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[DOHI-054] There Is A Housing Complex!Overstress With Neighborhood Problems!I Took A Revenge With A Merciless

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

[DOHI054] 住宅団地があります!近所の問題でオーバーストレス!私は無慈悲で復讐しました


[DOHI-055] Neighborhood Frustration My Wife Is Gifted For Sexual Intercourse The Married Woman Jariman Circle

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

[DOHI055] 近所の欲求不満私の妻は性交のために才能を持っています既婚女性ジャリマンサークル


[DMOW-159] Triple Slut Lower Body Harem 3 Points Torture

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

[DMOW159] トリプル痴女 下半身ハーレム3点責め


[DMOW-160] Whispering Wisdom W Mature Man 2

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

[DMOW160]  囁く知恵W成熟した男2


[DOHI-058] Do Not Notice That The Pants Are Torn!Unprotected Deca Ass And Carelessly

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

[DOHI058] パンツが引き裂かれたことに気付かないでください!保護されていないデカと慎重に


[DROP-011] Amateur Girl First Waist Pretty Dildo Masturbation 2

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

[DROP011] アマチュアガールファーストウエストプリティディルドオナニー2


[DKSW-251] Facesitting Pants Style

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

[DKSW251] セクシーなパンツスタイル


[AVOP-317] “Pissed Youkai Natsume Ari” – Pathetic losers get slapped, spanked, raped, and pissed on by their adorable female roommate/master! (AV Open 2017)

Monday, September 4th, 2017

This is amazing. Yeager chose it at random as 17 is a favorite number of his. It’s. So. Weird. It’s funny, cute, and pervy! I had a lot of fun writing the plot for this and I hope you guys like this as much as I did.

Scene 1:
Oh god. The first frame of scene 1 really sets the mood for this glorious masterpiece of pornographic film. Let’s break this down. We’ve got a guy in a sort of hufflepuff outfit talking to an eye floating in a bowl of water. Then we’ve got a guy with whiskers drawn in sharpie in a sort of mage outfit. In the back of the room a guy in a white body suit and white shorts (also with eye slits drawn with sharpie) is just kinda shuffling around/dancing. His nipples are hard and he just kinda leaves the room and the human khajiit mutters something about this. Oh there’s also a guy in like idk… monk suit? Then our adorable star comes in a red skirt and everybody sits up straight. She instructs them to do some stuff.

Scene 2: Okay I guess were in out girl Natsume’s bedroom and apparently she doesn’t know how to use her dresser and just has her panties all over the place. She walks in on him jacking off and licking her panties and human khajiit dude turns around and looks embarrassed but like continues to jack off for a minute… She points at his cock and is like wtf dude smh. She slaps him, taunts him, and pushes him down on the bed. She rubs his cock with her foot and holds her panties over him and makes him say cute stuff before smothering him with several pairs of panties. She smothers him with her panties and rubs his cock with her foot. She sits on his face and makes him lick her pussy through her panties. She rides his face with her cute little butt. She slaps him and has him eat her pussy out. Then she makes him jack off for her. She shoves her mouth in his mouth while he jacks off. Then she gets back to riding his face. She plays with his nipples. Then she pisses in his mouth and he SWALLOWS EVERY LAST BIT while jacking off! Usually they just have it kinda drip out of their mouth but like he literally swallows at least 90 percent of her urine while he jacks off. He whimpers at jacks off while she teases and humiliates him. Eventually he cums and she rubs his cock clean with her panties and forces it on his face. wow!

Scene 3:
She catches the weird monk dude digging through trash or something. She scolds him and he seems embarrassed. She bends him over and spanks him while he makes weird noises and she laughs at him. Then she has him open his mouth while she pisses in it. She makes sure he swallows. Then she spends time playing with his nipples and sucking on them. She even uses a vibe on ’em! The she slaps and strokes his cock. Then she uses an amazing japanese pocket pussy on him. Pro tip. If you wanna make a narco kitty tear up and cum, one of these will help you out :P. She pleasures his cock with it and teases him with her cute little bow. He cums but she continues to stroke him a bit before cleaning up his cum with a tissue. Time for more pissing! She squats over him and pisses in his mouth.

Scene 4:
If you’ve been a bad boy and don’t have your seatbelt on, then it’s time to strap in! This isn’t really my thing, but then again neither is femdom. Nevertheless, natsume finds away to make it hot! We see the white body suit dude standing on the couch. She rolls him back because I guess she’s mad at this weirdo freak for standing on the couch or some shit. Anyways she cuts open his bodysuit around his asshole. She puts on gloves and begins to finger him. She fingers him in and then uses a toy to fuck his ass. She progresses to a larger toy that’s also a moving vibrator. Next she cuts his suit more to let out his cock. She teases his cock while the toy wiggles and vibrates inside his ass. Then she jacks him off and giggles at his pathetic situation. He cums all over himself and the couch. Then of course she squats over him and pisses all over him while he coughs and struggles for air.

Scene 5:
Captain Emo Hufflepuff Eyepatch is still talking to the eye (which I assume is the one that’s missing?) in the bowl. Of course he’s got an iphone too because everybody needs an iphone. She comes in and reads his texts and he seems nervous. She takes his hand and they leave the house. We see a classroom and some guy in a suit is sneaking in or something. Perhaps he’s a teacher. He looks threw the desks until he finds some bloomers (I LOVE bloomers. I’ve got a pink pair… it’s awesome.). He sniffs some bloomers (probably his student’s). The girl and hufflepuff walk in on him and he acts casual as fuck. Then mr EHE (emo hufflepuff eyepatch) guides him and his female out. The teacher freaks out and starts enjoying his bloomers again. Natsume and EHE sneak back in and catch the teacher again, putting a flashlight in his face. A second later he’s got bloomers on his face and is shirtless in boxers. Then he like karate chops EHE…. Next thing you know she kicks the teacher’s balls until he falls on the ground. She smothers his face with her feet. Then she puts him in like a leg headlock or something…… She puts on some bloomers for him. Then she sits on his face. She pisses on him through the bloomers. She gives him a footjob until he cums on his stomach. That’s it for teacher.

Scene 6:
Our lovely girl wakes up mr EHE by pulling on his scarf. She has a devious look in her eyes and clearly wants something. She unbuttons his shirt and plays with his nipples. Then she has him lick her pussy through her white panties. Next she’ll pull off her panties and force him to eat her out. She pulls off his underwear next and eyes his cock. Next she gives him a blowjob, looking up at him with adorable bright eyes, nice in cute in her outfit which is amazingly completed with an adorable red bow in her silky black hair. She gives him a sloppy blowjob and handjob. Then she squats over him and rides his cock cowgirl while playing with his nipples. As she’s riding him she leans forward and puts her arm on his neck. With her panties to the side she rides his cock with her tight, warm, wet pussy and talks down to him. He creampies her and she plays with his cum in her fingers. She wastes no time turning around to ride him reverse cowgirl, pussy still filled with his cum and his cock still sensitive from orgasm. She continues to ride his cock with her thicc ass, cum dripping around and even running around her cute little asshole. As far as I can tell they both cum again, but it could be a fake orgasm. She displays her ass as cum drips out of her pussy onto the bed. She’s not done yet! She holds his legs up and rides his cock facing her! I don’t even know what this position is called. She cums to a screaming orgasm and then squirts/pisses all over him. Then she continues to ride him a bit more! The camera shows the eye in the bowl and zooms in on it…… FIN.


[DOKS-151] VOL.4 Lesbian Licking Love

Friday, September 1st, 2017

[DOKS151] VOL.4レズビアン・リッキング・ラブ


[DROP-005] Suddenly Semen Firing Without Saying Anything! !Surprised Outbursts Hands Of Amateur Daughter Handjob Vol.1

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

[DROP005] 何も言わずに突然ザーメン発射!!素人娘のびっくり暴発手コキ vol.1