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[MIGD-524] The Luke Kanae Out Intrinsic In The First

Saturday, December 15th, 2018

[MIGD524] まずルーク香苗アウト組み込み


[MIGD-710] Hobo’s South Nana, Which Is Not Conceived In The Devil Shota Us To Get Married Just Before

Saturday, December 15th, 2018

[MIGD710] 結婚直前に鬼畜ショタ達に孕ませられた保母さん みなみ菜々


[MIDD-479] Female Teacher Humiliation Gang Bang Airi Ai

Saturday, December 15th, 2018

[MIDD479] 女教師屈辱ギャングバンアイリアイ


[MIAE-085] Rino Kirishima – A Massage Parlor Which Swallows Testicles. Get More Semen For The Slut To Drink!

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

[MIAE085]  ごっくん睾丸マッサージ店~精子を増やして痴女飲み!~ 桐嶋りの

We start off with her in the masseuse outfit introducing the benefits of a testicle massage.  As with “you” on the table, this is a POV scene where she starts with a little faux massage before she mounts your face and gives your testicles a fondling massage.  Some light rimming on you as she does some dirty talk and she starts what looks to be a very nice technique hand job.  Her blowjob composes of long strokes and she works the testicles with her hands in what I can only imagine to be pure heaven.  Camera cuts to her kneeling on the floor for a nice underskirt shot and she works you to completion.  She doesn’t play with the ejaculate too much (i.e. gargling it) before she swallows.  Good warm up scene setting up the massage parlor vibe.  Camera work is very good, not too tight with the shots and the lighting is excellent.

Our next scene is her in a black mini skirt with the actor on the table.  Super short skirt and nice skimpy top showing her bra makes for a very classy, but yet slutty Rino.  Regular camera work for this scene and the lighting has nice earth tones which allow you to focus on the action. When I first saw this scene and she started to sniff the testicle area, I was a little wary about it because I haven’t seen it too many times.  But it does set up her persona of being thirsty for semen throughout the rest of the film. You can already tell the committment she has, as a little pre ejaculate is on the actor’s pelvic area, and before she licked it off, she used the tip of her tongue to pick up a strand of it and then she licked it off.

Nice touch, but I was not prepared for the semen play for this scene.  When the actor blows in the bag, Rino tilts it down her mouth to drink it.  She then proceeds to TURN THE CONDOM INSIDE OUT and lick it clean in a faux blowjob to it when she inflates it.  Absolutely killer in terms of visuals, I would not be surprised if some of you have that bookmarked.

Rino does housecalls too as she shows up to the client’s home for a session.  Dressed in a body hugging blue dress, Rino prepares for the session by slinking out of the dress, and putting on a wrap around her waist while she wears a pink thong.  Some more of her gentle testicle massage is this scene’s ice breaker, then followed up by a blowjob until the actor pops and Rino drinks it.  Still thirsty, she keeps on sucking even until well after she’s swallowed.

In an attempt to lure in more men to her humble parlor, Rino is dressed in a black dress outside handing out flyers.  Whatever she wears, she is absolutely fantastic in it and if you like the dress, she keeps it on during this scene.  She’s drank semen from the source, from the condom, now she drinks it out from what might as well be her partner in crime, a cocktail glass.  She performs handjobs/blowjobs to three actors while she has on the dress and if she’s not sucking, she’s tugging, all while being eaten out by the third actor.

The actors fill the glass and Rino drinks it down, and while you think that might be it, she licks the entire glass from base to stem, inside and outside and rips open her pantyhose to play with herself.  Wonderful scene shot beautifully with the tight shots coming in at the right time.

Lastly is the bikini massage scene.  Nothing really built up to the purpose of this scene, just Rino in a two piece while a blindfolded actor sits in a chair while she talks dirty.  Nice shots of light french kissing with Rino not overdoing the tongue action.  I liked this scene because it was allowed to breathe.  The action wasn’t on the table, it was on the floor and that allowed the camera to really pan out and showcase the nice ambient lighting in the background.  Two more actors show up and this becomes a 3P scene.  She rides cowgirl while the other actors flank her, she gets on doggie position and she continues to suck and tug at the other actors until they pop in her mouth. She still is getting pounded from behind as she swallows which is very nice.  First actor pops in her mouth at the conclusion and as a behind the scenes closing shot, she has a little laugh with the folks in the studio.


MIDE-599 Premature Ejq Iku Sensitive 4SEX Mikami Yuya

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

[MIDE599]【エスワン専属×ムーディーズ人気シリーズ】 早漏イクイク敏感4SEX 三上悠亜

scene 1:

showing ass, stockings , introduction, rubbing pussy, choosing own toy, tits, blowjob while being toyed

scene 2:

being fingered, licked, fucked, sits on top of him, looks at him while being fucked, being fucked on top of the stairs doggy style, fucked until cumshot

scene 3:

toyed, licked, blowjob while being fignered,

scene 4:

underground, older man, stockings, kissing, light bondage, licked all over body, feet licking, pussy licking, fucked while spreading her legs, facesitting, came inside,

scene 5:

apartment room, toys, undressing into a bikini, being toyed while giving a blowjob until she gets a facial

scene 6:

armpits, showing butt into camera and grabbing it and the pussy, being fuck with her legs bent over,. getting a facial

scene 7:

starts off with her hands being tied up and mikami being blindfolded, breasts fondled, being fucked doggy and missonary until final cumming


[MIAE-343] Blowjob Talent 001 Kiki Mikan

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

[MIAE343] フェラチオの天才001 枢木みかん


[MIDE-605] A Cheeky Cute Girl And 5 Days Living Together With Tsundere Nanaizawa Mia

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

[MIDE605]  生意気な幼なじみの後輩と5日間のツンデレ同棲生活 七沢みあ


[MIAE-347] Ultra-high-end Vaginal Cum Shot Special Soap Miya Shuri

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

[MIAE347]  超高級中出し専門ソープ 美谷朱里


[MIAE-350] Shame While Being Witnessed By Beloved Partner Newlywed Couple Combination Inspector NTR Ayabi Miura

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

[MIAE350]  最愛のパートナーに目撃されながらの恥辱 新婚夫婦コンビ捜査官NTR 彩葉みおり


[MIAE-348] “Teacher … Today Is A Thank You” Running School Female Teacher To Escape Penetration Lite X Pure Manami

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

[MIAE348]「先生…本日はお礼参りです」 逃亡する女教師を校内追い回し挟み撃ちレ×プ 大浦真奈美