, pushes the lollypop in her cunt and starts rubbing a small vibrator on her clit. Two male actors climb on the sofa on either side and stick their cocks in her mouth. At some point more guys take turns ejaculating in her mouth. She swallows the cum and at the end of the scene cleans her fingers.

Scene Four (1:33:30 ~ 2:39:21)

Kasugano is wearing a white and navy T-shirt and matching gym shorts. She’s kneeling on a black leather mattress. About twenty guys are either standing or sitting around her. A ‘gym instructor’ starts kissing her. He’s joined by two other guys for a few moments. A couple minutes later, she’s half naked and guys take turns sucking her nipples. Her shorts come off, followed by her white panties. She eventually comes and pulls her shorts back on, getting ready for the bukkake and gokkun scene. She sucks the instructor, and he starts fucking her, assuming several positions before taking her from behind, doggy style. Guys come in her mouth and on her face. She swallows the cum staring at the camera. Towards the end of the scene, she’s lying on her back and guys come in her open mouth.

The movie ends at 2:39:29 with credits.


[ONGP-086] Amateur Busty Raw Pies Saddle Video FILE

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017



PMS-146 Milky Sports 146 – Maria Ozawa

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

Scene one is Maria exercising and striping.
Scene two is Maria dressed as a cheerleader mastabating with some toys.
Scene three is Maria on a sofa in a swimsuit with two guys using toys on her.
Scene four is Maria in a swimsuit suck three guys untill they cum in her mouth or on her tits.
Scene five is Maira in a swimsuit sucking and then fucking a guy in various posions inc: missionary doggy reverse cowgirl and cowgirl ending in cum in mouth and on her tits.


[AVOP-248] Black Gal Masochist BODY Auction

Monday, September 5th, 2016

[AVOP248] 黒ギャル マゾBODYオークション


[TCM-011] Terra Penis Omomo Lisa

Friday, June 10th, 2016

[TCM011] テラちんぽ 大桃りさ


[PMP-230] Nasty OL MIKA

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016

[PMP230]  淫乱OL MIKA


[KJK-002] Defeat Saddle A Woman Eroii GLORY BODY! ! Kojima Jun’na

Friday, January 29th, 2016

[KJK002] GLORY BODY エロイイ女をハメ倒せ!! 小嶋ジュンナ


[TCM-003] Marika Terra Penis

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

[TCM003] テラちんぽ まりか


[TCM-001] Terra Penis Drops

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

[TCM001]  テラちんぽ しずく