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TEK-097 – They Are Invincible (Shoko Takahashi and Yua Mikami)

Thursday, December 27th, 2018

[TEK097] ふたりは無敵
MUTEKI 10 anniversary Special Planning] AV ever, the best matchless 2 large entertainers, dream of the first co-star! Invincible they came came back § § over over! Super finest soapland entertainers harem two-wheeled vehicles, Tit & Blow Without Macleay, toys harnessed and straddles W Handjob, reverse-out wrecked as it is clash at Night swimming pool piston gangbang, sandwich reverse 3P experience of entertainers sisters and miracles, etc … all seven corner rolled punching super rich! First and last, luxury co-star of the miracle.

【MUTEKI 10周年Special企画】AV史上、最高双璧2大芸能人、夢の初共演!無敵のふたりが帰ってきたぁぁーー!超最高級ソープランド芸能人ハーレム2輪車、パイズリ&フェラで抜きまくりー、玩具イカセ&跨がりW手コキ、ナイトプールで逆ナンパそのまま激突きピストン大乱交、芸能人姉妹と奇跡のサンドイッチ逆3P体験、etc…超濃厚な抜きまくり全7コーナー!最初で最後、奇跡の贅沢共演。


[TEK-097] They Are Invincible

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

[TEK097] ふたりは無敵


[1080p/FHD] TEK-081 – Pleasure Splash! Squirting For The First Time Ever Yua Mikami

Saturday, September 29th, 2018

The ninth film of Yua Mikami’s career, back when she was still with Muteki. As expected, there aren’t any particularly strong themes in this. I don’t even know what they did to the cover; she never wears that bikini in the movie. There is some squirting, so at least the title makes sense.

Yua sucks dick, gets fingered, teased with a massage wand, her nipples and pussy licked, and fucked in missionary, doggy (standing and kneeling), and cowgirl, as well as getting double-teamed twice.



TEK-080 – Saliva-Slick Tongues Intertwined: Sex With Hot, Smothering Kisses Yua Mikami

Saturday, September 29th, 2018

[TEK080]  唾液を絡める濃厚接吻セックス 三上悠亜

A MUTEKI film starring Yua Mikami. As the title says, it’s a pretty weak theme with “kisses”, how bold! At least they stick to it, there actually is a lot of kissing in this movie. Doesn’t happen every time in JAV.

So yeah, Yua obviously smooches a lot of guys, and when she doesn’t, she provides blowjobs, gets groped, licked and fingered, produces some friction with the back of her knee (not sure what you’d call that, see the thumbnails at 01:21:28), gives handjobs, and gets fucked in missionary, doggy, and reverse cowgirl. The last scene also incorporates two guys at once, so when Yua gets fucked from behind, she still has somebody to kiss. Genius.


[TEK-091] Snow Drop Imai Melo

Saturday, July 28th, 2018

[TEK091] 【数量限定】snow drop 今井メロ (ブルーレイディスク) 特典DVD付き


[TEK-027] MOSAIC nude Yuri Kobayashi

Saturday, July 28th, 2018

[TEK027]  MOSAIC nude 小林ユリ


TEK-019 – Debut of Japanese Idol Eri Ishikawa / Nonoka Hana

Saturday, July 28th, 2018

Too cute Face and pleasant plump and beautiful boobs … 97 cm I-cup celebrity – Nana Noriko Anthat MUTEKI debuted with electricity! Blow job tangling a tongue naughty, SEX shyly suffocating sex … that none are too bad! Completely demonstrate a lot of play which could not be thought in the idol era!


[TEK-096] FUCK STAGE Sakurako

Sunday, December 10th, 2017

[TEK096] 【数量限定】FUCK STAGE 桜もこ (ブルーレイディスク) 特典DVD付き


[TEK-042] LOVE OFFICE Mayuka Okada

Sunday, December 10th, 2017



[KGDV-07] Gunji Kawasaki Series My Friend’s Mother The Peeping Housekeeper

Thursday, November 16th, 2017

[KGDV07] 川崎軍事シリーズ私の友人の母親覗き見家長