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[YMDD-100] Ofupako!vol.1 Number The Yare Likely Busty Layer In The Cosplay Venue Taking The Lumps And With Species Press! Mika Wakatsuki

Monday, November 20th, 2017

[YMDD100] オフパコ!vol.1 コスプレ会場でヤレそうな巨乳レイヤーを個撮とダマして種付プレス! 若槻美香


[DSD-705] Blonde Angel And Black Decachin

Monday, November 13th, 2017

[DSD705] ブロンド天使と黒デカチン


[SEND-133] Young Wife Rico’s Daydream Diary!

Friday, November 10th, 2017

[SEND133] 若い妻リコのデイドリーム日記!


[SEND-86] Cream Pie! First Anal Fuck! Super Body Rico

Friday, November 10th, 2017

[SEND86] クリームパイ! ファーストアナルファック! スーパーボディーリコ


WAKM-005 – Lustful spirit lingers in haunted house – Haloween upload

Sunday, November 5th, 2017

here’s a little treat for Halloween, the plot = a couple moves into a house but unbeknownst to them there is a lustful spirit lingering in the house, so they hire a film crew and an exorcist to purge the house of fuck spirits.

1. not really sex but one of the crew members sets up a camera in the room he sleeps in and then he is woken up in the middle of the night and starts humping and fucking the air

2. they call in the sexorcist and they locate the spirit, it traps the guy on the stairs and sucks him off and rides him, note the shitty paint that comes off and sticks on the actor’s thighs

3. the sexorcist performs the holy ritual of finger banging the spirit with holy beads in hand, the spirit disappears presumably depleted of its ether from being finger banged with holy beads nearby

4. it seems the spirit has possessed the girlfriend and it’s ol padre holy fingers duty to finger bang the spirit out of her. after that the spirit rematerializes conveniently from the side of the bed where it may or may not have hidden under, it gets fucked doggy, missionary, sucks padre off and rides him until he sprinkles holy water all over her face, and when I say holy water it’s really just cum. The spirit disappears after being satisfied and they lived happily ever after.


[LZD-02] Myu x Asa Myu Misa Kita

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

[LZD02] ミャ・アサ・ミーミサ・ミー


[YMDD-107]Why Are You Here In Japan? Welcome To Sex Lovers Japan Chloe Catherine Came To Japan From The Island Nearest Heaven, So Why Has She Cum!?

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Obviously Chloe is not fully Japanese, Black and Japanese so she is Blasian….

First scene: This pretty sloppy looking guy with a mic is hanging at the airport trying to interview people, he finds Chloe and she agree to talk to him. She speaks fluent Japanese but keeps saying “Qui” instead of “Hai” they talk about her being a dance then he shows her around. Finally they get back to his hotel where they meet up with his friend and get her to change into a very skimpy Japanese robe. They eat and drink a lot and finally at 45 minutes into the film one of the guys starts making out with her!

Scene 2: Drinking making out leads to both guys playing with her tits and then her pussy. Next since this is Japan, they blindfold her and put wrist restraints on her before guy #2 starts eating her out. Then its a blow job, doggy style sex and cow girl before missionary and coming of those tits.

Scene 3: later that night she is sleeping and the first really sloppy guy with the mic sneaks in and starts playing with her tits, then he fucks her missionary but he must be pretty small cause she never wakes up.

Scene 4: Next morning they go to breakfast before going to a studio where two weird dudes in shorts and glasses meet them. The have her change into sexy black under garments they they take photos with her posing with the guys in shorts. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know They are playing with her tits and rubbing her pussy. She blows both of them then its a minute of 2 on 1 Doggy and BJ, and 1 on 1 Doggy, cowgirl and missionary. They guys finish on her face.

Google translation of the Japanese movie description….
“You went to Japan to JapanWhat? A dancer who came to learn Japanese dance from the nearest island from heaven! Momotaro New Project Special Version! Hatchamacha Charge Plan! Dancer beauty woman who came to Japan YOU! ! To a brown beauty of a style far from Japanese women “SamuraisoSlippage at the door! Unpredictable! Erotic too beautiful nonstandard YOU! The tits and buttocks shake!”


[SGET-005] Raw Sawa Racha Hamachi Amateur Big Breast Nampa Tamomimi Get You!Genkyu ~ # 005

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

[SGET005] 沢井亮のハチャメチャ素人爆乳ナンパ もみもみGet You!げっちゅ~ #005


[MMB-156] The Collector Was Uploaded To Net Animation Ringing The Bell Three Times And It Was Developed To Social Problems Too Aggressive Approach

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

[MMB156]  徴収員は三度ベルを鳴らす えげつないまでの集金の手口


YMDD-105 Kaho Shibuya – Your Body Is A Crime – A Sex Starved K Cup Titty Massage Parlor Therapist 1080p

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Cute Kaho performs massages wearing glasses, but the customers want more. In the first scene, they kiss. She rubs his cock. He grabs and plays with her boobs while she is still clothed, rubs her pussy, gradually gets her nude. She squirts when he fingers her. She then performs blowjobs, titjobs, and a handjob where he cums on her boobs, and she cleans his cock afterward. Next scene, the cameraman loves when Kaho removes her shirt. She oils her body for the massage, with emphasis on her boobs because this is a boob and pussy massage. The client takes the opportunity to suck her boobs, and she rewards him with titjobs and handjobs. He cums on her giggling boobs. On the next scene, the customer grabs her boobs and she sucks his fingers. She licks his balls and does a blowjob with deaptroath, handjob, titjob. He cums on her tits. In the next scene, Kaho is in a bumpy car with boobs flying all over because of the security belt. They stop in a field for her to masturbate with a vibrator. She squirts. In the next scene, Kaho wears a black dress and kiss a man. He holds and rubs her nipples. Next is blowjobs, tit jobs. She sits on his face for pussy licking. She puts back her panties. He sucks her with panties pulled aside, fucks her doggy, standing doggy, more squirt, then cowgirl, spoon, on her back legs open, ends with a creampie. She continues fingering her pussy, and squirts a huge amount. In the next scene, the guys eyes are masked. She kiss him, sucks his nipples and dick, lick his ass hole, and titfuck on her knees and on the bed., Rubbing his cock against her panties, handjob, she squirts through her panties, clean his cock and blowjobs. Change of cloth and fucked on her back, doggy, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, footjob and handjob till completion with cum on himself. She cleans his cock. The last scene is in the shower with lots of booby rubbing with soap bubbles and a foggy lens.