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MVSD-277 Aphrodisiac 2 Hole Acme Trip! Kobayakawa Reiko

Friday, September 15th, 2017

[MVSD277] 媚薬2穴アクメトリップ! 小早川怜子
Starts off with a brief interview with Reiko.

Scene 1: She is riding in the backseat of the car, and she starts to masturbate. Panties come off, more masturbating, and a little bit of vibrator action.

Scene 2: They take her to a dark room and give her some sort of aphrodisiac. She gets super horny, the clothes come off and the guy plays with her, fingering her pussy. He puts a ball gag in her mouth, more fingering, then he fingers her ass. She sucks his dick and then they proceed to fuck missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl. He then sticks it in her ass doggy. More ass fucking in a couple more positions, reverse cowgirl, spoon, until he cums in her ass doggy.

Scene 3: She is on a chair and a couple guys tape a bunch of vibrators to her body. They finger and toy her pussy and ass for a bit. She then moves to a mattress, more fingering and sucking. They fuck her pussy for a bit, then her ass in doggy and standing doggy. Reverse cowgirl anal, into DP, then cowgirl dp. They take turns fucking her, one cumming in her pussy and one finishing in her ass to end the scene.


[MVSD-321] Women Humiliation × Diet Heather Minori Otari

Friday, September 15th, 2017

[MVSD321] 女子力×食ザー 小谷みのり


[AVOP-316] Eating Chewing Lesbaking! ! Kanashi Asada Oshinoji Risa

Friday, September 15th, 2017

[AVOP316]  食ザー咀嚼レズバイキング!! 浅田結梨 小野寺梨紗

Lesbian gokkun? Let me explain. These two girls are more concerned with each other but also love swallowing. The men might get blowjobs or use toys on them but… the girls want each other and the taste of man juice. Lesbian kissing, cum on food, cum-sharing, blowjobs and toys and, of course, a lot of cum-swallowing. Kampai!


[MVSD-320] In Strong JK Time-stop Sense Of Justice Pies Tadaman Public Figures AyumiMinoru

Friday, September 15th, 2017

[MVSD320] 時間停止 正義感の強いJKにタダマン中出し MVSD


[MVSD-328] At The School I Got An Advertisement Name Of “AV Doctor” Attached To A Sister Of A Classmate Who Was Very Annoyed And Shot AV With A Press Press Yu Nao Himekawa

Friday, September 15th, 2017

[MVSD328] 学校で「AV博士」のアダ名が付いたボクがめちゃ腹立つ同級生の妹に種付けプレスでAV撮ったったwwww 姫川ゆうな


[MVSD-325] You Can Do Wealthy Father!Compensated Dating JK Out Adult Buying In Sakaegawa Noa Airi Sato

Friday, September 15th, 2017

[MVSD325] 資産家オヤジならデキる!援交JK大人買い中出し 栄川乃亜 さとう愛理


[MVSD-331] NTR Platonic The Matter That She Was Made To Eat By Unknown Fathers. Yukari Miyazawa

Friday, September 15th, 2017

[MVSD331] NTR プラトニックな関係の彼女が見知らぬ親父達に食ザーさせられていた件


[MVSD-330] If You Are An Asset Oyaji Dekiru!Girls School Student Buying Adult Cum Inside Out Mari Ary Summer Sasami Aya

Friday, September 15th, 2017

[MVSD330] 資産家オヤジならデキる!女子校生大人買い中出し 麻里梨夏 佐々波綾


[MVSD-332] Cut • M • Ko • Anal Whatever Hole You Drink Everything If Men’s Soup!Piss Cum 3 Used Cum Cum Fuck Kanami Flower

Friday, September 15th, 2017

[MVSD332] クチ・マ●コ・アナルどの穴でも男汁なら全部飲む!小便ザーメン3穴ごっくんファック 神納花


[MVSD-333] Beautiful Older Sister, Do Not Drink Me. Rin Kirishima

Friday, September 15th, 2017

[MVSD333] キレイなお姉さん、ボク達を飲み干さないで。 桐嶋りの

Rino Kirishima (my newest JAV favourite) on a gokkun fest for 2 hours 40 minutes.
I don’t understand Japanese so take it as a drunken description by a moron.

First Scene:
She speaks a little, then walks to a group of guys blows them, they cum on a piece of glass and she licks it off the glass to swallow it all. After that she masturbates until she cums.

Second Scene:
She’s on a bed talking for a while. Then she goes to a group of guys just chillin (notice a pattern here…) and she blows each guy to completion with a lot of cum play with each load. One dude cums on a table, she licks it off. Last two dudes give her condoms and they have sex. She swallows the loads in the condoms.

Second Scene (and a half?):
Still not done with all the mess from the second scene she goes to the bathroom, finds another dude there, and makes him cum on a toothbrush that she uses for… brushing her teeth with cum. Plays with it a lot and swallows.

Third Scene:
Starts with a POV shot of a dude pissing. She comes in, gives him a blow job to completion. It’s mostly POV. She then plays with the load for a while before swallowing.

Fourth Scene:
She’s in a bunny outfit. Rides a dildo while a bunch of guys fap. Then when the guys are on the edge, she finishes them off on a martini glass… get’s it full of cum one by one then swallows the entire thing. Of course she plays with it before swallowing.

Fifth Scene:
She’s chained and wearing lingerie, some dude rubs lotion all over her. She sits on a couch while they use some dildoes on her. She blows some guys while getting toyed. Then it moves to fucking for a while. Then she’s getting fucked doggie style with her face in front of a tray. Guys cum on the tray, she plays with it for ages. She finally swallows the whole thing.

A 4 way split screen recap of all the swallows in the movie. It’s neat.