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PTIS-413 – A Nipple Tweaking G-Spot Developing Salon A Married Woman Spence Gland Lesbian Massage Parlor 

Thursday, November 1st, 2018

So there are a total of 3 scenes in this movie and all of them pretty much play out the same way so, I won’t be giving detail scene descriptions. But the gist of it pretty clear from what I am about to tell you guys….

Married women come to a massage parlor looking to have a nice full body massage to help them relax. In the beginning of each scene we see that the women come and and talk to the massage therapist and tell them what they want. Then we see a scene where the women who have come for the massage get undressed and wear these traditional underwear used at massage parlors apparently and then lie down on the table for their massage to begin. The therapist starts and gives them a good rubbing and then slowly the massage turns more erotic and then she starts to massage the women’s tits nice and hard. She pays extra attention to their nipples and then gives them small licks in the beginning which eventually turns into full on nipple play and tit sucking. The therapist then begins to rub their pussies and finger fucks all of them, even performing cunnilingus and eating them out. She uses various kinds of vibrators on the women and even uses nipple clams / weights on their nipples. She then gets out the strapon and fucks all the women in various positions that include doggy, cowgirl, missionary and prone bone positions. She even uses those magic wands on the women as she is fucking them with a strapon and brings each of the women to many powerful orgasms.

SEX ACTS INCLUDE: Lesbian sex that includes erotic massage, tit squeezing, nipple sucking, tit sucking, nipple play, nipple torture, pussy eating, pussy rubbing, pussy fingering, use of vibrators, strapon fucking in various positions including doggy, missionary, cowgirl & prone bone positions.


[PYM-281] Self Picture Taken Uninvited Girls Oner Forbidden 1 Month!Temporary Stoppage!Frenzy Iki Explosion Masturbation

Friday, October 19th, 2018

[PYM281]  自画撮り 絶倫女子オナ禁1ヶ月!寸止め焦らし!狂乱イキ爆発オナニー


[NPS-364] Female Coach Haruna’s Amateur Lesna Paipu Ubu 20 H-love Girls!Dressing Together The Omas And Pairs Of First Clams DX!4 Hours

Friday, October 19th, 2018

[NPS364]  女監督ハルナの素人レズナンパ ウブでHな女子20人!オマ


[PTS-431] Amateur Nampa Special Project The Amateur Couple At The First Meeting Challenge The Swapping Game!

Friday, October 19th, 2018

[PTS431] 素人ナンパ特別企画 初対面の素人夫婦がスワッピングゲームに挑戦!


[PYM-283] Married Woman Taking Too Much Sexual Desire Self-portrait Reasonistic Bunting Masturbation

Friday, October 19th, 2018

[PYM283]  性欲が溜まり過ぎた人妻 自画撮り 理性ぶっ飛びオナニー


[NPS-363] Gachinanpa!Yokohama Shiden! Tighten The Girls Many Times!Demon Thrust Piston!On The Verge Of Fainting!Crazy Iki Total 18 Ejaculation!

Friday, October 19th, 2018

[NPS363]  ガチナンパ!横浜産直! 一般女子に何度も寸止め!鬼突きピストン!


[PYM-278] 63 Injection Of Angry Waves!Exquisite Tranquility Masturbation Self-portrait Photography 10 People Total 56 Iki!

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

[PYM278]  怒涛の63噴射!絶品イキ潮オナニー 自画撮り10人合計56イキ!


[NPS-361] Gachinanpa!Ikebukuro Production! Ikihi Amateur Girls Are Not Going To Stop Without A Pistol Piston!

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

[NPS361] ガチナンパ!池袋産直! イキッぱ素人女子にお構いなしに止めない奥突きピストン!


[NPS-362] Female Director Amateur Leznanpa 123 Lesbian Squirrel That Can Not Stop Even If Ao Shinano Makes Female Friends

Monday, September 17th, 2018

[NPS362] 女監督ハルナの素人レズナンパ 123 碧しのちゃんが女友達同士を何度イっても止めないレズ鬼イカせ!


[NPS-358] Gachinanpa!Super Director Chose H Cute Do Amateur 40 People All SEX BEST Choice 2 Sheets Set 8 Hours 4

Monday, August 20th, 2018

[NPS358]  ガチナンパ!監督が選んだHで可愛いド素人40人 全員SEX BESTチョイス 2枚組8時間 4