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[NNPJ-286] Purely Overly Female College Student Who Has Only 2 Times Of Experiences Is The First Guy In Life For The First Time In Love

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018



[NNPJ-260] Nampa Japan Plan Validation! “Did You Know That Mixing Was The Best To Deepen Your Bonds? “

Friday, May 18th, 2018

[NNPJ260] ナンパJAPAN検証企画!「絆を深めるためには混浴が一番って知ってましたか?」


[NNPJ-247] Shirout Female College Student Who Seems To Be Super Cute!Please Process Libido That Chotada-kun Gathered! Ubu Girls Who Are Too Kind To Make A Cherry Boy

Friday, May 18th, 2018

[NNPJ247] 超優しそうなシロウト女子大生限定!


[NNPJ-253] “There’s A Big Tits Married Woman There!Will You Help Me Ejaculate The Virgin Kun? ” Fucking Fuzz With Boasted Boobs!

Friday, May 18th, 2018



[AVOP-343] Nampa Japan First For The First Time In History!Byte Infiltration Nanpa! ! Ikemen Ga Gota Nampa Is Working For One Month

Friday, May 18th, 2018

[AVOP343] ナンパJAPAN史上初!バイト潜入ナンパ!! 都内某優良ピンサロにイケメン凄腕ナンパ師が1ヵ月間勤務!

[AVOP-343] “Spy Film!” – Supervisor has sex with his schoolgirl blowjob escorts

Intro Scenes:
We see our resident japanese perv (perhaps a customer?) having a discussion in the back of a car with the cameraman. After this discussion we’re brought into a weird room with weird people and weird noises. Pictures of our cute to-be stars are on the wall. A weird unintelligible (if you, like myself, don’t speak moon runes) conversation goes on. Around thirteen minutes in the boy is brought in to meet the four school girls. I guess they’re all being spied on? Some of the girls are reading their phone or a magazine, chatting amongst themselves and hanging out in knee high socks and schoolgirl outfits.

Scene 1:
In the sort of weird sex club we see 4 girls blowing four guys in booths. The guy we were introduced to earlier walks around and watches over things to make sure all is well. Maybe he’s a new hire? Various men receive blowjobs from the schoolgirls to music for a good rest of the scene.

Scene 1.5:
Some more discussion in a car. I have no idea what’s going on. The guy goes and talks to one of the girls

Scene 2:
We’re in a cute bedroom with the guy and one of the girls who is out of uniform and giggling. He gives her a hug that’s more awkward than a white person rapping a long to a kendrick song and using the hard r. He begins to undress her and make out with her while rubbing her pussy. Once she’s all the way strips he begins to eat her out. He actually seems pretty good and she seems like she’s enjoying it – something uncommon in JAVs. Once they’re both naked she blows him. He’ll move onto fucking her missionary, sucking on her tits and kissing/licking her nipples. They’ll switch to front facing cowgirl in which she’ll awkwardly but cutely grind and bounce on his cock. They’ll switch to fucking on their sides next. They finish in missionary and she seems to orgasm, then the make out. They cuddle and make out for a bit and the scene ends.

Scene 2.5:
We’re back in the club and customers are getting sucked off by the girls. Eventually they’ll strip and 69 a bit, before the guy begins to finger her roughly.

Scene 3:
We’re in a different bedroom now and the supervisor guy is being flirted up by one of the other girls. He begins to grope, strip, and kiss her. She ends up grinding his panty covered pussy against his cock. Next he’ll fuck her doggy style, holding an arm back and occasionally leaning in to make out with her. She’ll cum and he’ll lean into her in a prone bone position which leads into a side fuck position. It ends with missionary and cuddling – not to mention plenty of giggling.

Scene 4:
No beating around the bush this scene. We see the guy fucking one of the girls missionary; they’re both already naked and in the bedroom from the first scene. He’ll finish and then that’s it for the scene:

Scene 5:
The guy is (I think) interviewing a girl for the job in the back room from earlier. This japanese knock off of casting couch begins with the guy stripping and groping her, sucking on her tits and making her blush/giggle. He’ll eat her out a bit, she’ll make out with him, and then she’ll blow him to demonstrate her skills. They’ll end up fucking reverse cowgirl and then a sort of on the knees doggy style. They’ll finish with missionary and then we’ll get another back room scene and see the girls back at servicing customers.

Scene 6:
In the back room, mr supervisor is quickly kissing and groping one of the employees. She sucks on his nipples a bit and then moves on to blowing him while he rubs her pussy through her panties. Then she’ll ride him front facing cowgirl, bouncing on his cock with probably the best ass of all the girls. Next he’ll roughly fuck her on her back, tits bouncing as she moans and grins. They’ll clean up with tissues and laugh a bit. Then suddenly one of the other girls and the guys walks in them and is like WTF is going on in here. Is voice is like muffled and stuff and he just kinda stares while the girl giggles. It seems like things end okay. Not sure if the guy got punked or fired or what.


[NNPJ-264] Tomoko (a Pseudonym) Who Works For A Major Advertising Agency Who Is Too Aggressive 22-year-old

Friday, May 18th, 2018

[NNPJ264]  激務過ぎる大手広告代理店に勤めるともこさん(仮名)


[NNPJ-255] This Real Life College Girl At A Famous Women’s University With Alluring And Slim Beautiful Legs In Her AV Debut!!

Friday, May 18th, 2018

Starts off quite boring walking around town and then inviting Yuuki back to their place and having some tea.For the next half hour nothing happens except walking in town then when they get home its party time with some average fingering/pussy rubbing and a blowjob followed by some cowgirl/reverse cowgirl action and some doggy and scissor fucking finished with him cumming in her mouth.Next scene looks like from a cellphone with typical blowjob and cowgirl then the scenes that follow replicate the first just different setting and different male actor.


[NNPJ-225] Only Rubbing … Only Supposed Is Too Kindness Intercrural Sex Span Erection Switch ● Port Of Virgin-kun Virginity Loss Horseback Riding Cowgirl Sex!It Gave Me Up.

Friday, May 18th, 2018



[NNPJ-261] Ultimate Real Document Video! A Purely Overly Female College Student Makes A Big Love Affair With A Lucky Man ‘s First Teacher

Friday, May 18th, 2018

[NNPJ261] 究極リアルドキュメント映像! ピュアすぎる女子大生がイケメンナンパ師と人生初の大恋愛しちゃって処女喪失AVデビューするまでの一部始終


[TNB-009] Ikemen Between Man And A Love Wife’s Voyeur Gonzo Collection Vol.1

Friday, May 18th, 2018

[TNB009] イケメン間男と愛妻の盗撮ハメ撮りコレクションVol.1