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[NAFI-014] Woman Shrine Sold To Slave Club Shinjuku-ji Nao

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

[NAFI014] 奴隷倶楽部へ売られた女 神宮寺ナオ


[NACS-014] Masturbating A Miserable Breasts Rushing Massage

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

[NACS014] 揉みしだかれた淫らな乳房 優月まりな



Monday, October 29th, 2018



[TORX-009] Irritation Training I Am Your Slave … ….THE BEST Four People ‘s Dead M Girls’ Ssense

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

[TORX009] 淫猥調教 私はあなたの奴隷です……。THE BEST 4人のドM女たちの痴態


[1080p/FHD] ORBK-002 – Naughty Drugs Drive Girls Crazy Shizuku Memori

Friday, September 21st, 2018

Orga Black movie starring Rumina Asahina aka Shizuku Memori. As with all Orga Black films, this takes a sexual slavery angle. Rumina apparently has a drug problem. Evil guy finds out, comes into her house when her husband is gone and sprays her in the face with something. She drops unconscious and evil guy has his way with her. She remains unconscious throughout. Evil guy also takes photos of her nude body and uses this as well as her drug habit to extort more sex from her, since fucking an unconscious body gets boring. I heard.

From here, it goes down the usual slavery road. Cashing in an infinite amount of sexual favours, putting a collar on ya girl, things like that. Not bad.

Rumina/Shizuku gets fucked while unconscious and conscious, in cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggy, sucks dick, gives a rimjob, and gets spanked.


TAMM-011 – Housewife Sex Slave, Kaho Shibuya

Monday, September 17th, 2018

[TAMM011]  人妻性奴隷 澁谷果歩

Another entry in my beloved Married Woman Sex Slave series by Orga, starring Kaho Shibuya. The plot develops as always, with slight variations. Instead of gaining access to the home to start things off, Kaho has a side business as a masseuse, and one of her clients takes too much of a liking to her. He puts a collar on her, rapes her, and things go their way from this point onwards. He visits Kaho at home to continue their new “relationship”. Kaho complies with his demands and starts voluntarily putting on the collar and leash. In this one, there’s no picking up dogs’ toys with her mouth at the end (that’s shifted to an earlier section), the final scene is more sex with a collar and leash on. Highlight of the movie for me is the intro to the final scene. Kaho waves her husband goodbye, her smile fades. Her master is hiding outside, and enters the house as soon as the husband is gone. When he opens the door, Kaho is kneeling right before him, naked, save for the collar around her neck. She greets him, bows deeply, and waits obediently until he has the leash attached to her collar. Then she’s led to the bedroom for the final sex scene.

Kaho suck dick a lot, gets groped, fingered, masturbates, gets teased with a vibrator, and fucked in cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, doggy and missionary.


TORG-047 – A Hot And Horny Married Woman An Obscene Body Burning With Lust Aki Sasaki

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

[TORG047] 人妻炎情 〜淫靡に燃え上がる背徳の肉体 佐々木あき 〜

Orga movie starring Aki Sasaki, what a combination. This one’s really vanilla though, not much to say about it. Aki is married, gets raped one day, and finds that she’s hornier than she thought, so she becomes much more eager on subsequent encounters with her rapist.

Aki sucks dick, has her nipples licked, gets fingered, licked, groped, and fucked in missionary, cowgirl and doggy.


TAMM-016 – Married Woman Sex Slave – A Neat Young Wife Turns Into a Bitch Rumina Asahina

Sunday, September 2nd, 2018

[TAMM016] 人妻性奴隷 清楚な若妻がメス犬に堕ちるまで 朝日奈るみな

Orga movie from one of my favourite series. They always follow the same formula. Devoted housewife is left alone at home because husband goes to work, a man comes into the house and rapes the wife. She doesn’t tell her husband, and the rapist returns. She’s usually to frightened to do something, so she keeps going along until she finds that she actually likes being treated like a submissive sex slave. It always ends with her wearing a collar and being lead around on a leash, playing with dog toys.

Rumina gets groped and tied up, has her boobs sucked, gets teased with a massage wand and vibrator, sucks dick and gets railed in doggy (standing and kneeling), missionary and cowgirl/reverse cowgirl. They’re also in a 69 position briefly, but Rumina doesn’t do much there.



Thursday, August 30th, 2018



TAMZ-010 – Exhibitionist Pleasures A Colossal Tits Married Woman Gets Breaking In Training From A Maso Exhibitionist Aimi Yoshikawa

Sunday, August 26th, 2018

This one comes from the ORGA studio and features Aimi Yoshikawa where she is Humiliated and then forced to become a public fuck slut.

SCENE 1: In scene one, Aimi is going about her business when she sees a man in black in her house. He forces himself on her and begins to grope and molest her. He then pulls her tits out and pulls out her panties. He goes down on her pussy as she cries and mewls for mercy but the guy has none of it. He fucks her nice and hard in doggy and missionary positions on the couch and then cums all over her body once he is done with her. Her assailant then takes a picture of her semi naked and fucked with cum all over her body and threatens her.

SCENE 2: Scene 2 the assailant has returned and blackmaisl her. He makes her wear sporty clothing and takes her out in public. He makes her hump around to bounce her titties and pulls them out. He then plays with her as passersby watch and see her being humiliated. He uses a vibrator which he sticks inside her shorts and then and rubs her pussy and humiliates her further as some passers by recognize her and continue to watch.

SCENE 3: Next scene has her getting some work done at her place when her assailant messages her and tells her he is coming for her. He then comes into her kitchen while the workman is doing stuff around her house and begins to play with her pussy. He finger fucks her. He then makes her go out in front of the workman in her semi naked condition showing off her pussy. The workman leers at her and goes back to work and the assailant again rubs her pussy and finger fucks her.

SCENE 4: Scene four we see Aimi dressed in stockings and garters and in a trench coat outdoors. Her assailant is again molesting and playing with her and forces her naked with only her stockings and garters outdoors. She is made to pleasure herself by masturbating in public as a crowd of men begins to gather around. The assailant then makes her suck his cock and fucks her in standing doggy & cowgirl position as the crowd watches. He then cums on her ass as the onlookers watch.

SCENE 5: In scene 5 Aimi is in bed with her husband. The husband is asleep and she reminisces about her humiliation at the hands of her assailant. So much so that she begins to touch herself and then masturbates to an orgasm.

SCENE 6: In scene 6, Aimi is all dressed up fancy and is bought to a private party where male and female guests are masked and the assailant forces her to perform sexually in front of all of them. She is made to masturbate to an orgasm and then her assailant comes over to her and makes her suck on his cock and tit fuck his cock. She then gets fucked in missionary, sideways, reverse cowgirl, doggy, standing doggy, cowgirl positions and even squirts when she is finger fucked. She gets fucked hard in missionary some more before her assailant gives her a facial. We then learn after the scene cuts that pictures of her are roaming online on some websites with her husband complete unaware of her activities of being a wanton public fuck slut.