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NHDTB-179 – A Big Tits Schoolgirl In Uniform Gets Groped And Grabbed From Behind And Wiggles Her Ass On A Crowded Bus By A Titty Grabbing Molester 5

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[NHDTB179] 満員バスで背後から制服越しにねっとり乳揉み痴漢され腰をクネらせ感じまくる巨乳女子
Scene 1 to 3: So the premise is simple, big tit girls in school uniforms board a public bus. We just get a few shots of them standing on the bus and minding their own business. Then a man approaches them (different one in each scene) and begins to feel them up. We get some nice upskirt views of the girls. The action becomes a bit more forced as the feeling up slowly moves on to full on groping. The girls protest, but the men are ofcourse stronger and take advantage of them. Their tits get groped, squeezed and their nipples played with and pinched hard. The girls are humiliated as their panties are pulled down and their tits are hanging out of their shirts in full view. Their pussies get played with and fingered as the stand and whimper in a corner. The men then force the girls to give them blowjobs and then progress to fucking in standing doggy and missionary positions. Each of the scenes (i.e. 1,2,3) the men cum on the girls big tits.

Scene 4: Scene 4 starts out pretty much the same with a girl getting groped and felt up on the bus. The molester (a different one) does the same stuff done as in scene 1 which is tit squeezing, nipple play, pussy fingering etc. Then the molester pulls the girl out of the bus and drags her a few blocks over to a japanese love hotel. There the molester drags her into a room and forces himself on her by playing with her tits, sucking her tits and finger fucking the girls pussy. He even fingers her so hard that the girl squirts all over the bed. The girl is then made to suck dick and then gets fucked in doggy, missionary, sideways & reverse cowgirl positions. In the end she takes a facial.


[NHDT-433] Creampie Humiliation Bus

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[NHDT433] クリームパイ屈辱バス


[NHDT-431] Anal Bus Gropper Industry

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[NHDT431] アナルバス・グルーパー産業


[NHDT-434] Punishment Bullying Squad

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[NHDT434] 罰のいじめ隊


[NHDT-422] Anal Virginity – First Orgasm First Anal – Double Creampie – Juna Aikawa

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

[NHDT422] アナルバージンティー – ファーストオルガスムファーストアナル – ダブルクリームパイ – 相川淳奈


[NHDTB-186] Sensitive Female Who Can Resist Coughing With Aphrodisiac Teacups Immediately At The Visit But Does Not Stop Cum 2

Monday, October 15th, 2018

[NHDTB186]  訪問先で媚薬チ○ポを即ハメされて抵抗するも絶頂が止まらない敏感女2 ~配達員


[HND-564] Because I Had A Favorite Person For Three Years And Said That I Wanted To Go Out With An AV Actress 3

Saturday, September 29th, 2018

[HND564] 年間ずっと好きな人がいて、AV女優と付き合いたいと言ってたので…


NHDTB-117 – Creampie Perverts Group

Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

[NHDTB117]  生中痴漢集団
There is absolutely no plot in this and while it has 3 good and lengthy scenes, I will not be providing a scene by scene breakdown for this particular upload because every scene in this movie plays out pretty much the same way and has pretty much the same stuff happening in it. It’s just different women who are forced raped (ofcourse its all staged) in a bus.

So every scene starts off pretty much the same. We see a young girl, a milf and a woman who isnt quite a milf but isnt a young school girl either. Each of them is seen waiting at a bus stop for a bus to go wherever it is they wish to go. Then they enter the bus and are unaware of how they are going to be used by multiple men. They stand in a particular section of the bus and in the beginning we got good shots of their faces and their bodies and their asses (sort of like upskirt and pervy views of them). Then we slowly see men who are standing around this victims slowly move close to them and try to cop a feel of their asses. At first its just all slight touches and then it moves on to full on groping and grabbing. The women all get their asses played with, their tits are pulled out of their clohtes (while they are till dressed). Their tits are grabbed, squeezed and played with. All the women get their pussies fingered and rubbed. If I am not mistaken and I remember correctly, all the women even squirt….A LOT! So watch out for that if you are squirt lover. Then the women are forced to blow the multiple cocks around her and they get force fucked in just a couple of positions since there is not a lot of room in the bus. They only get fucked in standing doggy, standing missionary and in one womans case in normal missionary position on the bus. They take huge cumshots to the face, their asses and also creampies in their pussy.

SEX ACTS INCLUDED:Gangbang situations in all scenes; women are groped, molested, pussy fingered, squirting, forced blowjobs, forced sex with pussy fucking in standing doggy, standing missionary and normal missionary positions, includes lots of cumshots with facials, cum on ass and creampies.


[NHDTA-037] Female History Teacher Secretly Enjoys Sex at a School Trip

Monday, September 24th, 2018

[NHDTA037] 女性の歴史教師秘密に学校旅行でセックスを楽しむ


[NHDTB-181] Aphrodisiacs Are Too Effective For Workplace Acme!2 Can Not Stand Masturbation Gagged Legs OL Guy

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

[NHDTB181] 媚薬が効きすぎて職場アクメ!2 オナニーを我慢できずガニ股でイキ漏らすガクブル美脚OL