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[PIYO-028] J ○ Walk “only Uncle Can No Longer Like It.”~ Clear Skin.The Cheek Is Dyed Pink In The Naughty SEX

Saturday, May 11th, 2019



[PIYO-022] Rough Deepthroat Aphrodisiac Molester

Sunday, May 5th, 2019

[PIYO022]  絶対に手を出してはいけないひよこ女子に媚薬まみれの極悪チ

Got a good one here, the title translates to something like “Demon deepthroat in a vicious tea ○ cousin of aphrodisiac covered with chick girls who must not take out a hand absolutely. And …”. It is basically another drug/aphrodisiac fantasy JAV. There are only 3 scenes but it’s 1080P and the scenes are pretty long and good if I do say so myself on this,lol

The first scene involves a humiliated employee being rough by his boss to drive the boss’s daughter around, after doing it for a while (and coming into possession of the aphrodisiac) he decides to take his revenge using her, after dropping her off the second time, he takes a second to smear the aphrodisiac on his dick then barges back into her place and immediately jumps her forcing her to deepthroat him on the floor. He slowly starts stripping her down as she deepthroats him, moving her to the kitchen table before taking her into the living room to finger, deepthroat some more, and finally fuck on the floor. He even takes pics/vid as he’s doing it. Before finally calling his boss to brag/listen to them finish fucking, before finally making her blow him some more until he’s done leaving her a mess on the floor.

The next one I think involves an uncle (or even dad) who has a hard-on for his niece/daughter, so much show that he jerks into her panties when her mom leaves for a while. the niece catches him. He goes for his bag (which has the aphro) and then goes back into her room and immediately forces her to rough deepthroat/blow him. He strips her down as he gets her on the bed to play with her pussy, before making her deepthroat him again, before they finally start having sex. The aphro makes her super horny of course so he fucks her pretty good doggy, missionary, cowgirl, etc before he finally ends with him cumming on her face and in her mouth before he goes back into finger her to orgasm one last time to end the scene.

The last scene (and my fav) has a mother introducing her daughter to a guy (not sure if uncle or mom’s BF or what). But the mom leaves (again) leaving him with her, where he finds her in the bath, and takes full advantage of her (even using the aphro in front of her). Before he makes her give him a rough deepthroat/blowjob in the bath to the point she even becomes willing to do it. After pulling her out of the bath and using the shower head on her to stimulate her. he takes her back into the sitting room to play wither tits/body before actually redressing her in her schoolgirl uniform to fuck her….but only after another super messy blowjob/deepthroat session. He fucks her on her back as he opens up her clothes a bit, before going doggy, and missionary (among others) until he makes her give him one last rough blow to make him cum in her, before reciprocating one last time to end the scene/vid.


[PIYO-027] “My Uncle Has Already Stopped …” Since My Daughter-in-law’s Cousin Is A Strike, I Continue To Mischief.

Monday, April 29th, 2019



[PIYO-025] It Is Naughty To Blacks Who Have Come To Homes, Too Small A Mouth And A Co

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

[PIYO025]  民泊に来た黒人にいたずらされて小さすぎる口とマ○コに手首ほどのチ


[PIYO-026]【Transformation Aspiration】 A Girl Who Attends A Consistent High School

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

[PIYO026] 【変態願望】中高一貫の女子校に通うむっつり女子は/びっくりするほどシャイで喉奥好きの超ドM体質


[PIYO-024]”I Love You For The Second Time, So I Love You For So Long …” Cum Shot Into The Student Cum Shot Crying Out For Pregnancy

Friday, March 29th, 2019



[PIYO-023] I Wonder If I Can Be My First Time (sweat) Hiyoko Girls’ Close Contact • Gangster • Sweetheart God Utmost Gratitude 2

Monday, March 11th, 2019

[PIYO023]  初めてが私でいいのかな(汗) ひよこ女子の密着・いちゃいちゃ


[PIYO-022] Never Put Your Hands On Chicks Girls Who Are Covered With Aphrodisiacs Demonic Death Throbbing With Co

Thursday, February 21st, 2019

[PIYO022]  絶対に手を出してはいけないひよこ女子に媚薬まみれの極悪チ


[PIYO-019]【Perfect Amateur Participation Type】 Sweet Trap Of Chick Girls.Toy Carpet.Sometimes Small Devils.

Friday, February 1st, 2019



[PIYO-017] The Desire Of Magic Mirror. With A Genuine Visiting Club Talked About On TV Programs And Movies

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

[PIYO017] マジックミラーごしの欲望。テレビ番組や映画で話題になった本物の見学クラブで(店員にばれないように)