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[NHDTB-162] Aphrodisiac Lesbian Molest 5

Saturday, August 11th, 2018

[NHDTB162]  媚薬レズ痴漢 5


[NHDTB-163] Even If It Gets Maddened, Even If It Is Blown By The Tide, He Does Not Admit Feeling To The End And Is Caught Many Times

Saturday, August 11th, 2018

[NHDTB163] 痴漢され潮を吹かされても最後まで感じていることを認めず潮が出なくなるまで何度もイカされ痙攣が止まらなくなる絶頂女2


NHDTB-150 – Pervert ‘M’ Awaken Lesbian Ver.3

Monday, August 6th, 2018

[NHDTB150]  痴漢‘M’覚醒 レズVer.3
This one comes from the studios of Natural High and focuses on one of my favorite kind of videos… Lesbian Molestation / Rape (roleplayed ofcourse!)

Now, there are two scenes in this upload, but I am not going to be providing details on both scenes. Why? Because both of them play out the same way and features the same kind of torment and humiliation older women face at the hand of these gang of young girls!

DESCRIPTION: So both scenes pretty much start off the same way. We see an older woman (not mature) standing on the street waiting for a bus. Once the woman is on the bus, she just stands there. Two school girls who are talking notice the victim and then slowly make their way towards the victim. They very slyly touch her and at first apologize for touching the victim the inappropriate way. But as time progresses and they continue to grope and feel up the victims, they begin to get more and more aggressive. They laugh with each other and humiliate the victims in each scene. They squeeze their tits, pop them out of their clothes and fondle them, lick them. They even lick their armpits. Then they finger fuck the victims pussies and use vibrators on them. Then they reach a point where they take their victims off the bus and move to a lone warehouse where 2 other girls are waiting. They then take advantage of each of their victims by humiliating them, tying them up with their own panties, putting them in bondage, eating their pussies, using vibrator and hitachi magic wands on them. Then they get down to a matress where almost all of them are naked including their victim and they rub and finger fuck the victim some more. Each scene has atleast one girl who breaks out the strapon and fucks the victims in missionary & doggy positions. They even use double ended dildos on them and grind against the victims pussies. Some girls even squirt over the victims. In the end when all the school girls have had their sapphic forced fun, they leave the helpless woman naked and lying in a pool of cum on the floor!



[NHDTB-159] Kept Chuckling The Nipple Of A Cousin Who Was Sleeping And Asked For An Insertion With Relaxing Though There Was A Relative In The Next Room

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

[NHDTB159] K 寝ている従妹の乳首をこっそりいじり続けたら隣の部屋に親戚がいるのに発情イキして挿入を求めてきた


[NHDTB-154] Anal Also!Also The Joint!Up To Soup Stock! What? “It Is Not Different, It Is Not It …

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018

[NHDTB154]  アナルも!結合部も!えっ中出し汁まで!?「違う、イッたんじゃないの…」


[NNPJ-270] Denjin Daughter Who Seems Serious And Super-gentle Ahayami (22 Years Old) Is Blown Away And Smoked As It Is!

Saturday, July 28th, 2018

[NNPJ270] 真面目で超優しそうな歯科衛生士あやみさん(22才)をナンパしてフェラしたらそのまま精飲!


[NNPJ-289] Discovering M Materials! Ideal Beautiful Breasts Slender M Wife Haruka (24 Years Old) Made An AV Debut! !

Saturday, July 28th, 2018

[NNPJ289] 【DMM限定】Mの逸材発見! 理想の美乳スレンダーM妻はるかさん(24才)がAVデビュー!


[HND-514] Head Is Super Insensitive Though Body Is Super Insensitive!A Very Ordinary Natural Cute Female Active Female College Student Debut!

Saturday, July 28th, 2018

[HND514] 【DMM限定】頭は超鈍感なのに身体は超敏感!ごく普通の天然カワイイ現役女子大生デビュー!


[HND-526] Employee Travel NTRAI Aki Sasaki

Saturday, July 28th, 2018

[HND526] 社員旅行NTRAI 佐々木あき


NHDTB-113 – Even If It Is Molested, What I Feel To The Very End Cum Wearing Caught Repeatedly Until The Tide Does Not Come Out

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Now, I am not going to type details scene by scene here. This is purely because these molestation movies are pretty much the same throughout. The basic gist of it is we see women enter a public bus and then they get unknowingly approached by a male molester. The guy starts to feel them up, gropes them, starts grabbing their tits and pulling them out of their tops. The special thing about this particular volume from Natural High is that this one features a lot…and I mean A LOT of squirting. The guys literally finger these women like there is now tomorrow and the women unleash tons of squirt! Then they are made to forcibly suck on cock and they get fucked in standing doggy and standing missionary positions. All except the last scene where the woman is taken advantage of at the back seat of the bus and gets fucked in doggy, missionary and cowgirl. She quirts too!