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[AKBS-035] Homecoming Busty Daughter-in-law 3 To Father And Brother And My Lust Triangle Relationship – Kaho Shibuya

Monday, February 6th, 2017

[AKBS035] 巨乳嫁の里帰り3 〜父さんと弟と私の肉欲三角関係〜 澁谷果歩


[NITR-282] Busty Spree Is Gangbang Was Conceived In Unequaled Elders Daughter-in-law VI Nonami Shizuka

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

[NITR282]  絶倫老人たちに孕ませ輪姦されイキまくる巨乳嫁 VI 乃南静香


[GVG-427] Forbidden Care Serina Hayakawa

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

[GVG427]  禁断介護 早川瀬里奈


[GVG-435] Heal Licking Old Man In The Saliva And The Dirty Woman 2 Yui Hatano

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

[GVG435] 【数量限定】老人を唾液と淫語で舐め癒す女 2 波多野結衣 チェキ付き


[IBW-599z] Two Sister And Cum Incest Travel Shizuku & Mio HD 6.04 GiB

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

Shizuku Kotohane Mio Shinosaki

Scene 1: Shizuku and the man go into the hotsprings bath, Shizuku showers for a bit then soaps up the man. The guys then starts fingering her. The move to the hot spring and she gives him a bj he tit fucks her and starts fucking her in the hot spring. He finishes by cumming inside her.

Scene 2: In the living room the guy gropes Mio then she gives him a bj, cums inside her mouth and she swallows it. He then fucks her and cums inside her.

Scene 3: The scene starts off with the girls dressed up in yukatas sucking on the guy’s nipples and then start sucking his dick. For a bit the girls feel each other up and lightly kiss each other. The girls then do some kissing and licking each other’s pussy. To end the scene the guy creampies both girls.


NHDTA-539 Drug Enema Molestation 3 – Double Hole Creampie Special [1080p]

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Sayo Arimoto, Maki Hoshikawa, Uta Kohaku

This isn’t a movie where you’d expect to see Hugh Grant. And granted, there is no Hugh Grant in this movie. But there are 3 lovely schoolgirls who, through a series on unfortunate (unfortunate for them, not us) events end up messed up by the local enema bandits. These sassy gentlemen make sure their targets will enjoy the upcoming anal onslaught by applying aphrodisiac in various forms directly to their buttholes. Cleaning their pipes with hardwood and milk injections make for a great show of white (sometimes brownish) fountains and entrancing sounds of agony.

1 – Saya Arimoto. Finds herself a stalker on the bus. After drugging her butt, he takes her to a garage where she’s repeatedly pumped full of milk and dick, she’s spraying milk while getting fucked, a problem which is later solved by plugging the butt with dick. Dude creampies her pussy, then pumps her asshole full of milk and fingers her into a squiting mess, discharging fluids from butt and pussy until she’s left exhausted in a pool of her own excretions.

2 – Maki Hoshikawa. Gone shopping for some accessories, but ends up seen by this dude with a shady looking haircut. And as they say – like haircut, like character; he turns out to be an enema bandit. He gives her the aphrodisiac, takes her panties, drags her out and into a public bathroom where she’s pumped full of milk, facefucked, assfucked and creampied in her ass. She gets some more milk in her ass before getting fingered into an orgasm while she’s blowing milk out her ass. She’s then left waiting for her knight Hugh Grant to save her.

3 – Uta Kohaku. Also takes the bus. They say you never know who’s preying on the defenseless on public transport, but we have an idea by now. The enema bandit drugs and fingers Uta, makes her squirt, then takes her to the enema bandit hideout where more bandits are assembled. Good thing about home court advantage is they have more milk, more cocks and a comfy bed. All that creates the spectacular finale of massive enema injections, logically followed by massive enema discharges, squirting, double penetration, anal and vaginal creampies. And of course Uta looking completely wrecked spasming out on the enema bed.


[AMBI-072] A fucked and broken daughter Yui Saotome 18 years old HD

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Scene 1
Yui exits an elevator into a small room where a man is hiding, he subdues her and takes her to his apartment. While she is still unconcious the man fondles her, and as he is removing her clothes she wakes and starts struggling. He says something to her in Japanese and she stops struggling but still seems scared and not enjoying the recent turn of events. He continues with his fondling and removing of her clothes, proceeding to lick her tits and pussy. When he’s done licking her pussy he continues with the petting, all while she’s weeping. After that he starts using some toys on her, with Yui on her back and later in doggy style. The scene ends with a blowjob (some short 69 action) where he cums into the back of her mouth, making her spit (almost cough) out his cum on the mattress as soon as he pulls his dick out. He helps her wipe up the cum, and on to scene 2 we go…

Scene 2
The scene starts in the same room as before with Yui, in a black and white striped dress and pink panties, on the mattress reading a comic. Her captor brings her some “food” (2 cinnamon buns and what looks like apple juice) which she hungrily gobbles down. The man leaves the room, and time passes.
After a while her captor enters again, this time bringing a male friend. Her captor instructs her to take of her panties and flash her pussy and her butt to his friend. She takes off her dress pulls her bra over her tits. She’s then instructed to get on top of the friend for some making out, some nipple licking and a blowjob. As she’s in control of the blowjob (her lying between his legs) it is a bit half hearted, conveying her personal lack of enthusiasm for the situation. After the blowjob she is instructed to ride him where after a short while of unenthused short humps the guy takes control and the real fucking begins. He moves on to fucking her doggy style and later missionary, ending the scene with him cumming inside her and she weeping on the mattress, leaking his cum onto the linens.

Scene 3
The scene begins with her yet again on that same mattress in a skirt of some kind and a teal sweater, reading some hentai manga when her captor enters and she happily jumps up and put her arms and legs around him, greeting him. Stockholm syndrome in full effect here, they talk for a bit and she’s in a really good mood. She sits down in his lap letting him fondle and tickle her, all while she’s moaning and giggling, and unlike earlier she seems totally on board with it all. She shows him something in the manga, and begins taking off his clothes and finally stripping him naked. After she’s done helping him take off his clothes removes all her clothes down to her panties and her bra. She plays with his nipples while they make out for a bit, and not soon after starts blowing him and jerking him off. Her captor follows this up with some petting and cunnilingus, some 69 action again and later her on top grinding against his cock, in both reverse cowgirl and then cowgirl. She finally puts his cock in and starts grinding, this time with much more vigor than what we’ve seen thus far. After a couple of minutes she switches to reverse cowgirl, then a bit of doggy style, some cowgirl with her sitting in his lap and then missionary. The scene ends with him cumming inside of her with the camera zooming over to her leaking pussy, then panning over to her, moaning and content… but wait! There’s more! Her captor comes back and puts his dick inside her yet again, continuing to fuck her missionary with her arms and legs wrapped around him, finally ending the scene with a cumshot seemingly intended for her face, but misses completely and mostly ends up cumming on her neck. She sucks and licks off the remainder of his cum from his dick, very unsure about the taste of said liquid. She blows raspberries with the cum still on her lips, smiles and lies back down on the mattress.


[RVG-038] Forbidden Care BEST Vol.11

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

[RVG038]  禁断介護 BEST vol.11


[FABS-085] Drama Collection Of Henry Tsukamoto Middle-aged Men And Women Our Forbidden Love 4 Unprincipled

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

[FABS085] ヘンリー塚本 中年男女たちの禁断の愛のドラマ集4 無節操


[FABS-084] Drama Collection Of Henry Tsukamoto Middle-aged Men And Women Our Forbidden Love 3 Fornication

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

[FABS084]  ヘンリー塚本 中年男女たちの禁断の愛のドラマ集3 淫行