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MIGD-609 / Hara Chigusa / Non-stop Fucking Orgy

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

[MIGD609]  ノーカット真性中出し大乱交 原千草

This movie is from MOODYZ’ Gati series. It features a supremely slutty Hara Chigusa fucking her way through a large house populated by dozens of male actors. Chigusa essentially sucks and fucks anyone in sight—including a crew member—over the course of the entire movie. The jacket claims a total of 134 creampies in a little over two hours.

Introduction (0:12 ~ 12:03)

Chigusa is walking past a train station towards the cameraman’s minivan. She’s wearing a light blue skirt with eggshell sweater and cardigan. She takes a seat at the back and starts to chat with the cameraman. The van is rolling, on its way to the main location. Once they reach their destination—around the 9-minute mark—Chigusa is asked to flash her pussy for the camera. She obliges, and suddenly a male actor appears and opens the van’s door. This is followed by the credits.

Scene One (12:04 ~ 40:00)

Chigusa is pulled out of the minivan by a male actor. They walk in the lobby of an apartment complex and wait for the elevator. Once inside, the actor starts teasing her body, rubbing her pussy through her panties. As soon as the elevator doors open, a second actor pulls her out and walks her towards a large room, where several guys are waiting. Chigusa is sat on a bed, and the two lead actors start teasing her body. Within a few minutes her pussy is exposed and several guys stick their fingers in her cunt until she climaxes. The orgy then begins. She fellates the guys one at a time while others take turns fucking her. Throughout the scene she assumes various positions, fucking all the guys in the room.

Scene Two (40:01 ~ 47:10)

Chigusa is walking away from the bed. A guy starts fucking her from behind as they slowly make their way towards a bathroom. The couple step into the shower and Chigusa rinses her pussy with the shower head while the guy is still fucking her. Several more guys join in and take turns fucking her beside to the bathtub. She eventually crawls out of the bathroom on all fours while a guy fucks her from behind. They end up in an adjacent bedroom, and Chigusa is asked to choose a costume for the next scene.

Scene Three (47:11 ~ 1:22:56)

Chigusa puts on red gym shorts and a matching T-shirt. She then moves onto a bed and starts fellating three guys. The action soon resumes, and several guys take turns fucking her on the bed while she keeps busy sucking and jerking two or three cocks at a time. About 20 minutes in, an actor manages to carry her out of the room while fucking her. They enter a second bathroom, where another guy is waiting. The fucking resumes, and at some point Chigusa wipes the camera’s lens with tissues. The orgy continues until one of the guys pulls her out the bathroom door.

Scene Four (1:22:57 ~ 1:40:08)

Chigusa is fucked from behind. The couple move through a dining room until they enter a kitchen, where a crew member is waiting for her. The male actor leaves the room and Chigusa takes a short break, chatting with the crew member. She then decides to suck the guy. He resists but she insists, so eventually she has his cock in her mouth, and one thing leading to another, the guy starts fucking her. Actors soon join them, and the orgy slowly resumes. The action then moves to a different room.

Scene Five (1:40:09 ~ 2:14:38)

Chigusa walks out of the kitchen escorted by two actors. They make their way to the living room, where she finds more guys sitting or standing around a mattress laid on the floor. She kneels and starts to suck one of the guys. Several more join in and the fucking resumes. Thirty minutes in the action comes to an end and Chigusa answers a few questions. Someone hands her a towel. She steps off the mattress and walks out of the room, waiving her hand at the camera.

The movie ends at 2:14:38 with superimposed credits.


[MIAE-049] Glared Been Les ○ Flops Etc. Yankee Hen Oraora Woman Humiliated Sexual Intercourse

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

[MIAE049] 睨まれレ○プ どヤンキー編~オラオラ女と強制性交~


[MIFD-008] Again AV Shooting Aimed At The Part-time Job The Way Home!Another Of Your Job 3 Production Henan Minori Earnestly To Go To Before The College Student To Work In A Cafe To Go Home

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

[MIFD008]  アルバイト帰りを狙って再びAV撮影!カフェで働く女子大生が帰宅する前にイキまくったもうひとつのお仕事3本番 河南実里


[MIAE-042] In Front Of The Sisters Return Debt In The Body And Spread The Co ○ Ma JK Mari Nashinatsu

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

[MIAE042] 妹たちの前でマ○コを広げカラダで借金返すJK 麻里梨夏


[MIAE-041] Rim Job Job Gakuen 3 Sakaegawa Noa Atobi Sri

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

[MIAE041] アナル舐め舐め学園3 栄川乃亜 跡美しゅり


[MIDE-410] Investigator, Capstone Torture Full Course KamiSaki Shiori Of Pleasure Fallen Body Fluids Tainted

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

[MIDE410] 捜査官、快楽堕ち 体液まみれの絶頂拷問フルコース 神咲詩織


[MIGD-760] SenSaki Out For The First Time In The Intrinsic

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

[MIGD760] はじめての真性中出し 千早希


[MIFD-007] The Real Exposure Of The Erotic Desire In The Back Red Of Unfussy Neat System SNS Of AV’s First Appearance Kyoto Accent Is Lewd Girl

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

[MIFD007]【DMM限定】AV初出演 京都訛りのおっとり清楚系 SNSの裏アカでエロ願望を晒す本当はスケベな女の子 生写真2枚付き


[MIDE-403] Video Bud To Be Screaming At The Insertion By Transformation Estrus The Bud Chan Left Acme

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

[MIDE403]【DMM限定】放置アクメでつぼみちゃんを変態発情させて挿入で絶叫させるビデオ つぼみ 生写真3枚付き


[MIGD-761] Ver Pies Orgasm SEX Intrinsic Does Not Stop Even The Ejaculate 10 Times A Day. Aki Sasaki 1

Sunday, May 7th, 2017

[MIGD761] 日10回射精しても止まらないオーガズムSEX 真性中出しVer. 佐々木あき