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[MMND-172] Likely Room 01 Inaba Luka

Monday, July 29th, 2019

[MMND172]  言いなり部屋 01 稲場るか


[MMND-162] “AV Impossible” Melodyable Dead M Female College Student Maru Ochi Big Breasts H Cup Full Of Bad Haircut

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

[MMND162] 『AV無理』めい いいなりドM女子大生の丸もち爆乳Hカップをハチャメチャ完全穢し揉み


[MMND-168] Toka Kanda’s Real Idol … “AV Unreasonable” Licking Rori Body Too Sensitive Of 19-year-old Completely Messed Up

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

[MMND168] 外神田の本物アイドル…『AV無理』 19


[MMND-169] Do It Too Much

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

[MMND169] やりすぎっ 神咲詩織


[MMND-167] “AV Impossible” Takanashi Yu Personality Is Too Good Natural Do M Female College Student F Cup Breasts Perfectly Suffer From Rubbish

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

[MMND167]『AV無理』 高梨ゆあ 性格が良すぎる天然ドM現役女子大生のFカップ美乳ボディを完全いいなり穢し揉み


[MMND-171] “AV Unreasonable” Crawling 19-year-old Natural G Cup Busty Gravure Idol Being Sold Thoroughly In Full Izure

Sunday, June 30th, 2019

[MMND171]『AV無理』柊るい19才 天然Gカップ巨乳で売り出し中のグラビアアイドルをじっくり完全イジメ揉み


[MMND-169] Do It Too Much

Thursday, June 27th, 2019

[MMND169]  やりすぎっ 神咲詩織


[MUM-201] Imari Morihoshi – Mama Do Not Know … Everyday Of Love Distorted Adolescent Daughter And Dad [1080p]

Sunday, June 9th, 2019

4 hours of daddy-daughter incest, MUM-style.. you’ll know if this is for you.
Imari Morihoshi perhaps isn’t the most traditionally beautiful of JAV actresses, but she has a tomboyish charm and seems to be having a good time performing here, making some funny, kind of bratty faces as she jokes around with her JAV dad.
Plus, it’s one of the few consensual-seeming MUM releases (or “loli” JAVs overall), so if you’re not big on the crying this is one to check out.

Sex acts: father-daughter incest, blowjob, swallowing, missionary, cowgirl, doggystyle, squirting, male use of sex toys on female, dildo, Magic Wand, light bondage/rope play, hotel sex, school swimsuit, schoolgirl outfit

In the first scene, we see the dad drink his coffee as the girl leaves for school, followed by the wife. After hearing the latter go, he gets out of the chair and it switches to POV. He snoops around to make sure the coast is clear, steps outside, and heads behind a van parked in the driveway, where you find Imari hiding in the secluded outdoor spot! It seems like this is an arrangement the two take part in regularly, and they head back to the front hallway to make out, bust her tits out of her schoolgirl outfit, and finally get a BJ with plenty of hand action until he covers her tongue with thick jizz, which she swishes around in her mouth and swallows all of. Then the happy girl heads off to school!

In the next scene, the girl is in more casual wear at home where she’s watching a scary movie on the couch with her dad, and even with the lights on she’s super scared and clinging to him for dear life (and he has some fun making her jump with his own “boo!”s). It seems all this touching and tickling gets him hot and bothered, because as soon as the wife gets into the shower he decides it’s time to get a blowjob in front of the couch. She gives his dick a good mouthing (including some ball sucking) and then he lies her down on the dining room table and fingers her until she squirts all over his hand, the table, and the floor! He lies back down on the couch so she can finish sucking him off until he cums in her mouth and she savors and swallows it in the same way as before. Then she puts her clothes back on and with a smile on her face cleans up the mess left by her squirt, and by the end mom still isn’t out of the shower yet. Good thing she always takes forever in there…

In scene 3, it’s Imari-chan’s birthday! Her and some relatives are sitting around a table eating cake and having a fairly lengthy conversation that I don’t understand, then it cuts to the next morning where it’s just the dad, his wife, and her at the dinner table on what seems to be a school day. More talking, and then the mom gets up and leaves, earlier than usual it seems, and as soon as she’s out of view Imari flashes a big ol’ grin to her papa. They seem to have some playful banter where she acts a little coy and bratty for fun and then they head off to her bedroom where they kiss and he quickly messes up her school uniform by busting her tits out and sucking on them. He pulls up her skirt (where there’s already a damp spot on her panties!) and fingers her a while before they move onto dick-sucking, which has a pretty hot part where she sucks his balls while rubbing his cock all over her face (also, guy is packing a fairly big dick for JAV, it’s about the size of her head). Finally an hour and 40 minutes in she lies on her back and he takes her in missionary, school uniform still “on” and panties hanging off her sock-covered foot. They fuck hard like that, upright hugging in “lotus flower”, doggy, and cowgirl before he shoots his load into her mouth.

In scene 4, Imari-chan and her mom are discussing something in the dining room, then mom grabs her purse and leaves again. Of course she gets up and teases her dad who’s on the couch reading, and then the two head off to his bedroom this time. He tapes her hands together and uses one of those vibrating eggs on her through her panties, then under them, while she squirms. He sticks a dildo vibrator in her mouth and then inside of her, too, followed by an ass-up Magic Wand attack until she squirts! He keeps that going for quite a while until she’s a blushing mess, then gets out the ropes and ties her legs and hands to the bed (we’re getting kinky now, folks!). He puts the dildo vibrator inside her while using the Wand on her clit, and she continues to squeal and fidget. He finishes her off with two fingers until she squirts again (which doesn’t take long).

In the fifth and final scene it’s the same setup again, where the mom leaves the two of them alone, but this time it seems like it’s an overnight trip because the two go outside holding hands and head to a hotel! After showing off the room a bit the two go into the bathroom and take a bath together, where she sucks (and even gives him a little titfuck) until he fills her mouth up again. Then on the bed it seems he told his daughter about a little kink of his, because she brought that blue Japanese school swimsuit and changes into it. She shows off her body a bit, then she gets in the chair where he uses his toys on her nipples and pussy again through the suit, before using his robe belt to tie her wrists together above her head and cuts the crotch open on the suit. He uses the same methods as last time to make her cum, then sticks his cock in and begins to fuck her on the chair, before untying her hands so she can answer a call coming in on her phone (with Tetris ringtone, natch)! I’ll take an educated guess and say it’s mom, who she talks to while her dad fucks her. After that he takes her doggy on the chair, then standing sideways in ballerina pose against the window, then finally missionary on the bed where for a bit he uses a vibe on her while his cock is inside. He finishes off by jacking into her mouth again, then she cleans off her dad’s cock and the two smooch, giggle, and chat for a couple of minutes before it just sort of ends abruptly.




[MMND-166] Overdoing Ayami Shunbun

Monday, April 1st, 2019

[MMND166] やりすぎっ あやみ旬果


[MMND-165] Overweighting Kiritani Festival

Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

[MMND165]  やりすぎっ 桐谷まつり